Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/12 – Wednesday (Blog #60)

Three cheers for 29 days in February! Today was pretty relaxing, the same as usual. First of all, I’m really excited to talk about my game. The link above is the game we’ve been developing. It’s really just a prototype.

The controls are A to shoot, Z to jump, and X to start the music. The left and right arrows are used to move around, and down to crouch. You can do a slide by running and then pressing down. There’s only one level, and there’s still a few bugs.

The bullets that you shoot don’t disappear when they hit a wall, and if you jump and shoot, the bullets fall. I’m trying to fix them, but I’ve been busy fixing images and making the level and everything, so I’ll work on it tomorrow. I update the link several times a day, so if you guys are really bored, feel free to check it out!

I don’t control the concept or design, only the mechanics and glitches and stuff, but if you guys come up with any cool ideas, I’ll definitely pitch it in to our developers.

Besides that, today was really normal. However, L and I have been texting day to night, and we still are texting right now. She’s probably going to be going to sleep soon, so I don’t know how long we will text. But she texted me in the morning saying good morning, and all the way to now, so it’s been at least 16 hours!

I’ve been flirting with her during AP Government, so that was a bit fun, and we’ve been sending some flirty texts to each other. Don’t know what’s going to happen, but I might ask her out, hah. I’m not even sure if she likes me though, since I might just end up getting friend zoned like M, but I guess it’ll be okay.

I’ve got no homework today, but I’ve got a lot due tomorrow, so I might work on some tonight so I’m not destroyed. Before it hits midnight, I’ll post this, and check everyone’s blog. I’ve been slacking lately due to the game, so sorry guys! That’s why I posted my link for the game for everyone to try out. Hah. I’ll post my update tomorrow as usual, so thanks for following!



  1. just visited game site
    was not able to comment.
    about concept its good
    new idea, if bullet hits it should be rewarded with a girl friend pic or treasure gold etc.

  2. it's mega man basically
    annoying pink reset areas blarg
    when doing the c slam is the character meant to look that way?

  3. get get the attack to shoot bit
    double jumps, etc
    but the wall climb isn't quite working, after your wall jump acting as a double jump you can't jump off it again

    making me wonder how I'm supposed to get up...

  4. nvm all that got to the top
    need to work on the double jump, tapping it like crazy and it barely works
    nowhere to go, going to any edge ends it
    the pink squares I imagine are supposed to be enemies and not reset points
    killing them all does nothing

    not bat for a basic setup though

  5. cool blog, nice colorscheme as well!

  6. Good job on getting the game out :) Hope it goes well with that girl, no one talks that much if they aren't a bit interested. If you want to ask her out then go for it.

  7. Nice job! Other than the shots getting stuck against walls, and the funny artifacts when sliding down walls. I like it.

  8. Nice job getting the game done and yeah after so much flirting you either have to ask her out or cut it off.

  9. nice little game, although shooting and jumping were the wrong way around for me

  10. From advice I've heard others give people its best to strike while the iron is hot! If you've chatted all day today, tomorrow might be the prefect time to ask her out (in person). If you leave it too long girls friend zone people casue they think the guy isn't interested in them and then they change their feelings on the guy to compansate. Good luck!

  11. Looks like a pretty good start.

  12. that's a nice accomplishment for your gaming career :P

  13. The walljumping is a touch hard to do in my opinion.

  14. I get mad at all platformers, but yours did keep my attention enough to make it to the upper left reaches to find a hidden goodie. Way to go!

  15. Nice game, too me a while to get the hang of it. Took me a while to figure out there was wall jumping and double jumping.