Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/29/12 – Tuesday (Blog #150)

Alright, today’s not that bad! I finished photoshopping last night, and it doesn’t look that bad. Luckily, it’ll pass off as an authentic paper, but if not then I don’t really care already. School was pretty easy. We didn’t do much.

There was an English final today, but it was too funny. We’re in an AP Literature class, and the test was meant for a regular class. The final was so easy, that they were literally giving the answers away. I finished so early, and actually almost fell asleep during the test. Afterwards, I fell asleep though.

Physics, our launcher failed miserably. We didn’t even do much besides shoot two or three times. Watching everybody else, it was almost a bit pathetic, but it didn’t matter. Right after school, we worked on it for about three hours or so. The new design is basically like a hybrid of the two designs we did before. The first design was pretty good, but we screwed up with the second design, and now the third design is crazy.

Right now, we’re all working on our AP Literature project. It’s basically the last huge assignment we have until the end of the year, which is pretty amazing. It’s been 12 years of my life in school, and in just a week, it’ll all be over. Anyways, I need to hurry and finish this up and then finish my project. I’m expecting an all nighter, just like last time we did the semester finals, but whatever. I just hope we can finish on time.


Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28/12 – Monday (Blog #149)

Happy Memorial Day! Or, well, too late now I suppose, since I’m uploading it near midnight of Monday. My four day weekend is over, I’m so sad. I didn’t do anything productive at all, which totally sucks. I would’ve liked to actually have done some work, but then I only have one more week until senior check out.

I don’t know what to expect. I’ve been in public schooling for about 12 years, and now it’s going to end in a week. It was just as if yesterday that I was still in elementary school, still taking nap times and having recess.

College is going to be awesome though, or at least I hope. I’m going to be spending this summer doing everything I can before I go to college, which probably means skydiving, EDC, MLG, and anything else I can think of. I’m just photoshopping some stuff right now, and then I’m going to go chill with my friends online, and then probably sleep…


5/27/12 – Sunday (Blog #148)

Oh man, I only have about 5 minutes to type this up! I’m currently playing a league of legend game with my friends, so that’s why I’m cutting it so close. We’ve been doing so bad lately, I don’t even know why. I might be getting worse, but it’s weird. Not to sound cocky or confident, but I’m not that bad of a MOBA game player.

I started playing DotA on warcraft 3, and then LoL, and then DotA 2. I’ve got a bunch of experience, and I play with some pretty hardcore players. Lately, I think we’ve just been losing because we got some new team members and they’re really bad. They don’t listen to the rest of us, and just basically feed for the other team.

Oh, and I think my time’s out, so I gotta hurry and upload this. Thanks a lot for reading and following my blog, whoever’s left. I’ll have to start checking other people’s blogs soon. School’s over in a week!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

5/26/12 – Saturday (Blog #147)

Today was pretty chill. I woke up around two in the afternoon since I stayed up pretty late. I actually got about twelve hours of sleep, I think. It’s good, because I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. Actually, I don’t even know how my sleeping schedule works. One week, I barely get 12 hours of sleep a week, and then next week I sleep for 12 hours a day.

I went out to eat with my dad today. We went to some Japanese/Italian restaurant, which is pretty weird, since I didn’t know that western and Asian food goes together. After that, I went to go work with my dad. It really wasn’t much work; there was something wrong with the water heater.

But, that lasted me all the way until 7 or 8, and then we got home. My parents weren’t really in the mood to cook, so we ordered some takeout. I got some pineapple fried rice, which is really delicious. It’s got cashews, shrimp, raisins, and random stuff on there.

Other than that, I’ve just been playing some games on the computer with my friends. I was planning on going bowling tomorrow with them, but I don’t know if I feel like it anymore. My senior check out for school is this Friday, and I honestly don’t even know what to do anymore, oh well.


Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25/12 – Friday (Blog #146)

Lazy days, once again, are the best! I don’t even know what I did today. I woke up around 11 in the morning after going to sleep at like 6… It was weird. I woke up because one of my friends called me, and I looked at my phone. I could’ve sworn it said 1 in the afternoon, so I was really shocked. I got up, and was about to get lunch and everything, after playing a game with my friends.

But then, I get on the computer, and half way through my game, I look at the clock and it’s only 11. I was so surprised. But, still, I didn’t even get to eat lunch, so I just made myself some random noodles to eat. I would’ve gone out to eat some pho or just get some take out, but I was feeling really lazy.

After I ate, I just took a nap, which lasted about 4-5 hours. After that nap, I woke up to eat some dinner, and then now I’m on the computer again, just chilling. I’m talking to S again, I don’t even know why, and I’m listening to some music while I do nothing. Only 3 more days of my four day weekend, but I don’t even know what to do in that time…


5/24/12 – Thursday (Blog #145)

Alright, only one more week of school left. I’m so tired of school already, there’s like nothing left to do. We have finals, but that’s pretty much it. We finished our stats finals today, so all there is left is government/economics, and then English.

I’m just playing some starcraft 2 right now, so I’m late on my update, sorry! We pretty much own stuff up though. I’m going to go to play some League of Legends too, so I’m going to be having this whole night as a gaming night. Tomorrow’s my day off in a long time, so I’m really lazy. Four day weekends are the best.

Anyways, thanks for following my blog. It’s literally just three people that are commenting, so thank you guys a lot!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 – Wednesday (Blog #144)

I only have 5 minutes until the new day! Hurry, I must blog for the death of me!

I came home today around 4, because I had to walk home. I forgot to get money for the bus. Well, actually, I had a ton of money, but no change. So I just walked, because I could. Then, I had to go over to my friend’s house to continue working on our launcher.

It took us all of the day to fix it, but we basically revamped our launcher. It’s got a rubber stopper now to stop it from leaking, which is really nice. It goes about 50-60 yards, but that was before we changed everything. Hopefully we didn’t make the launcher worse. We have this weekend to fix it, so I’m glad we have a four day weekend coming up due to Memorial Day.

Anyways, I’m pretty tired and hungry. I took my Statistics finals today, but only one part. It took literally 10 minutes, so I slept the rest of the day. Also, apparently S blocked me on AIM. Honestly, I don’t even know why, but I’m not going to bother with her anymore. I thought we had something in common, and we’d be able to be good friends, but I guess not.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/22/12 – Tuesday (Blog #143)

I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I’m very tired. It took me all the way until morning to finish all of my assignments, and I actually still didn’t finish. Luckily I was only missing one small section for my economics project. Everything else was done.

The reason why I didn’t do the economics thing was because it was a lot of work, and I was running out of time. If I had more time, I probably would’ve done it, but I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to finish my entire project. I chose the stuff that took the most amount of time and gave the least amount of points, and just decided to skip it.

I had to spend an hour or so afterschool to pretend to tutor, so that took a while. I was supposed to go over to my friend’s house afterwards and fix up our launcher, but he never got home on time so I didn’t go over. Then, I took a nap at home. I would’ve been happily taking a nap the whole evening, but then my friends called me to wake me up for a game.

Anyways, that’s all for tonight again. Sorry that it’s so short. I’ll play a few games of LoL and then go sleep. I need some rest, or else I’m going to die or something…


Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 – Monday (Blog #142)

Alright, I’m finally on time! It’s about an hour until midnight, so hopefully I can finish this and then start on my homework. I’ve got a lot to do tonight. I have to read a book about Siddhartha, and then do a reading response for every chapter. Luckily, there are only 12 chapters in the book. After that, I need to do some portfolio project for economics.

The launcher thing we did for Physics was actually not that bad. We shot it perfectly one time, and it went about 50 yards. We attempted a total of 4 or 5 times, and every other time it just blasted off with wrong angles or the bottle wasn’t straight. One of the main problems we have is that we haven’t fully cemented the PVC pipe for the base of the launcher. Also, the two rods we used to hold the bottle in place are pulled out separately, so I have to think of a way to make it so we can pull them out at the same time.

Anyways, that’s all I really have time for. I need to get started on my homework as soon as I can. I went to some induction thing for NHS, the National Honors Society, and it took about 2 hours to finish. Once that was done, I went home and took a nap for a few hours, and then ate some dinner. Now I’m feeling a bit more refreshed, but still exhausted. Luckily it’ll be enough to last me for the all-nighter I’m about to pull.


5/20/12 – Sunday (Blog #141)

Oops… I’m late on this also… Wow. Three days in a row. Well, technically I have an excuse, I suppose. It’s the same reason as yesterday. Sadly, we still didn’t finish our launcher for the project, but I hope that our teacher won’t mind.

It’s about 3 in the morning, and I’m not that tired. I have some homework to do, but I’ll probably finish that up in an hour or so. I’m feeling a bit hungry, so I might go eat, too.

It was S’s birthday today, and I totally forgot, so I feel pretty bad. I did text her happy birthday, but of course that’s not as good as a real saying and then me maybe hugging her. Oh well. My friends were all talking about PDS, post-dance syndrome. It’s basically where you start to fall for a person after you go to a dance with them.

We only have 8 days of school left, so I’m pretty excited. There’s also a four day weekend for us next week, but I don’t even know why. I’m just glad, because then I can sleep. Anyways, I’m done for tonight too. Tomorrow should be a legit post on time, so sorry again!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/19/12 – Saturday (Blog #140)

Alright, I’m late on this again, sorry for that, guys. I’ve been at my friend’s house all day working on our launcher for physics.

It’s actually really nice. We bought about a hundred dollars worth of stuff at Home Depot, and then brought it to his garage to start building. It took us about 3 or 4 hours to buy the stuff we wanted, and then we spent pretty much all the way until midnight to build most of our launcher.

We’re still not done with it, but about 75% done. I’ll have to go over tomorrow around 3 in the afternoon to fix whatever’s left. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish on time. I have a lot of homework due next week and it would be nice if I didn’t just procrastinate as usual.

School’s over in about two weeks, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be able to just do whatever I want. I’ll probably just be gaming and sleeping all day long, but then I’ll have to start preparing for college and everything.

S went to the movies today to watch The Avengers, so I didn’t really text her. L talked to me a bit tonight, though, but she just went to sleep in literally 5-10 minutes afterwards. I talked to S too, but she was tired. I guess everyone’s still tired from yesterday’s prom or something. I am too, actually, because I’m probably going to go sleep right after this.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/18/12 – Friday (Blog #139)

As I said, I’d be late. It’s currently 4 in the morning on Saturday, and I just got home. I’ve got to say, wow. Prom was definitely interesting to say the least.

School was literally just nothing, so I don’t really care much about it. Each class was only 540 minutes long, and we didn’t do much in any class. We also couldn’t ditch school or else we weren’t going to be allowed into prom.

I got home and took a twenty minute nap or so and just talked with some friends. Then, I went to go pick up the corsage and boutonniere from my friend’s house. Then, I went to pick up my rental for my vest and tie. The color was amethyst, and my date’s dress was dark purple, so it should’ve been fine.

Luckily I left my house already dressed except for the vest and the tie. I had to go to my friend’s house right afterwards, and I put on everything. I waited a bit for my date to arrive, and then we went to take photos. We went to some professional studio and everything, with several poses and all that. Then, we finished taking pictures, and went to wait for the limo to pick us up. We had to an extra while for some people to come because they were late, but we basically made it to prom fashionably late.

Prom was pretty awesome. At first, it was pretty awkward for me and S because we didn’t talk much. But, I was with her the whole night, and in the end, we were talking and just having the time of our lives, at least for me. We went to some photo booth, and did some silly pictures. There were some caricatures at the place, but the line was too long and S and I didn’t want to wait, so we just went to the dance floor.

At first, the only songs playing were songs where you have to grind with the girl and do dirty dancing with them. I’m all for dirty dancing, but S didn’t want to. However, once they started playing that she liked, we went on the dance floor and just had a fun time. It was a bit weird, because we both failed at dancing, but once the music started getting good we were just going with the flow. We did some slow dancing, just some random dancing, and just whatever.

The prom ended around midnight, so we took the limo and left and drove back home. The whole time, I had my arm around S and we were both just chilling and listening to music on the ride home while she was wearing my tuxedo jacket. It was really nice.

Then, once we got back to home, S’s parents picked her up and she left. It was amazingly quick, too, and I didn’t even get to hug her good bye or anything. I did say thanks for the night, but we couldn’t kiss or hug or anything due to her parents being there.

My friends and I decided to go out, too, so basically we were out until 3:30 in the morning just chilling and eating some food. I got home, pretty exhausted, so I took a shower. I put all my clothes back up and took a shower, and now I’m typing this up.

Anyways, I’m pretty tired, so I’m going to go sleep. Hopefully I can wake up early enough because I have to go tomorrow to do some physics launcher project. We also have to start early because we have a lot to do. So, thanks a lot for reading my blog and following. Good night!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17/12 – Thursday (Blog #138)

Man, tomorrow is going to be hectic! School gets out pretty earlier, around 12:40 in the afternoon, because it’s prom day! We’re also having some student meeting to talk about safety issues or something like that. The city’s going to start doing some heavy construction near our school so the principal’s all worried for us.

After school ends, I’m going to go home and take a shower and just get prepared. Then, I have to bring my tux with me to go pick up the corsage. Then, I need to pick up my vest and tie rental, and then find somewhere to change, and then go pick up my date. Once I pick her up, we’re going to go take some pictures at a fancy place, and then we drive back to meet up with our friends with a limo.

I have to pick up the corsage and vest and tie and change and meet up with my date within an hour, so I don’t know if I have enough time. Then, we’ll be taking pictures for another hour, and rush back with barely less than 10 minutes for the limo ride there.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited. Hope everything goes well. I probably won’t be able to update my blog tomorrow, since we might go out somewhere else afterwards. I’ll tell you guys all about it!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16/12 – Wednesday (Blog #137)

Well, talk about last minute. One of my friends hooked me up with a prom date, and I asked her to go with me. Amazingly, she said yes! It was right after our AP Statistics test. The test itself was pretty easy. I think I did well.

I basically just went up to S and then tried to make it related to the test though. I was pretending to ask her about a question, and started off with, “What would be the probability…” and I pretended to think about it for a bit. And then, I stopped, and she stopped, and then I said, “The probability that you’ll go to prom with me?”

It’s pretty weird though. I’ve never talked to her before, so basically it’s going to be a blind date almost for prom. I already got a ride from one of my friends, and then I’ll be buying a corsage from someone, and then I’m going with S to buy a vest and a tie.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited. Prom’s in two days, so that’ll be fun. I’ve got to do some homework though. I need to do some notes for my economics class, and then type up a cover letter and thank you letter for my literature class. We basically turned into a career class…


5/15/12 – Tuesday (Blog #136)

Yep, I’m going to prom, everyone! Now I have to figure out what to wear… I’m also apparently going to ask one of my friends to go with me. She already has her ticket, so I won’t have to buy hers, but I still have to buy mine.

Also, I know, I’m late, sorry! I had to play a game with my friends, and it took longer than expected. I also actually started on writing my resume for one of my classes, and forgot about the blog, sorry. We have to write some resume to turn in to the teacher, and then some random peer editing needs to take place.

I also have to do some physics design thing, so I might see what I can do about that. I’m more concerned about my statistics test tomorrow though, since it’s the big AP test. I’m going to ask my friend to prom after the test is over. For simplicity sake, let’s call her S. Anyways, I’ll have to find some prom stuff to do, and then finish up my homework.

I know I’ve been neglecting checking other people’s blogs, so sorry for that too. You guys are awesome for following and commenting. I’ll try and catch up in a while. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow guys.


Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/12 – Monday (Blog #135)

Mondays are so bad, ugh. Today was my AP Physics B test, and it was completely horrible. I found out that I got 36 out of 70 on my multiple choice for my finals in physics, which isn’t that bad, I suppose. He said the class average was 25, so I guess I did better than most of the class.

Anyways, we have to do some rocket bottle launcher project for physics now. We have to think and build a design for a launcher by Monday, but I don’t know what to do. We have a group of 4, so that’ll be interesting to see what we all come up with.

Tomorrow, I have my AP Government. I’m pretty good with Government and Economics, so I think I’ll be okay. My teacher’s going to make us breakfast burritos or something in the morning, so I have to get there by 7 in the morning. The test will go from 8 to 12. After physics, I don’t think my other AP tests matter, sigh.

Anyways, I’m still debating on whether or not I should go to prom. My friends are telling me I should, so I probably will. I don’t even have a tuxedo though, so I might borrow my brother’s. I’ll have to buy the ticket Wednesday, and then prom will be the 18th. I also need to figure out if I’m going to drive or just go in someone’s limo. Oh well. Thanks for reading my blog!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13/12 – Sunday (Blog #134)

Lazy Sundays and weekends are awesome. I didn’t do anything productive today, and it felt great. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of sleep. Well, actually maybe not. For the past week, I’ve been going to sleep around 3 or 4 in the morning. But, in the day, I’ve been taking like 2-3 hour naps. Afterschool, it’d be like 4 or 5 hours of a nap, and then I wake up for dinner.

Yesterday and today was pretty lazy. I’ve taken at least 3 naps a day, each for three hours or more. It’s so relaxing. I’m going to miss these lazy days. I should’ve probably been studying for my AP tests, or something productive, but I’m too lazy, hah. Anyways, all I’ve done today was eat, sleep, and play some DotA 2. I’ve been rusty, but I’m slowly getting my skills back. I used to destroy people all day long in that game!

L’s done talking to me, I think, because we haven’t talked at all for a week or so, so yeah… guess that was fun while it lasted. I still didn’t finish the bible, but I’m pretty close. I haven’t read any for the past few days because I’ve been trying to get my rest for testing. And wow, I totally forgot today was Mother’s day. Well, not forgot, because I did tell my mom that I love her, but we didn’t do anything special. No going out, no gifts, nothing. Oh well.

I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks a lot for following my blog and commenting and reading. Wish me luck on my Physics test tomorrow!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12/12 – Saturday (Blog #133)

College is freaking awesome. Well, at least the campus is. My friend came over in the morning, around 10, but I wasn’t awake yet. Luckily, my parents were home, and they woke me up. I quickly got dressed, and we went to college!

The test started at 11:30, so we had extra time. We went to buy some food to eat, and then we go to campus around 11. Sadly, we got lost and it took us 30 minutes to even get to the test area. Honestly, the test was so easy. My friends and I finished with about 40 minutes left to spare, out of a total 90. We couldn’t leave early, so we just sat there and did nothing.

I looked around, and people actually had trouble. It’s weird. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian, but math is just simple to me. I haven’t taken real math since a year ago, because all I’ve done is Statistics this whole year. Last year, I did Pre-Calculus and basic Trigonometry, and the test today was on that. I’m pretty amazed that I could remember stuff from a year ago, but I’m even more amazed that people couldn’t do these questions.

After we finished the test, it was just two of my friends and I left, so we decided to look around campus. We visited the dorms where we were going to stay. They looked pretty small, but I think we could make it work somehow. After that, we went to check out all the other places. The recreational room was awesome: there was billiards, arcades, movies, and everything. There’s even a food court.

Once we finished touring the campus unofficially, we went back to our high school. There was a car wash going on for our school, so we decided to go and help out. It was pretty much over by the time we got there though, but it was still cool to see everyone there. After we cleaned up, I went home, and basically took a 5 hour nap.

I played some DotA 2, ate dinner, and now I’m just watching some TV. I’ll probably play another match later, and then go sleep. Tomorrow, I don’t have much homework, luckily. I’ll have AP testing for the first three days of the week though, so I might actually study. Anyways, thanks for following my blog and commenting and all that. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow!


Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/12 – Friday (Blog #132)

Hooray for Fridays. Today was pretty much a chill day, because my hardcore classes just finished with testing, sort of. My physics and my literature class were yesterday, so basically we just relaxed.

I still have an AP test for physics, and then other people have their finals for physics tomorrow, Saturday, so we actually still went over some review. I saw some of the review questions that I missed yesterday, and realized that I pretty much screwed up a bit on my finals, but I’m not worried. Hopefully the curve will be alright.

In Literature, our teacher baked us cupcakes, and we watched some hilarious performance troupe acting out Hamlet, but super shortened. Oh yeah, and one of my friends talked about the right way to eat a cupcake, so we all tried it. What you’re supposed to do is take the cupcake out of the paper or whatever, cut off the bottom half, and put it up on top of the cream. That way, it’s like a cupcake burger. I tried it, and it was actually pretty cool. I didn’t get any frosting over my face, and I could eat it just fine without getting frosting on my hands.

Anyways, after I got home, I pretty much slept all day. My dad bought me some In-n-Out, and I devoured it as soon as I got home. Then, I listened to some music, and went straight to sleep. I had about a 5 hour nap, and then woke up to eat dinner. I played a few games of DotA, studied a bit for my test tomorrow at my college, and now I’m typing up my blog. Hopefully I do fine on my test tomorrow, but who knows.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10/12 – Thursday (Blog #131)

Man, today was insane. It’s been a while since I took such hardcore tests, and I was pretty surprised. I’m actually quite glad with myself, because I think I did pretty well. It felt as if I did the best I could on my tests, and hopefully I didn’t make too many mistakes.

AP Literature was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. The whole year in my AP class seemed to really actually prepare me, even though I didn’t learn anything. I managed to pull a lot of random ideas and write them down on the three essays, so that was good. The multiple choice section was a bit confusing at some parts, but after rereading, I was able to at least eliminate my choices down to two and then just guess.

The test started from 8 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon, and then we got released early to go eat lunch. My friends and I talked about what we wrote about, even though we weren’t supposed to. It’s funny that CollegeBoard actually expects students to not talk about the tests, but oh well. I still had to go to my Statistics and Government class, so that was exhausting.

My Statistics teacher pretty much said that we’re all ready for our AP test, so I’m not worried for that next week. I’ve been doing pretty well in the class the whole year, so I’m going in with pretty high confidence. Government, on the other hand, I’m not so sure. I completely destroyed that class when it was Economics, but I was only able to keep a steady B+ during the Government section.

I’ve still been not talking to L lately, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. She seems busy with her studying but she didn’t even reply to me anyways, which basically bummed me out. Oh well, I’ll see how that turns out after AP testing week.

After school, I had to go take my physics finals. That was pretty intense, because I had to guess on a lot of stuff. The free response was confusing, and I actually had to skip a few parts because I didn’t know what to do. I wrote down the formulas that I thought would fit, so hopefully that’ll give me some pity points. It took us about three hours exactly to take the test, so we got out at 6 in the evening.

I went home, and bought some food, and then basically knocked out. Now it’s 11 at night, I’m typing this up, and once I finish I’ll probably play some games and go to sleep. Hopefully I won’t be sleeping at 4 in the morning again, but who knows. Thanks a lot for following my blog, I’ll post my usual update tomorrow. Thank goodness it’s Friday.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/12 – Wednesday (Blog #130)

Oh man, tomorrow’s my first AP test, and I have to do my physics finals. I’m a bit excited, because I haven’t taken school seriously for a few months already, and tomorrow’s going to be one of the most important days of the year. I’ll have to finish my AP tests next week, too, so that’ll be fun.

My friends got me DotA 2 today, so I’m excited. I’m waiting for a friend, and then we’ll start playing right now. I haven’t played DotA in the longest time, so now that I have beta, I’m going to be spending pretty much all my time playing it.

I’ll have DotA 2, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, and then Diablo 3 when it comes out. I’m a total gamer, and I love it. I only have time to play a game or two, and then I have to go actually study for my classes tomorrow though. But, once I come home, I’ll be spending the next few days and the weekends playing my games.

I think I’m going to go to prom, but just by myself now. My friends managed to convince me, so I’ll probably ask my parents for some money later and then just get a ride there. I don’t want to pay some more money for a limo, and since I don’t have a date, I’m going to be a loner there, which will be interesting.

Anyways, thanks a lot for following my blog lately, even though it’s been short. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow. Wish me luck on my tests!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/8/12 – Tuesday (Blog #129)

Whoa, today was such a lazy day. Besides sleeping in almost all of my classes, I even slept at home. Lately, I’ve just been sleeping all day. I’m not really sure why, but it probably has to do with the fact that I’m going to sleep around 4 or 5 in the morning. My sleeping schedule’s really screwed up.

I’m seriously debating on whether or not I should go to prom now. My friends all want me to go, but I don’t know if I want to spend all that money going. I’ve spent more in the past few months than I have my whole high school career, so it’s pretty crazy. Let’s see… I’ve spent about $535 for my college fees, $70 for grad night and about $90 for going on a trip with my friends after graduation. Yeah, prom’s only about $90 too, but I really don’t want to ask my parents for more money.

Lately I’ve been hanging out with my friends more often and been going out more, so I’ve been asking for more money, which makes me feel bad every time. I really need to find a job once I get out of high school. I’m not really sure where to start looking or how to find a job, but I’ll figure something out. Maybe I can ask my parents or my brother to help.

Anyways, I’m planning on just not talking to L for a while. I’m over her, but there are still some lingering thoughts, so I’ll figure something out. My friends are telling me to just go to prom by myself, but maybe I’ll decide to go and ask someone. I don’t really want to, but my friends make it seem like I should go. Oh well. I’ve got to do some physics homework, and that’s all, so I’ll probably go to sleep. I need more sleep…


Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/12 – Monday (Blog #128)

Boo, I hate Mondays. This is the start of our two weeks of hell, because our school’s doing AP testing. Luckily, this week, I only have to do my AP Literature test. But, what sucks is that my physics final is after that.

Normally, it’d be on a Saturday, but because I have to go to my college to take a test on that day, he’s doing make ups on Thursday. I think it’s going to be pretty easy, for Literature at least. All we did in that class was up stupid essays with no real thought. I learned nothing in that class except how to write 2 pages in less than 30 minutes.

I pretty much slept in all of my classes, which was weird. I’ve been tired the whole day. I slept around 4 in the morning for the past 3 days, so that pretty much screwed me over today. Even when I got home, I slept for a while. I still managed to play some games with my friends though.

Anyways, right now I just have to do some physics review questions. After that, I’ll just chill out for a while before going to bed. I haven’t talked to L today, so I don’t know what’s going on with that. I think she’s been depressed or emotional lately, but she doesn’t seem to want to talk to me, so whatever. I’m pretty much done with her, and I don’t plan on doing anything relationship wise for the rest of the year.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/12 – Sunday (Blog #127)

Hooray for the laziest day of the week! I went to sleep around 4 AM again, and I was up playing some games with my friends. I ended up waking at 1 in the afternoon, and I woke up feeling tired like heck.

Luckily, my parents were home, and they bought me some crazy lunch. It was pineapple fried rice and some spicy chow mein. I was literally full for hours from that meal, and it was delicious as heck. Dinner was delicious too, which is unusual because my mom usually isn’t the best cook.

Anyways, throughout the day, I just slept, ate, and played some games. I didn’t go out since I was tired from yesterday. It was funny, actually. I was up for an hour or so, played a few games, and then went straight back to sleep. It was around 7 or 8 in the evening, and I still wanted to go to sleep.

Anyways, I’ve got to do some homework now, so I’ll have to finish up this blog and then go finish up my homework. I have to do a study guide for some book named Candide by Voltaire, and then finish some crazy 30 page packet for Gov… stupid AP classes.


5/5/12 – Saturday (Blog #126)

Oops, sorry guys, I’m late on my update again! I had a pretty interesting day, and I just got home, so sorry about that!

Let’s see… I went to sleep around 4 in the morning, so I woke up around noon, which basically ruined my morning. I went out with my dad to eat at In n Out, which I love. They seriously make the best burgers, and if anyone is in the West Coast, you should try it out if you haven’t.

I went out with my friends to watch movies around 3. If you don’t know, the Avengers just came out, so we watched that. It was seriously an awesome movie. I won’t spoil it for people that haven’t seen it yet, but it was everything I expected out of a super hero movie. I lost just pure action and fighting movies.

After that, we sneaked over to see Pirates, the band of misfits, or something like that. It was an alright movie. I got dragged in there because one of my friends wanted to watch it. It was pretty cute, and reminded me of me and my dogs. We split up, and some of us went to watch some movie called A Cabin in the Woods. Pirates ended first, so we went to go see the last 10 or 20 minutes of the Cabin movie. I would’ve chosen that movie instead of pirates, but whatever.

After that, we went to go eat, and then we came back home, and now I’m just typing up my blog. I’m playing some LoL games with my friends too. I didn’t talk to L much today, sadly. I wish she came with us, but oh well. She has to go work, and then she’s busy at Church on Fridays and Sundays. It’s crazy how she doesn’t want to spend time out with people. Oh well.


Friday, May 4, 2012

5/4/12 – Friday (Blog #125)

I’m so tired today. I didn’t get much sleep last night since I had to stay up for a while doing my darn essay for literature. I usually fall asleep in my classes, but I don’t think I got any napping time at all.

Physics, we didn’t learn any physics at all, and our teacher just talked about his life. It’s good to just relax every so often, and today was the best day. I usually sleep in my statistics class, too, but I actually didn’t sleep for some reason. I’m not sure why, but I was actually really tired but couldn’t fall asleep.

I had too many things on my mind, I suppose, so that’s why I couldn’t sleep. I came home, and then went straight to sleep. And then, the landlord came over to collect some rent, so I had to sign a check and give it to him. We renew our contract, too, but my parents weren’t home so he was going to come over another day.

Anyways, I think I’ve made up my mind on not going to prom. I’m too lazy and can’t be bothered to try to ask a girl out. Going alone is seriously pointless, because I don’t think I’ll be able to make many memories there. I just paid for grad night today though, so there goes $70 out of my pockets. I’m just going to go listen to some music, wonder about how horrible the world is, and get all philosophical, and then fall asleep.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3/12 – Thursday (Blog #124)

Tomorrow’s Friday, I can’t wait. This week’s been one crazy ride, but I think it’s finally over. L’s no longer depressed, at least not much, and I’ve made peace with not going to prom. Actually, I don’t know what I’m going to do about that, but hopefully I’ll be fine later.

Today was pretty cool. I had to stay for an hour after school to go learn some physics. We ran out of time during regular class time, so my teacher made us all go after school for an hour to get some extra lessons. We went over nuclear and atomic physics, and I have to admit, that it was really awesome.

After that, I went over to my friend’s house to chill for a bit, and then we went to a concert at our school. It was basically a talent show, with a lot of people in our school performing. They were actually pretty good, and I was glad I went.

L actually did come to school today, but she didn’t come until third period of school. She was feeling better, and didn’t want to just stay home and mope, so she came. We saw each other a few times and said hi and waved and all that, so I don’t know what’s going on with that anymore. I also visited her at work while my friend and I were walking back to school, and she seemed fine too. I’m glad she’s not sad anymore.

Anyways, I’ll be bringing 70 dollars tomorrow to pay for senior grad night, which is just literally 24 hours at Disneyland, and that’ll be some more fun. I don’t know what I’ll do about prom, but I’m most likely not going to go. Well, that just about wraps it up, since I don’t have much to write about. I’ve got to go write an essay of nonsense and then do some physics study questions, and I’ll probably play some more games and sleep.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/12 – Wednesday (Blog #123)

Hah, its blog number 123! Sequential numbers are always cool when they show up, don’t really know why. I’m actually not in a good mood to type up this blog, and I’ll explain all to you why! Obviously, it has to do with L, so if you really want to read a troubled teenager’s story, keep on reading.

So, I was planning on asking L out to prom later this week, although I wasn’t sure exactly how or when. But, apparently, someone else asked her out today. Of course, he asked her in front of the entire school, so she was literally forced into saying yes. I know this because she was depressed the whole day afterwards.

She came into class literally ready to burst into tears, and was just saying that now she feels obliged into going and doesn’t want to reject the guy after already saying yes. While all of this is going on, I’m just sitting there, pretty much heartbroken because she said yes to another guy.

Anyways, my whole day was just pointless, and I was pretty depressed. Then, my friends decided to cheer me up by basically making her feel as bad as possible. I know, jerk move of me, but what can I do about it? Well, I probably could’ve just not done anything, but oh well, too late for me to regret it now.

Anyways, now she says she’s giving up and tired of trying, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve got to study for some literary terms since we have a test tomorrow, and I have to do some practice physics problems, so that’s what I’ll be staying up to do. Thanks for reading my blog, and I’ll rant more about it later tomorrow or something like that.


5/1/12 – Tuesday (Blog #122)

It’s May already, whoa I can’t believe it. Just 5 more weeks and I’ll be out of high school. It’s been 12 years of schooling, and I’ve got to say that I’ll miss it. Not a lot, but I’ll miss it a little bit. Heck, the only way I actually met people and made some friends was from school. Without it, I’d have less than 20 or 30 friends.

I learned a lot of things, some educational while some social and psychological. Most importantly, I learned that I can’t trust everyone I meet, and that some people aren’t worth my time to bother with. As I mentioned yesterday, L told some of her friends that I asked her to prom. So, I decided to ask her about it.

She told me that she only told two of her close friends. Of course, I wasn’t mad or anything, I just wanted to figure out who was the one that told half of my school. Anyways, she said that she only told them because she thought I wasn’t asking for real. I confirmed it for her, because asking online is seriously the most pathetic thing I could think of. But anyways, now I’m debating on whether or not I should still go to prom and if I should ask her if I do go.

I’ve got to do some physics homework, and that’s all I have to do tonight, so I’ll probably go play some games after that. My friends convinced me to start playing League of Legends again. I didn’t miss it, because I play DotA and DotA 2, which I honestly believe takes more skill. Anyways, today was pretty boring anyways, since all we did was fill forms for AP test registrations. Thanks for reading, it’s exactly midnight so I have to hurry and upload this blog!


Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12 – Monday (Blog #121)

Well, this is interesting to say the least. I saw L today at school, and she said she was dizzy, and apologized to me for not responding yesterday. She apparently fell asleep around nine and knocked out, and forgot to turn off her computer or something. I guess that means I was an idiot, oh well.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Apparently, L’s been telling some of her friends that I asked her to prom. Honestly, I didn’t even realize I did. I was really just joking about it, but I was going to think of some way to ask her. But, anyways, now I’m going to have to figure out something to do. Prom’s the biggest high school dance, but I’m not sure if I should make a big deal out of asking her out, or just regularly ask her out with a hug and roses or something.

I have some physics homework due tomorrow, but I can’t access the collegeboard website in order to view the pdf file of the 2011 AP test. So, I’ve got no idea what to do about that. My friends told me to just check it in the morning, but I’ll still be unable to do much since they take about 15 minutes each to do.

Anyways, it’s short for today because I’m almost out of time and I’m going to just chill for the rest of the night. Thanks for reading my blog, and I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

4/29/12 – Sunday (Blog #120)

Whoa, I just realized, but I reached over 50,000 words on my blog. I’m also on my 85th page, which is a lot. The document is a measly 158 kb only, but it’s probably the biggest document I have on my computer. Of course, as most of you should know by now, I just type my blogs up on a document and then post them up online. I don’t know why I do this, but I just felt like it and it’s nice being able to count these sort of things.

Anyways, today was a typical lazy day. I woke up pretty early in the morning. I didn’t feel like going back to sleep, so I just stayed up. After some breakfast, I dragged myself out of the house because I had nothing to do. I wanted to talk to L, but, of course she ignores my text. She also went to church, so I didn’t want to waste my time.

I ate some pho at a nearby restaurant for lunch, and then ate with my family at home. Cooked dinners are alright, but it would be nice if my mom knew how to cook. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but she really has no cooking sense at all. Everything is bland, and looks disgusting too.

I’ve got to do some homework after this, so that’s what I’ll probably do. I didn’t get to play many games today since I was in a completely bad mood. At this rate, I might pick up drinking again. Tomorrow’s a Monday, so I know it’s going to suck already. Plus, L ignored me the whole day today, so that wasn’t very nice of her, but I’m in too bad of a mood to care.

Nevertheless, I’ll end my blog here tonight, and post my usual update tomorrow. 120 days down, 246 more to go. Hope I can keep this up!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28/12 – Saturday (Blog #119)

Hooray for lazy days. I woke up this morning, and I thought it was a school day. Of course, I got up, looked around, and just knocked out on my bed again. I obviously don’t have to tell you guys, but sleeping is seriously the best.

Let’s see. I woke up around noon, and then I ate some burger that I found in the fridge. Totally careless of me, but I didn’t want to go anywhere or buy anything. I played some World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, and just chilled at home.

Then, around 2, I went to go visit L at work. It was pretty busy, so we didn’t really talk much. I got some mango slush to drink, and just sat down to take a little break. Usually, I’m up at the counter just talking with her since there aren’t that many people. But, apparently her sister and her sister’s friends decided to go visit her too. They seemed nice and sweet and all that, but I didn’t have any chance to talk to L, so I just left.

I’m just going to apologize now, but the next paragraph or two is going to be a short little story. I know, lately it’s just been about L, but she’s seriously driving me crazy. When I went to visit her, she seemed happy, since I didn’t visit her for a while. But, the moment her sister came, they had a conversation going on, and she was laughing and everything. Of course, I totally felt ousted, and didn’t want to waste my time, so I just left. L noticed and said bye, but I wasn’t in a good mood so I just waved slightly and walked out.

Yeah, total jerk move maybe, but I guess it’s too late now. Anyways, I come home, and just take a nap. Wake up a few hours later, walk my dogs, play some games, and then I go out to eat pho with my parents. Then, I come back home, and I message L. She ignored my texts, so I decided to just talk to her on AIM. She was doing homework apparently, so I didn’t really care much. I talked to her for a little bit, and somehow, the topic moved onto prom. She told me she was going to go stag at prom, which is just going without a date. L told me before that she didn’t want to go, but her friends made her. Then, in a joking fashion, I asked her if she wanted to go with me as a date.

She told me she didn’t want to go with any guys because she hates dances, wearing dresses, dancing with guys, and doesn’t want to torture any guys that go with her. Then, she tells me that I should go ask another girl, and specifically mentions the other girl’s name. I understood the part where she didn’t want to go with me, but I don’t get why she mentioned the other girl’s name. Of course, I ask her why she mentioned that, and then she apparently just ignores me.

She signed off on AIM, and I don’t really feel like texting her because she probably is asleep already. But, the prom thing was the last topic we talked about before she signed off tonight. So, in a pathetic plea, does anyone know what just happened, because I don’t?

Anyways, that’s enough for tonight. I’m going to go play some games, blast my music through my headphones extremely loud, drown myself in some alcohol, and knock out. Thanks for reading the blog.


Friday, April 27, 2012

4/27/12 – Friday (Blog #118)

Today was awesome, for a little bit at least. Of course, I went to school, that wasn’t the awesome part. I got home, and then my friend picked me up and we went to go eat at some new restaurant. His dad recently opened up a seafood restaurant, which is actually Louisiana Cajun style seafood, such as crawfish, shrimp, crab, clams, mussels, oysters, and everything. It was really delicious.

The restaurant just opened Wednesday, and my friend’s dad owns it, so when we went, we managed to get to eat for free. Of course, I didn’t love it just because it was free, but because the food was actually good. If you live in Southern California, you should definitely check it out. It’s called “Crab Buster”, and it’s already on Yelp and everything, I think.

Anyways, besides that, L seriously drives me crazy. I was feeling pretty confused and a bit down in the dumps, so I was planning on hugging her after school ended. I saw her throughout the day and we talked a bit again, but she left right after the bell rang. She said bye, and didn’t even really give me a chance to reply. I wanted to just grab her and hug her, but I guess that didn’t work.

I’ll probably go visit her tomorrow at work. Oh, and I also had to replace my glasses. For some reason, the inside of my lenses got scratched, and I didn’t notice. I thought it was just dirty, so I kept scratching it. Only later in the day did I notice that I was actually scraping off the outer layer of the lens, and I couldn’t even use those glasses anymore. Luckily, this is why I always buy two or three of something important such as my glasses.

Anyways, it’s an awesome Friday, so everyone have an awesome weekend. I’m going to go play some games with my friends. I’m full from awesome seafood, about to spend the night chilling with friends, and I’m going to go see the girl of my dreams tomorrow.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26/12 – Thursday (Blog #117)

Tomorrow’s the last day before it’s the end of the week! I can’t wait. There’s actually not much to look forward except for the fact that I can sleep late and stay up as late as I want. I’ll have to do some homework on Sunday, but until then, I’ll be being extremely lazy.

Today was pretty boring. It was a normal school day, so classes were a little less than an hour long. I actually understood the lecture in physics, so my day wasn’t ruined as usual. It rained a little bit in the morning, which gave a really awesome mood, but it got sunny and bright later on the day.

Amazingly, my interactions with L today were more frequent than normal. I saw her a few times during walking period in between classes, and we said hi to each other. Normally, she doesn’t notice me, but she did a few times today. Then, during class, we were talking a lot. Of course, it was about class work, but she would throw in these little remarks along with her own comments, which made me smirk and chuckle a lot.

Of course, since L is this crazy girl, once school is over and she goes to work, it all changes. I text her, and she barely replies. She’s online on Facebook and AIM, and I try to talk to her, but she doesn’t reply much on there either. She said something about her internet disconnecting a lot, but she still didn’t reply to my texts.

So, without much to say, she drives me completely crazy. Her mixed signals just confuse the heck out of me. It doesn’t help that I’ve been basically destroying my sleep schedule lately, so I’m all out of whack too. But, I have to go back to doing my essay and then finishing up some random homework, so I’ll finish up the blog for tonight. Thanks a lot for following, and I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/12 – Wednesday (Blog #116)

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Or, well, I suppose Thursday, since I’m posting this up near midnight of my time zone. School started today around 10:30, so I woke up pretty early and just ate some breakfast. After that, I chilled and talked with my friends online. I studied, or at least tried to, for physics since I had a quiz today.

I got to school, and was about 5 minutes early, so I talked with my friends. I saw L in the morning, and she was holding all these drinks and food for her friends. Of course, she didn’t give me any. It’s weird that she doesn’t consider me as a close friend or something like that, and yet treats me as one. In fact, today after I got home, I took a quick nap. Usually, I would have to text L or message her, but today she actually messaged me while I was sleeping.

It was completely out of the ordinary, so I called her out on it and asked her why the sudden urge to message me. She simply said she missed talking to me. I was so confused, because I talk to her every day. I suppose that she missed the type of interesting topics that we would talk about before, but I don’t know anymore.

Anyways, tomorrow’s a regular school day, and I have no homework due tomorrow, so I’m just going to play some Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft until I fall asleep later. L is still on, but she didn’t reply to anything, so I’m not sure what she’s doing. I’ve got some homework due Friday and Monday, but I’m too lazy to start. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks for following.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24/12 – Tuesday (Blog #115)

Today was a pretty normal day, besides the fact that school started at around 11. I woke up in the morning, around 6 or 7, the same time as usual, since my parents woke me up. They thought I still had school on normal schedule, but I already told them and they forgot about it. Regardless, I ate breakfast and then just went back to sleep.

I was planning on waking up an hour later, but that failed and I slept until pretty much half an hour before school started. Then, my friends wanted to go to McDonalds to grab something to eat and drink, so I had to rush over there and meet up with them. Then, we walked to school just in time, and we were pretty chill and relaxed about it.

I only had three classes today, which were Physics, Architectural Design, and Literature. I didn’t do much in any of those classes, and I just talked with my friends during lunch and listened to my music, same as usual. I didn’t get to see L today, but I think I’m slowly starting to get over her. Well, actually, I would’ve been able to get over her any time I wanted, but I just didn’t want to.

I’m currently at a point where I’ll just like a girl, and chill with her if I can, but I won’t get heartbroken or devastated if she doesn’t like me back. I just find that it’s more time consuming to spend my time thinking about a girl instead of other things. If I find another girl before school ends, it’ll be the same with her too.

Anyways, I signed up for orientation at Cal Poly Pomona on July 9th to July 11th, so I’m pretty excited for that. Uh oh, I’ve been procrastinating on this so much that I’m literally a minute away before it hits midnight. Thanks a lot for following my blog and I’ll post my usual update tomorrow!


Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12 – Monday (Blog #114)

Mondays are the worst days of the week. I got nothing done today, and there’s a short day tomorrow, so I don’t know what I’m going to do right now. Actually, I’m a spectator on a game between friends on Starcraft 2 right now. I’m probably just going to be playing this tonight and then go sleep.

I don’t even have homework due tomorrow except to read and study, but we all know I’m not going to do that. Senioritis is pretty intense. I was talking to L earlier today, and found out that she’s not going to go to prom. She didn’t go last year either, and she’s not even going to go to Grad Night. I mean, that’s fine with me, but now I don’t know what I’ll do to try and spend some time with her.

She’s going to go to Disneyland for her birthday, which is 2 days after Grad Night, and I don’t think I’m invited. Well, I never asked her about it directly, but I don’t expect much. I’ll just go ahead and admit that we’ll probably end this year with nothing between us, and probably just friends at most. If I’m lucky, we’ll still be able to talk and just chill out with each other, but it doesn’t seem that likely.

Anyways, she’s really driving me crazy, and I’ll still have feelings for her until I find someone else. I’m still reading the bible, but that’s just because I’m still intellectually intrigued by religion. I’ll just play some more games tonight, study a bit for physics, and then go sleep. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks a lot for following.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/22/12 – Sunday (Blog #113)

The link above is the house that I’ve been working on for the past few days in my Architectural Design class, in case anyone was interested. Today was a lazy day, alright! I love the weekends, in case I haven’t made it obvious enough.

I woke up pretty early this morning, maybe around 8 or 9? I forget already, sadly. My memory’s getting worse and worse, I swear. Anyways, I texted L for her to have a fun day at church, and she texted me thanks, and I pretty much ate some breakfast and fell back to sleep. Woke back up around noon, and went out with my parents to eat.

I love it when I go out to eat because the leftovers just mean I get to have food for dinner or early breakfast the next day. I bought some snacks after lunch too, so that was fun. After that, I came home and just played some games with my friends. We were playing a bunch of games on Starcraft II, and I finally got promoted from Silver to Gold.

My World of Warcraft month subscription expired, but my brother just bought me a six-month subscription, so that’ll be fun.  Anyways, the only thing I have to do tonight is write up some essay and then do some party planner thing for my Economics class. That’ll take me a few hours, and then I’ll just go sleep. So, thanks a lot for following. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


4/21/12 – Saturday (Blog #112)

Alright, I’m late for Saturday, sorry about that guys! But, I have good reason, because I literally just got home 5 minutes ago. Of course, it’s only half an hour past midnight, but being late is still late, sorry!

I woke up this morning around 7 or 8, and then headed over to my friend’s house. He was having a huge party because it was his birthday, so I went and decided to help set up and all that junk. We helped set up some tarp to cover some tables that we set up outside for the shade. Then, we chopped tomatoes for some really delicious salsa, and then we made some shaved ice as a snack too.

The party was really awesome. A lot of people came, but sadly it was mostly guys. It doesn’t really matter to me though because I really don’t care about having girls when I’m with my group of close friends. Afterwards, we played some poker, watched some movies, played some games, chilled, and ate.

Then, we got the cake out. Of course, since he caked me for my birthday, I had to get some cake on his face too. Last time, I got caked from two sides, so this time we got him three times. He tried to hide himself in some hallway, but then we just surrounded him and got him anyways. He had a bottle of ketchup and squirted it everywhere, and it got all over me, but it was worth it. We got a lot of ketchup and cake everywhere, actually. I borrowed some clothes and took a shower at my friend’s house, and it was all good.

After all that, it was around 11 at night, so a lot of people had to go. When it was just the main group of friends, we played some card game called Mafia, and had some fun. Then, I didn’t have a ride home, so another one of my friends that could drive was going to take me home so I had to go with him. I got home already past midnight though, so I decided to just take a shower again, and then type up this blog. And now, here I am, 40 minutes past midnight. Typing this blog only took me 10 minutes, alright!

Anyways, that’s all there is for today, or well, yesterday, so thanks a lot for following! Tomorrow, I will for sure, check out everyone’s blogs. Thanks a lot to everyone that commented and has been following and checking up on my blogs.


Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/12 – Friday (Blog #111)

Today was pretty awesome. It was fun not just because it’s international weed day, but because it was my friend’s birthday too. Now, I don’t smoke weed, and I don’t plan on doing it for a while now either, so I’m clean from that. Anyways, time to talk about my day!

My friend’s birthday was today, so a few of my friends ditched school to go hang out at some random places with him to celebrate, but I decided to stay at school. It was a good thing too, because my friends told me that they really didn’t do much except eat and just drive to random places.

After school ended, the rest of our group went over to a place called Dreamlabs, which is just a LAN café. It was only about three dollars an hour, which is pretty cheap actually. We played there for about 3 or 4 hours, and then we went out to eat. There was this really legit restaurant that my friend wanted to go try, so we did.

Sadly, only did we know later that it was extremely expensive. It cost about 15$ for one person, and our bill ended up being around $100 with $10 tip, but it was extremely delicious. The place was called Tokyo Wako, and it’s basically this awesome grill place where the chefs cook in front of you, and they do these fancy tricks and moves and it’s really entertaining to watch. The food was delicious too, but the chef was so skilled and professional that we didn’t even eat until he was finished cooking for us all.

After that, I went over to my friend’s house to chill for a little bit. I was planning on sleeping over and celebrate, but we were all dead tired and doing nothing, so I came back home. I was planning on typing up this blog on my phone and uploading it since I wasn’t at home and I didn’t have a computer to use, but I decided against it and just came back home, and now I’m typing this up.

Now, I’m going to go knock out and just go wake up to go to my friend’s house tomorrow for his birthday party. Thanks a lot for following, and I’ll be sure to update as usual tomorrow. I’ll get back and update, and then actually check out people’s blogs too. I’ve been really lazy and neglecting it.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/12 – Thursday (Blog #110)

Man, today was pretty exhausting. I woke up on time, luckily, and went out with my friends in the morning. We just went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and drinks, and then we went to school. Sadly, school started at 10, so we had three long classes again.

After school, we went over to one of my friend’s house to fix his computer. All we really did was take apart his tower, switch around some parts, and then it ran perfectly fine. We also reformatted, but we didn’t delete his old stuff, so he was fine with it. After we finished that, it was around 5 or 6, so we went out to eat.

We finished eating, and then my friend dropped me off at my house. Amazingly, the moment I got home, my brother was building one of his friends’ computers. I mean, what kind of coincidence is it that I build two computers in one day? Anyways, this tower was freaking amazing. It had 2 SSD’s, a GTX 560, ASUS motherboard, 1000 watts power supply, and it even has USB 3.0’s. There’s other stuff too, but I’m too tired to remember it.

I really love watching my brother build his towers though. I learned from him, of course, but he does it beautifully. He can literally charge 200 to 300 dollars and people are perfectly fine with it. This is because he doesn’t just connect the wires, but he positions them perfectly and uses zip-ties and everything. I try to wrap things just as well, but my patience and skill isn’t good enough.

Anyways, since my brother had to use my new case, I’m going to end up buying another one. It’s fine though, since my dogs peed all over it. Of course we washed it, but I’m not going to complain when I get a new case. Well, that’s really all for today. I couldn’t visit L at work since she didn’t have work today, since there was an accident at her work place while we were at school. I texted and talked to her a little bit, but not much.

I have to write an essay and then do some physics notes, so that’s what I’ll probably be doing tonight after I finish posting this blog. I’ll go to sleep or maybe play some games once I finish it though.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/12 – Wednesday (Blog #109)

Half of the week is almost over! Alright, I can finally relax soon. Tomorrow is another short day, so I’ll be getting to school around 10 in the morning. Today we really didn’t do anything in the morning today, even though we were supposed to go somewhere.

We had three classes today, all around 75 minutes long. They were really boring, and I fell asleep in almost every one. Luckily, we had lunch after our first class, so that was a good break. But, I had Physics and Literature, which are the worst classes to have, ever. Luckily we didn’t have to do anything intense. I was afraid of a timed writing for Literature, but we only went over poetry, which is pretty simple.

Oh, holy smokes. I only have 2 minutes to finish this and upload. Honestly, there’s not much going on today anyways. I came home, and ate some hamburgers and then just chilled. I’m barely done with my homework, so I’m just going to upload this and then play a few games and then go sleep maybe. So, thanks a lot for following my blog and I’ll post my usual update as tomorrow. Sorry for the shortness!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17/12 – Tuesday (Blog #108)

Yep, its official, I’m going to Cal Poly Pomona! I just paid my $100 Enrollment Fee, and then I finished signing my housing contracts. I’ll pay the $300 housing fee tomorrow, but I’m going to college, guys! So awesome! In response to some of the comments, yes, L is a very devout Christian. I would suppose she’s also going to stay a virgin until marriage… or something like that. It doesn’t matter to me though.

Let’s see, what did I do today? In the morning, my friends and I went out to go eat. We went to IHOP, and then got some Jamba Juice. I couldn’t finish all of my breakfast from IHOP, so I bought some back to school. All that was left was some pancakes, so I shared with some of my friends. I wanted to give some to L, but she didn’t want any because she apparently ate too much for breakfast.

Anyways, today was really short. We only had three classes, and we didn’t learn much since they were pretty short. I was texting L for a little bit, but apparently she got really sick. She started getting a nose bleed and then spitting up blood, and I was really worried. She said she was feeling better, but now she’s not replying to me anymore. I hope she’s alright.

I know I’ve been neglecting my visits to other blogs, and I apologize for that. I’ll get back to them tomorrow or sometime later this week. Thanks again for keeping up to date with my blog and following me. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16/12 – Monday (Blog #107)

Hmmm, there’s really not much to talk about today. I went to school, same as usual. It’s a Monday, so we really didn’t do much. Sadly, I forgot to do some poem, and then my physics homework, so I had to basically rush it all during class. I need to get my homework stamped by one of the T.A’s, and then during my second period Architectural Design, I made up some stupid poem.

Speaking of which, I screen shot my computer screen at school for my design in class, in case any of you wanted to see it. Sadly, I forgot to send it to myself, so I’ll have to upload it tomorrow. I also have to fix my computer during my C++ class because the other students that I share the computer with are a bunch of tools.

They deleted a bunch of files that I need to compile projects, and also moved around files. Of course, I deserved it, because I hacked into the other people’s Facebook accounts and emails and everything, trolling the heck out of all of them.

Besides that, I got a bible from L today. It’s apparently one that she used when she was back in middle school for her baptism or something like that. It’s pretty worn out, and highlighted in a lot of places. She also had some bookmarks in there, and for some reason she drew really cute pictures inside of it. I don’t know, but maybe I’m over thinking in the fact that she actually gave me her bible that she used for such a long time.

I’m slowly making progress on it, but I can assume that reading the entire bible will take around a month. If I read a good amount every day, maybe it’ll take two or three weeks. Luckily, I have late starts for the next two weeks, so I’ll be able to stay up later and just chill in the morning. Anyways, I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks a lot for following.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/12 – Sunday (Blog #106)

It was another lazy day today. I love the weekends so much. Sadly, Sundays are worse than Saturdays because it means I have to spend a long night doing homework. In fact, I’m supposed to be doing homework right now, but I didn’t want to be late so I took a quick break to type up my blog.

I’ve got to do a ton of literary terms for poetry for my Literature class, and then I have to do some economic consumer survey for my economics project later. Luckily, those are the only things I have for tonight. Tomorrow, I have to get my test back from physics to do corrections.

This week is going to be CST testing, or California Standardized Testing or something like that. Luckily, as a senior, I don’t have to take the tests. They go for about two weeks, lasting from Tuesday through Thursday, and then Tuesday and Wednesday of the next week. It’s really just some easy tests that everyone has to take for school. It’s sort of like STAR testing, but only for California.

Anyways, there’s really not much to talk about today. I was just playing World of Warcraft and running achievements again. Oh, actually, there is something to talk about. A few hours before typing this, L and I got into this pretty interesting conversation about Christianity. Now, I’m seriously the most unreligious person on the face of this Earth, but L is very religious. She’s a youth leader for her church, actually.

A few hours of talking and me asking questions and it ended up with her lending me her Bible for me to read. Of course, we both know that I’m not going to convert, but I just want to read it so I can actually understand everything. In fact, several items on my bucket list include reading the Bible, the Tanahk, and the Quran.  For those of you that don’t know, they’re basically the Christian Bible, the Hebrew Bible, and the Islam Bible. After reading all of those, I’m going to study a bit about Roman and Greek mythology. I really like the idea of religion and God or Gods, so that’s why I’m planning to read them.

Besides that, there’s nothing, so thanks a lot for following my blog. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow. Also, I just noticed, but apparently I always start one of my paragraphs with, “Anyways,” and I’ve always talked about updating my blog the next day… Weird, I suppose it’s just one of my habits.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/14/12 – Saturday (Blog #105)

I love lazy Saturdays so much. After I finished posting up my blog earlier today in the morning, I seriously just played a little bit of World of Warcraft and then went back to sleep. I woke up again around eleven in the afternoon, and then I went out to buy some food.

After that, I played World of Warcraft all the way until eight or nine in the evening. I was just doing achievement runs of old heroics and dungeons with people so we could get the mounts for the achievements. Besides that, though, I really did nothing on the game.

I texted L for a little bit, but she had work so we didn’t text much. Even after work, I tried to text her but she was busy or something. I would’ve visited her at work but for some reason I just couldn’t motivated myself to go.

There was some carnival or festival near my area from 5 until 11 in the evening, and I was planning to go, but decided against it after some people told me about how crowded it was. There were about 15 vendors, 2 hour lines, and the streets were packed with people and you had to literally walk shoulder to shoulder with people. Usually, that’d be okay, but I would be going by myself or only with one or two people. The only person that I would’ve been willing to go with was L, but she didn’t reply.

Actually, I think she went to sleep really early. She’s been pretty stressful this whole week because of the project for Economics being due, so I guess now she’s just relaxing and getting some beauty sleep.  Or… checking again on my AIM, she’s actually not asleep after all! Time to message her, hah.

Anyways, thanks a lot for following my blog. It’s been pretty slow lately, but I’ll find something to spice it up after a while. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


4/13/12 – Friday (Blog #104)

Wow… It’s 5 in the morning on Saturday morning, and I’m typing this up. I’m totally late on this, sorry guys. I came home around 10 in the evening yesterday, and I just knocked out. I didn’t even get to eat dinner or anything, I was just that tired. So, apologies to everyone for me miss out on updating my blog.

School was alright, nothing really happened. It was Friday the 13th, and raining, so the day was pretty chill and relaxing. I was a bit sad for some reason, and I really wanted to see L and hug her, but I’m not sure why but I didn’t.

Anyways, I went after school to a winery, which was about a 3 hour drive. It was really nice. The whole place was fancy, and it wasn’t packed as I thought it would be. There were a lot of people, but the place was just newly opened so I was fine with it. Even though I wasn’t 21 yet, the legal drinking age in California, I knew the owner of the winery, so I still got to drink some of the wine. They were really delicious, and were really smooth when it went down.

So yeah, as you can see, I woke up really early just to type up the blog update since I messed up and fell asleep instead of updating when I got home! I got home and just knocked out. I was texting L a little bit before she had to go to Church, and I was planning on texting her when she got home, but I fell asleep. I’m feeling pretty hungry right now, too. I’ll post my update for Sunday tonight, so thanks for following.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12/12 – Thursday (Blog #103)

Tomorrow’s going to be Friday! I can’t wait. Another week of school is finally over, and then slowly, it’ll turn out to be graduation day. I need to actually start filling out my housing application for my college, because I’ve been neglecting it for this whole week.

In other news, I’m going to be going to some winery tomorrow to taste test some wine. That’ll be fun, even though I can’t legally drink. I’m going to be leaving straight after school, so I won’t even have time to come home and drop off stuff or to change clothes.

Today was pretty boring. I’ve just been doing the same thing as usual. I’ve been talking with L for today, too. We’re just working on our stock project, and we’ve just finished most of it, or so I hope. After the stock project, and uploading this blog, I’ll have to start on another timed essay for my Literature class.

Lately I haven’t been playing many games. A new season just started for Starcraft 2, so I’m going to have to play my new placement match and hope that I ranked up. I also need to start playing some more World of Warcraft too, because I need to gear up and start raiding. I’ve got too little time to do everything now, even though it’s my senior year of high school, which sucks.

My love life is still going horrible, sadly. I still haven’t asked L out to start dating, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to for a long time. I need to somehow spark up the conversations between us again, but I’m too tired and busy to actually do anything. I really would like to just take her out on a date, and spend some quality time with her, but she’s so busy. She has work the whole day on Saturdays, and she goes to church on Sunday’s for a good portion of the day. After school on week days, she has a lot of homework, and then she even has work on Thursdays.

If there’s a day off, she’s either already made plans with her family or can’t go out, which seriously bums me out. I’d literally give up any plans I made to spend time with her, but she probably won’t do the same for me. Anyways, that’s enough blogging for tonight, since I have to go do my essay now. Thanks a lot of following my blog, and I’ll update it tomorrow as usual.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12 – Wednesday (Blog #102)

Wednesday means that half of the week is already over! Let’s see, what did I do today? Honestly, I just went to school, and came home and slept for hours. I’ve been staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning lately because… well, I have no real reason.

I’m an avid fan of trance/electric music, and lately I’ve been digging this awesome mix. It’s Alesso’s Essential Mix, which came out a week ago or so. For those of you that don’t know, Essential Mix is basically a radio broadcast that’s about two hours long every Saturday in the UK. It’s mostly for electric music for really awesome DJ’s.

Anyways, there’s really not much to talk about. I did the same thing I did yesterday for school, except for some new lessons and all that. I didn’t go to L’s house today, since we pretty much finished everything yesterday. I’m just chilling with some friends right now and talking to L. I’m helping her with parts of the project, and that’s really all. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks for following.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10/12 – Tuesday (Blog #101)

Alright, finally home but I want to crash and just go sleep, so I’m not sure what I’m going to rant about for today’s blog. School was alright. I woke up and go to school in time. I had to bring a Styrofoam box for my friend, so I brought it with me to school, and I gave it to him in the morning.

I also had to pay for AP test fees. I have 4 tests, which would be $86 each test. Luckily, I have free/reduced lunch, so I only have to pay $5 for each test. That’s literally from $344 to $20, seriously a huge save. About school, I also think I’m deciding on Cal Poly Pomona. Hopefully no one that reads this goes there, because that would totally ruin my anonymity on this site.

I completely bombed my physics test. There were questions on there that we had no idea about and no one studied for it, which sucked. I also started up building models for Architectural Design on the computer again. It was crazy, because we only got 2D floor plans and we had to make 3D houses on the computer on that.

We just continued writing about poems and analyzing them for Literature. Poetry is pretty interesting, to say the least. They’re supposed to be open to interpretation and have many ways to look at them, but schools and tests don’t mix well with open answers. It’s such a huge contradiction, which is why I hate learning poetry at school. I’d do perfectly fine with just analyzing them, but when I actually get graded on something that’s meant to be opinion based, I hate it.

I’m still finishing up tutorials on how to use SDL for C++. I think I’m on 12 or something like that out of 40. I hope I can finish soon, because I have to turn in a final project by the end of the school year, which is just two months away. Statistics, we just learned some new stuff, and that’s all. In government, we just watched some video about credit card debt.

I guess I’ll rant a little bit about society. It’s really irritating to see teenagers seriously being so irresponsible. Parents need to learn how to discipline and teach their children proper behavior. My parents brought me up right, and I know perfectly how valuable money is, and why wasting it is stupid. Parents just hand heed their children money and they spend it as if money grows on trees.

I went to L’s house today after school. We just worked on our project for a long time. After 6 or so, we finished most of it already, so we just basically chilled and talked. She cooked some really delicious grilled cheese and ham sandwiches with tomato soup to dip it in. L is seriously a great cook, and it’s making me fall for her all over again. Anyways, I got home around 9, and then I just wanted to knock out. Sadly, I haven’t been able to, and just chilled and talked with friends and L.

That’s enough blogging for today, since apparently I typed up a lot. I have some take-home timed writing essay to do after this. My teacher actually expects people to use the honor system and be truthful about doing in 45 minutes. I suppose I’ll do that. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


4/9/12 – Monday (Blog #100)

Alright, its blog number 100! I only have less than ten minutes to actually type this up and upload this, so it’s going to be crazy. Today was pretty boring, sadly. I woke up and go to school pretty late. I guess the weekend was really tiring for me, and it is a Monday and all that jazz.

I stayed up until 3 in the morning typing up some essay. It was really weird, because I fell asleep at one point. However, I started writing some gibberish. However, it wasn’t just gibberish, because I was typing in complete sentences. They were just fragmented words and ideas though. There were also several numbers. Sadly, I deleted them, thinking they were nothing, but thinking back on it now, it’d be very interesting to reread it.

Maybe while I’m sleeping, I think about things, and since my hands are on the keyboard, it’s just a natural reaction for me to type things. If I have some time tonight, maybe I’ll try it again. I don’t want to stay up late though, since I have a test for physics tomorrow.

And shoot, it’s exactly midnight. I’ll just be really quick and upload within 10 minutes! School was boring and I slept mostly through all the classes as usual. I got to spend a little bit of time with L afterschool today, but it was also with another person. We have to do some project for economics, and we were spending about an hour or so just brainstorming on ideas.

Tomorrow, the whole group is going to go over to L’s house for the whole day until ten or so at night. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. If it was just me and her, I’d totally love that, but I guess that’s too good to be true. Anyways, thanks a lot for following and being up to date with my blog. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8/12 – Sunday (Blog #99)

I’m glad I didn’t wake up with a wicked hangover this morning. I really didn’t want to do much today. I woke up around ten in the morning, and then I just relaxed in bed while texting some people. L had to go to church today, and since it’s Easter, she was pretty much there all day.

I was watching IPL the whole day, too. Seriously, professional gamers are so good at these games that no matter how much I play or practice, I could never be as good. They’re able to think so many steps ahead, and it’s crazy how varied and impulsive the decisions are.

Besides that, I played some World of Warcraft, played some Starcraft 2, and walked my dogs. Talk about the ultimate laziest day ever. Oh yeah, I also downloaded some game called Lord of the Rings: War in the North. You can play as a human ranger, dwarf fighter, or elf mage.

I have an essay to write, about two poems, for literature tomorrow, and that’s just going to take me an hour or two. I’ll just listen to some music, finish talking to L until she falls asleep, and then go to sleep. I’ve got two physics quizzes tomorrow, so it’s going to suck. Thanks a lot for following, I’ll update my blog as usual tomorrow.