Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/12 – Wednesday (Blog #60)

Three cheers for 29 days in February! Today was pretty relaxing, the same as usual. First of all, I’m really excited to talk about my game. The link above is the game we’ve been developing. It’s really just a prototype.

The controls are A to shoot, Z to jump, and X to start the music. The left and right arrows are used to move around, and down to crouch. You can do a slide by running and then pressing down. There’s only one level, and there’s still a few bugs.

The bullets that you shoot don’t disappear when they hit a wall, and if you jump and shoot, the bullets fall. I’m trying to fix them, but I’ve been busy fixing images and making the level and everything, so I’ll work on it tomorrow. I update the link several times a day, so if you guys are really bored, feel free to check it out!

I don’t control the concept or design, only the mechanics and glitches and stuff, but if you guys come up with any cool ideas, I’ll definitely pitch it in to our developers.

Besides that, today was really normal. However, L and I have been texting day to night, and we still are texting right now. She’s probably going to be going to sleep soon, so I don’t know how long we will text. But she texted me in the morning saying good morning, and all the way to now, so it’s been at least 16 hours!

I’ve been flirting with her during AP Government, so that was a bit fun, and we’ve been sending some flirty texts to each other. Don’t know what’s going to happen, but I might ask her out, hah. I’m not even sure if she likes me though, since I might just end up getting friend zoned like M, but I guess it’ll be okay.

I’ve got no homework today, but I’ve got a lot due tomorrow, so I might work on some tonight so I’m not destroyed. Before it hits midnight, I’ll post this, and check everyone’s blog. I’ve been slacking lately due to the game, so sorry guys! That’s why I posted my link for the game for everyone to try out. Hah. I’ll post my update tomorrow as usual, so thanks for following!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28/12 – Tuesday (Blog #59)

Oh man, tomorrow’s going to be leap-year day! That’s one extra day of the year, alright! My friends were joking around, and say that couples should start dating on February 29th so they only have to celebrate their anniversary every 4 years, hah.

Anyways, today was pretty boring. I’ve found this new game on my Android called Ceramics Destroyer. It’s really fun and addicting. I’ve also been playing Words with Friends almost nonstop, so there goes any random and extra free time I have.

Something interesting that happened, though, is that I’m starting to flirt with another girl now. Maybe now I can stop thinking about M. This new girl, let’s call her ‘L’, is in my AP Government & Economics class, and she sits directly in front of me. We sit in round circular tables, so we literally face each other.  L randomly sings, laughs, has a cute face, and she’s got a sense of humor and sarcasm. We just started texting earlier today, so I don’t know how that’s going to work out, but I’ll see how it goes.

After that, I came home today and just played some games. I played Starcraft 2 a little bit, and then my friends and I started to work on our game. We’re taking this very seriously. We’re a group of 5, containing two developers, one artist, one musician, and one designer/director. The musician also helps comes up with ideas and layout and all that. Our first process was that we started a Google document, and we wrote down all our ideas. We’ve got random pictures, thoughts, and ideas on there. We were all working on our own things. I’m actually the main developer, while my friend is just a backup in case I’m overburdened. While I’m coding new things, the artist is working on his pixel art, since the game is going to be pixilated. The two designers are planning and thinking things out while we just mess around and try to get more experience with our new programs. The game’s pretty interesting. I don’t really want to give anything away until we have our finished product, but just think of a rhythm fighting game.

That’s enough for today, actually. I’ve got some government notes to do still, and L fell asleep texting me. She apparently goes to sleep around 10 or 11, which is pretty early. Anyways, I’ll upload this and then finish my government notes. Thanks for following everyone, I’ll post my update tomorrow as usual.


Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27/12 – Monday (Blog #58)

Well, today was pretty relaxing. It rained today during school hours, so it was really relaxing. I really love it when it rains because it just makes everything seem gloomy. It puts everyone in a sad or depressed mood too, and it makes me laugh about them being depressed.

In regards to the game development, me and my friend finally decided on a program .It’s a program called StencylWorks, which works for iOS and Windows, and is going to work for Android in the future. For now, we’re only going to program games and release them for computers.

I don’t have any homework today, so today was a pretty easy day for me. Anyways, this is extremely short because I’m really excited on working for the new game. I really did nothing today except play Starcraft 2 and work on this game.

That’s enough for today, so thanks for keeping up with me. I also got my first check from Google. $133.38, not bad for my first month! It couldn’t be possible without you guys, so thanks a lot. I’ll post my usual update for tomorrow.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/26/12 – Sunday (Blog #57)

Good news guys, my phone was fixed! Actually, it was after I posted last night’s update, around 3 or 4 in the morning, when I fixed it. Sadly, there’s no update for my phone. On the plus side, I’ve manage to root the phone, which gives me super admin for my phone.

That really just lets my phone run a lot smoother and gets rid of the useless applications that get installed when you get the phone. It’s pretty cool, but there’s still the fact that I can’t play any of the new games for my Android, sadly.

For some reason, my friend had this awesome idea for a mobile phone game, and my friend and I are basically the programming geniuses in our school, so we got interested in making it. For some reason, it’s extremely hard, though.

First, our thought process was finding a game engine that works for cross platforms. We found a few, but it all required purchase. After a few hours of searching, we found some more that were cross platforms, but my friend and I decided that we wanted to code in C++, because we both prefer it compared to java. Sadly, we only found one or two that were free and in C++. One was called Marmalade, but for some reason we couldn’t install it without a license.

From frustration, we finally gave up on finding a C++ one, so we stumbled on a program called Papaya, which was written in java. Sadly, we both completely hate Java now, so we gave up on it. In the end, we both discovered that it’s pretty confusing for mobile apps to work.

I know there are a lot of you guys out there that code mobile games, so it’d be really awesome if you guys had any tips or programs that we could use. I was going to only work on Android games, but that didn’t work either. Anyways, that’s really all there is for the day, sorry guys. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks for reading! Oh, and I have to finish reading The Stranger, oh well.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25/12 – Saturday (Blog #56)

Wow, I haven’t had such a bad day in a long time. Well, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad, since S came over in the morning for some fun with me. I spent the day playing Starcraft 2 with my friends too, so I guess that makes up for it. Anyways, the real reason why I’m annoyed and angry is because my phone is bricked.

For anyone that doesn’t know: bricked means that the device stops working and literally becomes an expensive brick or paperweight. I’m actually wondering if anyone knows how to fix my phone, since I’ve spent the past 4-5 hours trying to fix it.

Here’s the current info for anyone that needs it. My phone is an LG Optimus P509 Black. The problem was that I couldn’t update my Android version, which was 2.1 at the time. I tried to update manually, and it caused my phone to crash several times. I ran something called a KDZ updater, but that failed too. Now, after a few hours of searching on Google, I’m waiting for my phone to finish booting up.

The guides online told me that I have to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the phone to boot up completely, but I’m not sure how long I’ve waited already. I’m really frustrated, because my phone isn’t that old. It’s less than a year old only, and I’ve already screwed up my phone.

I don’t know how I’m going to ask my brother or my parents for a new phone. I’ll most likely end up getting one of our older ones, but that’s not so bad. What sucks is that all of my data is gone, along with my games and contact info and pictures. This sucks.

I don’t really want to blog tonight, so that’ll be it. Thanks for keeping up with the blog, and I’ll post my usual update tomorrow. Hope my phone gets fixed though. It’ll be Sunday, so that’s another day for me to try and fix it. Homework is going to be a pain too.


2/24/12 – Friday (Blog #55)

This blog is going to be late, that sucks. Sorry guys, I’ve been playing SC2 with my friends all day. We’ve been trying to get achievements, and it’s been pretty fun. Today was Friday, so I hope you’ll forgive me being late! I’m actually still playing with my friends while typing this up, so this is going to take a while.

Let’s see, what happened today? School was okay, I didn’t fall asleep amazingly. I’ve got some homework over the weekend, so I’ll have to do that later. It’s to finish off The Strangers and then do some reading responses, so that’ll be easy.

Someone asked me to write about my friends with benefits, which is weird, but I suppose I have nothing else to talk about, so here’s a quick background. It was around freshman or sophomore year of high school, and I got bored of being single after breaking up recently, so I decided to find a new girlfriend. I picked a pretty cute girl and decided to flirt with her. A few days later, she confesses to me, and we start dating. Skip a few months later of going up bases, and me taking her virginity. A year or so after we get together, I got bored of our relationship so we broke up. But I guess she couldn’t move on, and kept asking to come over to my house or me go to her house, and it would always end up with us having sex. Few years later, to present, and we’re still sleeping together.

She’s actually coming to my house again tomorrow, so yeah. And, I suppose, if I’m going to talk about her more often, I’ll give her the letter, “S”. That means there are currently two girls. M is the girl that I’m currently falling for, and S is my friend with benefits. Anyways, S is coming over tomorrow for a few hours so we’re going to have some fun, and then she’ll just leave.

That’s how it is. It’s really just because we’re physically attracted to each other, but I’m sure we have no feelings. She’s already gotten three or four boyfriends since me, and has cheated on them almost every weekend since she’d come over and sleep with me. Is it morally wrong for me? Sure, I suppose, but it’s fun. I could stop any time, actually, since I did before when I started dating other girls. But while I’m single, she’d constantly ask me.

Anyways, that’s all the background info for S that you need. Speaking of which, I think I lied about me having feelings for M. Maybe I don’t anymore, but she’s the latest girl that I started to fall for. I haven’t really been going out to the mall or any other places, so I’ve only been talking with girls at my school. Sadly to say, my school is full of Asians and Mexicans, and all the cute or hot looking ones are taken. I usually go to sport games at other schools so I can look for hot or cute chicks at their schools, and just start flirting. I’ve had some relationships with girls from other schools, but it always ended up with them getting jealous of girls at my school that talk to me, or them cheating on me.

I suppose this turned into a little rant about my love life, but it’s better than nothing! I suppose it’s personal, which I said I wouldn’t talk about in the beginning of my blog, so hope that makes up for me being late on the blog update! I’ll post my blog on time tomorrow, for sure, so thanks for following and commenting everyone.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 – Thursday (Blog #54)

Tomorrow’s Friday! Finally, the week’s almost over! First, I suppose I’ll answer some of the comments that people left. My budget for my new computer is pretty much at $0.00 USD right now, since I’ve got no money. I already know what parts I’m going to order, and it might change depending on what else comes out, but the only reason why I’m not building myself a new computer is because I’m too lazy to get a job and make some money.

I also don’t know whether or not I should bother, since I’m going to be in college soon. I’d really love to just get a gaming laptop, since technology is getting better every year, so that I can take notes and play games in class. Of course, I know without a doubt that I’ll be rebuilding my desktop. I’ll be taking my desktop with me to my dorms, most likely, so that would be my alternative in case I don’t have a laptop.

I have some physics homework, and that’s pretty much all I have for tonight, so I’m not sure what I’ll do tonight after I finish posting this. I’ve been understanding physics lately, and it’s getting really interesting. I got two projects today, so that’ll be a pain. I have to do a research paper for my AP Literature class, and then a stock market game for my Econ/AP Government class. The stock market game is a group project, and luckily I’ve got 3 girls on my team. Only one of them is pretty cute, though. One of them is normal, but the third girl just turns me off, I don’t know why.

Since I’ve been reading quite a few programming blogs, I feel like talking about coding a bit. I’m currently working on some assignment in C++ where I have to read a file and change the HTML tags, such as <BR>, <P>, and <HR>, and create an output in correct format. It’s been going okay, especially since I managed to figure out how to use string::npos. For the non-code savvy people, npos is basically a number inside the string class that is returned by a lot of the string functions when the character is not found inside a string.

I guess, now that I’m rereading the previous paragraph, it really doesn’t make sense. So, here’s to simplify things. Now, I’ve only been programming for two years, so sorry if they’re crappy explanations. In Java or C++, the three important things to know are variables, methods, and classes. Variables are used to hold data, such as integers (int), sentences or words (string), or a single character (char). Methods or functions are chunks of coding that does certain things. Classes are just separate files that already have functions or methods written, so you don’t have to rewrite them.

Yeah… rereading that, it sucks too. Sorry! And I took a lot longer than I thought trying to word that as simple as I could, so that’ll be enough blogging for tonight. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, everyone. I’ll post my update tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/22/12 – Wednesday (Blog #53)

Wednesday means its half way through the week! I don’t have any homework at all, since I did most of it already, until the weekend, so my week is going to be very relaxing and enjoyable. I’ve been playing Uncharted 3 the whole day, basically, with my brother. There’s an online splitscreen that you can use to play, and me and my brother just dominated. We got to level 15 or something, both of us, and we have our own gun and everything.

I was planning on finishing the storyline, but apparently my brother finished it in just two days, and I wasn’t home so he played it without me being there. Luckily, I got home just in time for the last few stages, so I got to finish the game. Online was pretty interesting, but somehow everyone gets more money per game than me or my brother, so there’s probably something we’re not doing right.

On another note, I really wish I had some money. I’ve been itching to rebuild my computer, because my computer is already 5-6 years old. Or maybe even more, since it’s been a while. I currently only have an 8800 GTS graphics card, a dual-core Pentium DDR2, 4GB ram, 150GB internal, and a GigaByte motherboard.

I’ll probably need near a thousand dollars to build my new computer, so that could take a while. I don’t even have a job, and I’ve been saving up all my money for college. Oh yeah, speaking of college, I just got accepted in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It’s a very good school for engineering. Sadly, it was either SLO or Pomona for the Cal states. My other colleges were the UC’s, such as UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego.

Actually, I think I’m going to end my blog today. Sorry for it being so short, since I just really want to relax a bit. I’m going to go play some games, and get some well deserved sleep. I didn’t fall asleep in class today, except maybe during AP Literature where we had to read some story. Thanks a lot for keeping up and supporting my blog. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/21/12 – Tuesday (Blog #52)

The fancy dinner thing for my essay was tonight. It was really good, actually. We went to some Italian restaurant. Sadly, I got third place, but it was disappointing, because I lost due to technical errors and nothing about my actual writing. I missed points because I forgot to put page numbers and just stupid things like that. However, I’m not really sore about it, because the 1st and 2nd place winners were my friends, and I was happy for them.

School was very interesting, it seems. I didn’t fall asleep at all during the day, and I came home and just relaxed for a while, and then went to the dinner thing. We ate a pretty decent salad, and then a delicious chicken steak or just plain beef steak, and then they gave us pasta. To top it off, there was some ice cream afterwards. It was me, my mother, my brother, and his girlfriend. My dad had work, and couldn’t make it. Luckily, we all got the dinner for free, so that was good enough for me.

In regards to people asking about the penny auction, it’s just a regular auction, except that each bid increases the price of the item by only a penny, but the bids usually cost money. For the one I’m going using, each bid costs 60 USD cents. At first, it seemed really shady, but I found out that the company is making a lot of money while selling items for dirt cheap, and it’s verified, so it’s very reliable.

I finished reading part one of The Strangers, and I’ve got to say, he’s very much the fictional representation of myself. Just like the main character, his name is Mersault, I’m a person that reacts instead of thinking things through. I just react to things, without caring much about the consequences. Also, yeah, nihilists are the ones that thought life was meaningless, but it’s also included in the existentialist view.

I still have to write another essay today, so that’s the only thing I have to do after writing this blog. I’m pretty tired, but I haven’t played any games today, so I’m definitely going to play some. I need to relax and just do random things online in order to relieve some stress and boredom.

That’s all there is for today, so thanks for reading everyone. The continued comments and support is really awesome, and really helps me write this blog every day. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/12 – Monday (Blog #51)

I should’ve done a count yesterday, but oh well. Right now, on my word document, I’ve written over 25,700 words, and I’ve got about 42 pages. The size of it is about 87 kbs. It’s not that big, but for a text document, that seems huge to me. I just noticed because I tried to scroll down on the document, and it took longer than I thought it would.

Anyways, my day was pretty easy and simple. I did nothing besides play games and sleep. Also, I got into something called a penny auction, and I’ve spent a majority of the day on very awesome bids. I didn’t win anything, sadly, but I got the hang of it. Each bid costs $0.60, and it raises the price of an item by $0.01. After the timer reaches near 0, each bid will reset the timer to 10 seconds, and it goes on and on for hours. There are iPads, tablets, TVs, and everything. It’s really awesome.

Also, I played Uncharted 3 for the PS3 today. The graphics were unbelievable. I totally forgot all about how awesome the PS3 is, with its 50gb blu-ray discs and awesome graphics. I played it for about an hour or two, and I’m totally addicted. I’m probably going to play some more tomorrow.

Sadly, I have to do homework after this, but I finished a bit of it earlier today. I have to read a book called The Strangers by Albert Camus. Maybe one of you guys has read it before. Apparently it’s about existentialism, and I think that it describes me very well.

Existentialism splits up into two thoughts. One is that life is meaningless, and there is null meaning in life. The other is that there is no heavenly being of the sorts, and one must depend on oneself in order to make things happen. I totally believe in this sort of belief. Praying to God is really pointless in my opinion, since you have to do things yourself in order for things to happen and change. Life has no true meaning, and when people finally stop worrying about the meaning, they’ll be able to enjoy it more.

It’s short, but that’s it for today, folks. I have to do homework, and I don’t really feel like spending a whole hour ranting about my beliefs. Perhaps I’ll write about it tomorrow. Oh, and in regards to M, I finally found out the guy that she’s fallen totally head over heels for, and I have to say, I’m totally disappointed. He’s your typical punk and bad kid that all the girls fall for. Sucks to be me, but I suppose that she’ll be happy with him, at least for a bit. I’ll post my update tomorrow as usual.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/19/12 – Sunday (Blog #50)

Wow, 50 blogs! That’s awesome. I also cleared out a lot of people from my blogger follows. If you haven’t posted at all in February yet, then I most likely removed you. I also added some new ones, so if you’re reading my blog now, good luck trying to keep up!

I woke up today pretty early, since my friend came over. We had some fun, and she left, like usual. It was around noon, so I took my dogs out for a walk, since I was feeling bored, too. I went out to eat at a place called Noodle World, for some pho. It was really weird, actually. While I was there, I was by myself, so it was just one person at a table that usually fits 4. Then, as I started eating my pho, a random man asks if he can sit down there.

I didn’t know him at all, but he spoke Chinese. We had a little chat while we were eating, and he seemed friendly. Somehow, both of your lunches got added into the bill, so I told the waiters and they changed it. After saying good bye, I left. I didn’t know him at all, and yet he was just fine to sit down and start a conversation with me. It would’ve been nice if it was a girl, but I guess meeting new people is always nice.

In regards to my last blog, I got some mixed comments about M and my friend with benefits. Morally, it actually ruins me with the fact that I’ve got my mind on another girl while I’m sleeping with one. But for some reason, I don’t care much about it. Someone said that it hurts both of the girls, but I don’t really see how. M and I have no relationship going on at all, and we’re barely even friends anymore. She rarely talks to me now, and I don’t want to bother texting her. My friend with benefits actually has a boyfriend, and she still sneaks over to my place every so often for fun.

I know, it’s morally wrong for both of us to even be sleeping together, since we’re not together, nor above the legal age, but it’s just fun and it feels good. We were actually together once, and that’s how it all started. However, we broke up because I lost feelings for her, and I didn’t want to cheat on her. She handled it okay, but one thing went to another, and we kept sleeping together. A few months later, we’ve both moved on, and she’s even found another guy, but she still sleeps with me.

When I was in other relationships, I told the girls about my friend, and told the girls that I definitely wouldn’t sleep with my friend anymore. I tell them truthfully, and I do mean it. We rarely even talk while I’m in a relationship with another girl. Then, sadly, my relationships end, and a few weeks later, I’m back to sleeping with my friend with benefits.

Some might think that I’ve just been unable to move on, but I definitely have. It’s not like any of my other ex-girlfriends became my friends with benefits. I already lost feelings for her a long time ago, and there are no feelings between us anymore, just more of a physical thing.

Anyways, that’s enough for today. Thanks for reading and all the support and comments. I guess it turned into a rant about my friend with benefits, sorry about that. The rest of my day was just filled with gaming and Starcraft 2. I’ve got no school tomorrow, so that’ll be another chill day. Well, except for all my homework.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18/12 – Saturday (Blog #49)

Well, that competition was sadly disappointing. We managed to tie for 3rd place with someone else. What really annoyed me was that we didn’t lose because of programming, but because of other problems. For example, I had to code a program that figured out things with trigonometry and physics, with no formulas given whatsoever. We were also not allowed to go on the internet. Sadly, I’m not that good with physics or trigonometry, so there was no way for me to answer.

If it was fairer, then they would’ve given us all the formulas required. However, they didn’t. Also, the questions were very unclear. We had to personally get up and ask the directors several questions before we finally understood what was meant. Last year, the problems were difficult, but not impossible. In fact, first place only managed to send in 2 problems out of 9, and we had from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm to do it all.

Besides that, once I got home, I took a nap. The nap was really refreshing, since I was in a bad mood of not winning anything in the competition. After waking up, my friends and I wanted to play some games, so we just played Starcraft 2. Tomorrow, I’m going to my friend’s house in the morning for about two or three hours to have some fun.  Oh, and she’s my ‘friends with benefits,’ so we’ll be having the extra kind of fun.

Is it hypocritical of me to be in love with one girl, but sleep around with another girl? I have thoughts about her every so often, sometimes even while I’m sleeping with my friend. I wouldn’t ever cheat on M if we were together, so that’s not the problem. Anyways, I don’t know what to do regarding M. Should I give up on her, or not? I decided I should stop a few weeks earlier, but for some reason, she still sticks in my mind. I probably just need to find another girl to start crushing on, and I’ll be able to stop thinking about M, though.

That’s enough for today, I think. Thank you all for reading and continuing to comment and support. I’ll post my blog tomorrow as usual.


Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12 – Friday (Blog #48)

Today was pretty fun. I came home and pretty much just played Starcraft 2 until now. We’ve been playing 4v4, and we got into Platinum league. It’s pretty funny, because I purposely drop my MMR, or Match Making Rating to bronze or silver so I can get my portraits in 1v1s.

Besides that, my day’s been simple. I have a programming competition tomorrow, called ProgFest. It runs from 8:15 to 3:00pm, so that’s going to take up most of my day. It’s two of my friends and I, and we’re going to answering several questions that require high critical thinking skills. It’s going to be pretty fun. We went last year, but one of our team members was sick, so we didn’t win.

I know it’s short, but that’s enough for today. I’ve got to hurry since my friends are waiting for me to play Starcraft 2. Good night, and have an awesome weekend guys. I’ll post tomorrow.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12 – Thursday (Blog #47)

Oh man, I’ve got to hurry up and finish this. I literally woke up right now, at 11:30 pm. I need to finish typing this up and then I can put it up online before midnight. I took a nap around 6 or 7, and then it lasted all the way until now.

My day was pretty much the same as yesterday, relaxing. I’ve still got physics homework to do, but I’m not really worried about that. It’s just regular notes, which I should be able to do quite fast. My day was pretty interesting. I went to school on time, and I wasn’t late this time. We finished watching a movie in my Economics class, which was really interesting. The movie was about a man named Preston Tucker who invented a revolutionizing car in the 1920s, and fought against the Big Three car producers to make his own car. However, he had to sell stock, so he had to hire a hot shot big name and he had rights to his entire company, and to get people to support him, he had to tell everyone about this brilliant car, without even having a prototype for it.

The movie ended, and we had a short quiz, which was pretty easy. In my AP Literature class, we just read essays, which made me literally fall asleep. I really dislike reading things, because I end up falling asleep every time. I pay attention in classes as long as they’re interesting, because I feel that I could learn something. However, when it’s just lectures on random things or reading boring essays, I fall asleep. It’s weird.

Tomorrow’s Friday, so that’s going to be awesome. One of my ‘friends with benefits’ is going to come over tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up the same as every other time she comes over. I can’t complain though, because she’s very sexy and good in bed, and we just sleep together for fun. She comes over every so often, but not much since she usually has to go home straight after school. And, just so you all know, we’re both still under 18. So don’t tell anyone, hah.

That’s enough, I suppose. I must hurry and post this online before it reaches midnight, and then start on my Physics homework. Then, I can play a few Starcraft 2 games, and then go to sleep. Thanks for reading and all the support everyone.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/12 – Wednesday (Blog #46)

What an easy day today was. I finished school and did everything just fine. There wasn’t much homework, and I already finished it. It was just notes for economics, which took me about an hour. Usually it’s shorter, because it’s really not that hard. However, this time, I was watching the most hilarious FFA on Starcraft 2. It was really hilarious.

Besides that, my day was pretty relaxing. What really surprised me was what woke me up from my nap. I played some Diablo 2 with my friends, and then took a nap. I woke up my parents waking me up with a phone call, saying it’s for me. Apparently, one of the essays in my AP Literature class for Optimism became the top 3 finalists. I was pretty surprised that out of everyone else, I got into the top 3. I have to go to the announcement on Tuesday with my teacher and my parents.

It’s going to be very weird. I don’t even know if my parents will be home to go there. But, it’s free dinner, so I might as well go. I have to read my essay out loud in front of everyone too, so that might be a bit embarrassing, but I think I can handle it. I have to bring my passport, too, for some reason, so that’ll be a bit weird since I don’t even know where mine is. My parents hopefully keep it somewhere safe though. I haven’t travelled far away for the longest time.

I’m going to probably just take a shower, play some Starcraft 2, and then go to sleep. Today’s been a good day, and really chill. On an otherwise negative note, apparently M and her boyfriend, although I’m not sure if they’re going out, seems to be getting closer and closer. That’s enough for today, thanks for reading. I’ll post my blog tomorrow as usual, everyone.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2/14/12 – Tuesday (Blog #45)

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! It’s the end of the day, I know, but technically it’s still the same day, so too bad. The day went as I expected as it would, except something pretty hilarious happened. Around midnight yesterday, my friends and I played a game where we had to write messages on Facebook walls of random girls.

So, I got this pretty cute girl, and I had a few classes with her, so I was a bit hesitant to do that at first. However, after a bit of convincing, we all posted the message, “Will you be my Valentines?” on their walls. Of course, for some reason, almost 20+ people liked and commented on my post. Eventually she responded, but she didn’t know what was going on.

I was going to apologize to her at school, but I never got a chance, so we talked a bit after school on Facebook. I told her about how it was just a dare or game, and she seemed fine. She already asked someone out to Sadie’s, so I’m sure she’s fine.

Speaking of going out, apparently the situation with M is different than I thought it was. The boy that she asked to Sadie’s was her ex, and she finally realizes that she doesn’t want to go back to the same relationship that they had. M said that she actually tried to keep their relationship stable, but the boy only cared about himself, so they broke up. Now, he’s basically trying to get her back, but she just wants to be friends, and doesn’t want to try the relationship again.

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. She really did seem happier when she was with her ex, but now she says she’s not. I should be happy, since that means I have a chance again. But I don’t like it when she’s sad, and I don’t know how I could compete with a guy that manages to basically go out on dates with her even after breaking up. Well, I’ll see what happens. At this moment, I don’t really care about a relationship, just more about her.

I had a little thought today about trying to find a job, but it seems harder than I thought it would be. I was just planning on going to craigslist and finding a job from there, but it all seems to require college degrees or experience. Sadly, I have neither of those, as I’m still a senior in high school, so I don’t even have a high school diploma.

Anyways, that’s enough blogging for today, so I’ll stop here. I watched a movie named Amadeus today, about Mozart, and it really made me love classical music again, but I immediately opened up Pandora and listened to trance and techno again. I still laugh at how I love every type of music besides country. Thanks for supporting, I’ll continue tomorrow as usual.


Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 – Monday (Blog #44)

Great… tomorrow’s ‘Single Awareness’ day, or Valentine’s Day for all you couples out there. I don’t have anything against couples or the day or love or any of that, it just sucks for everyone else that has to watch two people going at it, eating each other’s faces out, in front of the crowd. I’m happy for you all that manage to find others out there, but keep that in private, because we don’t want to see it.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have a Valentine’s, which isn’t as sad as I thought it would be. I spent 2 years of my high school career, freshman and sophomore, with my girlfriend, so I didn’t really see why Valentine’s seemed so important. But since we broke up, my junior and this year, my senior year, I see why people hate being alone. But, don’t complain if you’re alone on Valentine’s days, everyone, because it’s not the end of the world. That’s still 10 months away. Yes, that’s a Mayan apocalypse joke thing.

Anyways, I spent the day pretty much playing Starcraft 2 with my friends. We managed to get into the Platinum league for 4v4, which is pretty amusing. I’m about high gold/low platinum in my 1v1 league, but I purposely dropped myself down to the silver league so I can farm my profile pictures. Yeah, I know, it seems stupid, but I’m also having fun playing random and trying to learn new tactics to use later on. Once I get all the portraits that I want, I’ll probably play to actually get better. I play random, so everyone expects to be cheesed, or basically cheap plays, but I never do that, and play cleanly.

For some reason, earlier today, I was thinking about if my parents are ever lonely. My father works every day, so he’s almost never home until dinner, and the same with my mom. My brother just stays home all day, playing games and smoking and being with his girlfriend. I’m either home playing games or going out with friends. That means I rarely see my parents at all. It sometimes makes me sad, but if I try to think about their perspective, it’s even worse. I really want to spend more time with my parents, but I also have to do my own things, such as studying, homework, and have time to myself.

I’ll probably start on my homework after typing this up. I have to do physics, two literary study guides, and I think that’s it. It shouldn’t take me that long, since I’m always procrastinating on things much harder. I’m pretty much done typing for today, since I’m bored, so I’ll go check out some more stuff online or talk to people. Thanks for reading and continuing to support me. Happy Valentine’s day tomorrow, everyone.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/12 – Sunday (Blog #43)

Wow, what a hectic day. I’m pretty tired, all out of money, and full on food. Let’s see. I woke up pretty early, around 9 in the morning; because I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t wake up late. Then, I went to go to eat pho at some place called Noodle World, because I was feeling in the mood for pho for some reason.

After eating pho, I walked to my friend’s house, which took about half an hour, and I arrived there at 1 in the afternoon. After that, we waited for our ride, so I learned how to play the piano. I learned how to read the music for a little bit, and then played the beginning songs, and then my friend arrived. He already picked everyone up, so we left straight after he picked us up.

We went to Round 1, where we played pretty much all the games there. We played some 4 player game, which was impossible, then we played Initial D, some crane games, Street Fighter 4, Tekken, Metal Slug, Taiko Drummer, Pacman, Raiden, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and some motorcycle game. After all that, it was around 6, so we were feeling hungry. I actually spent about $24 dollars there, but got $30 worth of credits since I had a membership card.

We went to Islands to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday, where we ate burgers and endless fries, which was pretty delicious. Afterwards, we went to some place named Fluff Ice, which is pretty much shaved ice, but it’s really delicious and sweet. Of course, what I didn’t mention yet, is that we spent about 40-50 minutes each time during the drive to places, because we got lost numerous times. We went down dark alleys, creepy streets, and had to make countless u-turns. We had to call and go online so many times, but we just kept going in circles and had to keep back tracking.

I used up all my money, so hopefully I won’t go anywhere tomorrow. I’ve got a bit of homework, so I’ll probably do it all tomorrow in the afternoon or later in the night. Knowing myself and my procrastination, it’ll probably be at night. That’s enough for tonight, since I literally just got home, and I need to shower. Thanks for reading; I’ll post my update tomorrow as usual.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

2/11/12 – Saturday (Blog #42)

Saturday was such a lazy day for me today, too. I woke up around 2 in the afternoon, which was pretty much enough sleep for me. I actually woke up earlier, around 8 or 9 in the morning, but I was still sleepy, so I just kept sleeping. I’ve been pretty much playing SC2 the whole day, and I think I’m finally not as rusty anymore.

My friends and I are planning to go to Round 1 tomorrow, so that means I can finally play Initial D again! I’m totally going to spend all my money on that game. It’s definitely the best game at that arcade for me, besides the multiplayer games, like the shooting ones or SF4 and Tekken. Games like those are cool, and competitive.

I have no school Monday, which is going to be awesome. I’ll probably spend the day doing homework though, sadly. I hope I can get some more sleep tonight though, so I don’t wake up at noon tomorrow again.  Sometimes, at night, I debate whether or not I should just do an all-nighter, or just go to sleep and wake up early tomorrow.

I’m not really in a mood for blogging, so that’s enough for today, sorry! I’ll try and see if we’re going to Round 1 tomorrow, because if we do, then I might have more to blog about. Thanks for reading, and hope you all have an awesome weekend.


Friday, February 10, 2012

2/10/12 – Friday (Blog #41)

Thank god it’s Friday! I’m really not in the mood for blogging today, so expect a short one. Oh, actually, someone tagged me in some post thing, so I suppose I’ll just do that for today.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Alright… 11 things about myself, cool.

1. I’m currently a student in Southern California.
2. I program and mess with computers for fun.
3. I enjoy listening to almost every type of music.
4. I play the viola and violin.
5. I can speak 4 languages. English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
6. I can solve a 3x3 and 4x4 Rubik’s cube.
7. I’m an avid gamer on almost every console.
8. I’m currently in a clan for MLG, Major League Gaming, for games online, such as SC2, DotA, and others.
9. I’m Chinese, obviously.
10. I hate it when people lie.
11. I’m going to pursue a career in computer science.

These are the questions that I was asked. Well, not really questions, but I guess… things I have to answer.

I.  Pick a colour.
II. Pick a material.
                Carbon Fiber.
III. Pick a size.
IV. Pick a landscape.
                The majestic mountains.
V. Pick an animal.
VI. Pick an era (in true history)
                The Victorian Era in England.
VII. Pick an era (fictional)
                I don’t know any, but… in the time of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, I suppose.
VIII. Describe your ideal partener, figure and occupation.
                Someone that loves to have fun, and doesn’t care about others. That’s all I care about.
IX. Describe a house.
                Simple, warm, and unique.
X. Describe a tree.
                A tiny sapling.
XI. Describe a wild animal (size, built etc.)
                A wild animal… like a Tyrannosaurus Rex? It’s pretty big, and looks awesome.

Now for the 11 people I’m going to tag.

1.       Dave Natan
2.       NayNaySIXX
3.       LiquidM
4.       InfinitePlans
5.       IKIRYO
6.       DWei
7.       Alex D.
8.       Anne
9.       Zeba
11.   darpee

And my questions are…

1.       What’s your favorite childhood memory?
2.       What’s your favorite game?
3.       Favorite superhero?
4.       Happiest moment of your life so far?
5.       Where do you want to be right now?
6.       What super power would you want if you could have any in the world?
7.       Favorite Song?
8.       What is your number 1 dream/goal?
9.       Worst embarrassing moment in your life?
10.   If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?
11.   Are you happy? :)

That’s it! And that’s all for tonight. Thanks for reading. I know it’s really nothing, but school was boring, and I just came home and played some games. Oh, I also watched a movie called “Magic to win” (2011) and it’s in Chinese. It’s about the 5 elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Wind, and they’re all magicians trying to fight each other. I’ll be sure to post tomorrow, so look forward to it!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12 – Thursday (Blog #40)

Can’t wait for Friday tomorrow! Not because anything special is happening, but just because it’s finally the weekend. After tonight’s homework, I’ll be able to relax for a few days. I also don’t have school Monday, so that’s going to be awesome. I feel like I’m on top the world right now.

Of course, that’s probably because of the flu. I feel really dead, actually. I’m glad I’m so young, because I know that I’ll be as healthy as a mule by tomorrow. If I wasn’t a teenager, my sickness would last more than a week. It’s only been two or three days, and I’m already feeling better.

I’ve got to do an essay, and then finish reading some short story in my Interactive Reader for AP Literature. After that, I’ll play a bit of games, and then go to sleep. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish before 2 AM, because I like sleep, especially when I’m sick.

For my day, I’ve really done nothing. I came home after tutoring with my friend, and then just read mangas the whole day. As I’m reading manga, I’m just talking with friends through chat and playing some Diablo 2. I’ve also been taking a few naps, since I’m sick, and procrastinating on my homework as much as possible.

I’ve also been thinking about how I could meet some new people. Sure, I could just go out randomly and be a stranger to everyone, and then try and be their friend, but I think it’s easier to meet through mutual friends. It’ll be more fun that way, but I still can’t drive legally yet, so I can’t go that far. If I could, I would drive endlessly to different places, and meet new girls.

I know, I said before that I could care less about girls, but being sick makes me really wish someone would take care of me. My parents just give me medicine, and leave me home alone while they’re at work. It’s not like they neglect me, since they have to work, but I’d just like someone to be by my side when I’m sick. I was actually planning to text M, but we haven’t texted for weeks now. I suppose whatever we had going on is dead.

I’m sniffling like mad, so I think I’m going to finish this up, and then hurry and finish my homework. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish soon, and then just go to sleep after playing a few games. I’ll update my blog tomorrow, as usual. It’ll be Friday too, so I’ll definitely check everyone’s comments and blogs, too. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 – Wednesday (Blog #39)

Yeah, I’m sick. This totally sucks. I’ve been sleeping almost constantly after I got home from tutoring. School was simple today too, since I understood a lot of what was going on. However, I would be constantly sniffling and coughing, due to my flu. After school, I had to go tutor someone and I will have to tutor her again tomorrow.

After I got home, I almost fell asleep completely. I was tired due to a lack of sleep lately, so I suppose this much sleep today is actually a good thing. Being sick and tired is not a good feeling, but all the sleep I get really feels nice. I’m more energetic after waking up, so that’s definitely fine with me.

My friend also introduced me to some game on the Android, and I was playing it a lot, in between my naps. I only slept for a few hours each time, and would get up to watch some television or play some games before going back to sleep. It was really nice. It felt like a weekend, and because I don’t have much homework, I’ve been able to enjoy the laziness.

However, I’m going to have a lot of homework tomorrow, including an essay, and reading some book called Metamorphosis. My physics teacher told me that there’d be homework tomorrow too. Today, I’ve got to do chapter notes for AP Gov, and do standards for my Physics quizzes.

Usually, I’d be starting this a little bit later, and then doing all my homework after midnight, but I think I want to just finish everything early, and get as much sleep as possible. Usually I’m up all night playing games and talking to friends, but since I’m sick, I can’t do that. Once again, it sucks being sick. Of course, I could just take some medicine and get better, but I figure that it’ll be the same anyways.

That’s enough typing for today, since I’m not feeling so well. I’ll need to start on my homework immediately after this. Thanks so much for continuing to read and support. I’ll update my blog tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2/7/12 – Tuesday (Blog #38)

Today was a pretty fun day. School was boring as usual, and I think I’m starting to get sick soon though. I hate being sick, because I always have a runny nose. It’s hard to concentrate in class or talk to people while sniffling and having to wipe my nose every minute or so. However, besides that, the day was good.

School was really easy, since I actually managed to understand everything. I think everything’s a lot easier in school now, especially since I’m more motivated. After learning a little bit more philosophy, I think a heavy burden was lifted from my soul, or whatever jargon you prefer. I was supposed to tutor after school, too, but apparently the girl had no homework, so I’ll be tutoring her tomorrow.

After school, I went with my friends to go buy some boba milk tea. There, the two of them did their calculus homework. I don’t really bother to do my homework, but there was this one very interesting IQ test inside a book. It’s called Raven’s matrices or something like that. It’s really hard to figure out, and it took me about 6 hours to totally complete the puzzle and solve it.

Aside from that, I’ve got no homework today, so I’ll probably just finish some extra notes and then relax the rest of the night, playing games or something. I’m pretty sleepy, so maybe I’ll actually get more than 6 hours of sleep for once. My hands are full of calluses and blisters because of weight training, so I’ve been doing abs and leg workouts mostly.

That’s it for today, since I’m sleepy. Thanks for continuing to read and support my blog, I’ll definitely post my blog tomorrow as usual. I want to sleep, especially since I’m getting sick now. Oh yeah, and I don’t know why, but I never take medicine when I’m sick. I think of it as nature’s way of strengthening the body, since the antibodies in the body will grow stronger after every sickness or something like that.


Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12 – Monday (Blog #37)

Now that one month of blogging is over, it’s time for that 6 month mark, and then the one year mark! I also just realized that it’s 2 months until my birthday. I’ll finally be turning 18, heck yeah. Sucks that I still can’t do much until 21, like gamble, and whatever else there is, but it’ll be fun. My brother told me that he’s going to have a party for me, with booze, hookers, and everything.

Well, back to talking about my day, as usual. I barely slept for three hours before going to school. I managed to finish all of my homework though, so there’s nothing wrong with that. Then, when I went school, I saw M. Sadly, I think I already lost all interest towards her. She seems to be happy, and found some other guy, so she’ll be fine.

Not that I’m moving on already so fast, but there was some girl on Facebook whose parents are divorcing. I figured she was feeling pretty sad, so I just messaged her, and talked to her to try and cheer her up. Amazingly, it worked. But, since I don’t really know her in real life or even talk to her much, we just talked for a while and nothing else.

I’m not feeling lonely or anything like that. In fact, that void that I had from M and other girls seems to have been just filled by some new found philosophy I found. The philosopher is named Alan Watts. I listened to his speeches about Nothingness, the universe, and just about everything. He talks about how the state of nothingness is the purest state of all, and how amazing it is. It’s really interesting. Philosophy always has interested me, but I stopped because I thought they were all the same. However, Watts was completely different, and everything was simple enough to understand without much deep thinking.

I also helped my friend Photoshop some pictures for him for Interact club. It was just stuff about advertising and banners and all that stuff, so it took a while. Photoshopping isn’t really hard, it’s just all about what you think looks good, so I think anyone can do it. The same goes for coding. I’m not sure, but when I look at codes, it’s just all about the logical reasoning behind everything. All you need to learn is certain words that replace the logical thinking words in your mind, and everything makes sense.

That’s enough for today, sorry that it’s pretty short. I’m sort of annoyed because I just realized how annoying other people can be, especially when one is nice to them. It really ticks me off when people also think there’s a secret motive behind just being nice. Anyways, thanks for reading so far. I’ll be sure to post my update tomorrow as usual.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

2/5/12 – Sunday (Blog #36)

I have so much homework, holy guacamole! I still haven’t start on any, of course. I’ve been playing Diablo 2 with my friends. We finally finished Nightmare mode, so we’ll start on Hell mode soon. I also got a lot of new items, so it’s pretty fun to play. I watched my brother play Diablo 3 today too, and I completely fell in love with it.

Also, as everyone probably knows by now, the Giants won. I don’t really care about football teams much, and I just watch the Super Bowl for the hype and the commercials. Sadly, I was almost rooting for the Patriots because I don’t like the Giants very much, mostly because of Eli Manning. It was pretty intense, and everyone was rooting for the Patriots at the end of the game. It was a good match for them, though.

I’m pretty sore from yesterday, too, so I can’t really do much working out. I mostly worked on my abs and legs, since my arms are dead. I thought we were going to do that role play thing today, but apparently not. It’s interesting, actually. There’s a log of it somewhere online, but I’m too lazy to find it and post it up on here. Basically, there’s a back story about me and my friend, the mistress of the manor. My character used to be her lover, until he had to go to war. Then, somehow, the mistress had to go off to an arranged marriage, and my character comes back after winning the war and his whole squadron dying. He comes back and finds his love gone, and married to some other guy. Then, my character decides to try and sneak in to the mansion as a staff, but then is discovered and recognized by the mistress.

It’s still unraveling as it goes along, but that’s pretty much the back story. I also had to code my bots again today, for WC3, since someone was being stupid and screwed up some of the coding by trying to add a command. Talking about coding, I figured exactly how useful coding can be. There’s a lot of things that I’ve always wanted to try to do, and being able to make it myself on the computer makes things a lot easier.

That’s enough for today, since I need to hurry and start on my homework soon. I’ll post my update as usual tomorrow, so thanks everyone for keeping up with my blog and reading.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

2/4/12 – Saturday (Blog #35)

Hoorah for lazy days! I love doing nothing. Actually, I did nothing productive, since technically, I did do something today. I had to help my mom move several sewing machines into our house, since my mom likes to sew things. If none of you own a sewing machine, with its own spools and needles and everything, it’s extremely heavy. All of the weight is forced onto one side, and the other side is light, but the unevenness of weight distributed causes it to be harder to lift.

Also, we just pretty much played Diablo 2 the whole day. We’ve been leveling our friends and new characters, so that was entertaining, since we also PvP’ed while we waited. We’re still on Act 3 for the game, on nightmare mode, so it’ll take a while for us to finish Hell mode and farm for everything.

I also role played today too. It’s pretty interesting. The moderator (person in charge of the role play) is one of my close personal friends, and she makes me participate with her. The role play is about an old English manor, with a wealthy family that lives in it. My friend’s the owner of the manor, and the wife of some dude, and I’m her ex-lover, and one of the staff members. There’s some huge back story that’s supposed to be hidden, and she came up with it so I just go along with it.

There’s random haunting and attacks and all that, so it’s pretty interesting to go along with it. It sucks that other people just don’t know how to role play correctly though, and just do ridiculous actions. It ends up making the moderator angry and just rage for a while.

There are also a few videos I saw on YouTube today that just made me laugh extremely. It’s called the Thin Wall challenge. Basically, it’s a guy who tries to do several challenges while his neighbor is having sex with some girl. They share the same wall, and it’s extremely thin, so the challenge is for the guy to finish the different challenges, or face a penalty, within the time it takes for the neighbor to finish. Apparently he doesn’t last very long, because each challenge ends in 10-15 minutes.

I also have to do some coding for one of my bots for Warcraft III soon, so I’m going to just end this now. Thanks for reading, and I’ll post my usual update tomorrow!


Friday, February 3, 2012

2/3/12 – Friday (Blog #34)

Friday!!! Booyah! It’s the best day of the week! Sadly, I have so much homework I’m not even going to bother mentioning it. I’m currently playing Diablo 2 right now, with my friends, though. My friends and I are also planning to either go to Round 1 or go rock climbing soon, but I don’t know what we’re going to do. I have so much homework, too.

I have to read a book called “Death of a Salesman.” I don’t know if anyone’s heard of it, but apparently it’s a pretty popular book. I saw a movie of this last year too, so I already knew the gist of the story. I also just failed my formula quiz for physics again, so I have to do about 1,000 standards, 100 for each missed question. Physics is fun, but I’m usually too tired on Thursdays to study for the quiz.

I think M is actually ignoring me now. Her posts online are all talking how she’s happy and is cheered up talking with the guy she’s been crushing on. Clearly, she hasn’t talked to me at all, so it’s not me. Doesn’t really bum me out, but it just means I can move on easily now. From what you guys were saying, apparently girls are crazy. I totally agree, but no offense to girls out there. Crazy means more fun.

Anyways, going to keep it short! Thanks for reading today. I’ll post my blog up tomorrow as usual. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me, everyone.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/12 – Thursday (Blog #33)

Tomorrow’s Friday! I can finally just relax again, and I probably won’t have any homework until Sunday. Today was pretty normal, and nothing interesting happened until after school. There was this awards ceremony for my Interact club, and it lasted all the way until 5. But the ceremony didn’t start for about half an hour after school ended, so my friend and I went to buy some boba drinks, and we bought some for our friends too.

At the ceremony, we just clapped for everyone that got awards, and we all pretty much got awards, so it was boring. Then, I just went home and played some games with my friends. I took a nap too, so that was relaxing. For some reason, I texted M, just saying hi, but she didn’t reply. I suppose it’s time to end my little chase, and just move on. Just hope she realizes that I’ll still be there to talk to her or anything like that, but she probably won’t.

I don’t think I even did a proper job of chasing her, or ‘professing my love’ to her, since it was just really me texting her, and her replying randomly. Sure, we talked here and there, but it wasn’t anything deep or personal, and she never wanted to hang out with me, so I guess it was going nowhere anyways. Luckily, I really don’t care much for my own feelings, and I’m fine with moving on. I’ll most likely get bored of being with my friends only, and try and find another girl, so I wonder how long that could take.

Like I said last time, I just want a girl that’s got problems and somehow fix her problems and make her happy, even for a bit. I was thinking of just posting something up on FaceBook, and say “Does anyone feel like talking about their problems?” or something like that. I was doing that to some forums a few days ago, and helped a few people, but that’s just anonymously, and no one knew me, so it was easy.

Of course, I can just do things the normal way, and go out and find new girls, but school takes up too much of my time to do that, and I don’t have a car to go to places, so that’s too annoying. Surprisingly, I’m taking this ‘give up on M’ thing easier than I thought it would. Oh yeah, and I’ve got to do some role play thing online with one of my friends, so that’ll be interesting to see how that goes. That’s enough of writing for today, so I’ll post my blog up tomorrow as usual. Thanks for reading.


2/1/12 – Wednesday (Blog #32)

Late again… darn, that sucks. Oh well! I didn’t even notice the time until it was too late, so I’m barely starting this blog on the 2nd already. It’s the first day of February though! That means that extra day from the leap year, and Valentine’s Day.

Today was really chill, actually. I didn’t have any homework to do tomorrow, since I finished most of it yesterday, and I’m just going to procrastinate on any homework that’s not due. I played games the whole day. I played some Tetris, and then my friends were on so we played Nightmare mode for Diablo 2.

For some reason, my brother got the Diablo 3 beta. I was so jealous of him, and I watched him play for a few levels. I can just take his account and download the game on my own computer and play, so that’s what I did, ha.

A few days earlier, I talked about giving up on M. For some reason, I’m still interested in her. Lately she’s been pretty happy and chill, but then she started talking about being sad again, and it piqued my interest. I think it just really means that I’m interested in people with problems. Does that make me weird for falling for problematic girls? I just want to help them, and make them happy any way I can, especially for M right now.

I think it’s just because I’ve got no one else on my mind, so that’s why I’ve been thinking about her only lately. The previous crushes or girls I’ve fallen for usually ends with me just moving on in a day or two. But with M, it’s been a while already. It’d be better if I just moved on, but she keeps talking about being depressed, and I just really want to help her.

Well, anyways, it’s already the new day, so I don’t want to bother writing up anymore, and just put this up online. And my friend just showed me some origami heart thing with ribbons. It seems pretty easy, but not really. I’ve always been a fan of origami, and was an avid folder during middle school, but I got bored of it since everything was too easy to make. I’ll post my blog up tomorrow, so thanks for reading.