Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/21/14 – Thursday (Blog #1)

Hey guys. Wow, it’s been 2 years, or a little more than that, actually. I can’t believe it. First off, I’m sorry for suddenly ending my updates. I know a lot of you probably stopped looking at my blog for updates. And I’m not really going to be active again, posting one a day or whatever anymore. It’s funny, because I remember how my first post was talking about how I would try to keep my blog going for a whole year, all 365 days of it, but I didn’t even get to June before I quit posting.

I guess I’ll start off with all of the things that have changed since two years ago. I’ve graduated high school. Actually, since my last blog, I was going to graduate in a few weeks. I’m about to start my third year of university. I’m going to a public university, and I’m majoring in Computer Science. I’ve made plenty of new friends, met tons of new people, but I’ve also lost a lot of old friends.

Almost all of my high school friends and I have stopped talking. I only talk to two or three of them, and I still meet with a group of my close friends every so often during school breaks. I lived at the campus dorms for my first year of college, and things were wild. So many sleepless nights, late night adventures, and random parties. It was great. I will definitely miss it. Now I live at home, commuting to school every day. I live about twenty minutes away, so I just drive to school and back every day.

I also got a car. It’s a 2005 Toyota Celica GT-S, manual. I freaking love it. It’s a carbon blue color, and all of it is stock except for an aftermarket short-shifter and lowered on the springs. I bought it from the first owner, and it was really worth it. I’ve also already gotten two speeding tickets. My first one was about $490, and my second is about $250. Both of speeding, of course. But my car gets all the girls now.

Speaking of girls, I have some great news for all of you guys. I have a girlfriend now. No more lonely nights or thoughts. No more thinking about a girl and figuring out girls or anything like that. My current girlfriend (Let’s call her G), is really perfect for me. She goes to another university, and we met through a mutual friend. But the moment I met her, I pretty much fell in love with her at first sight. I asked her out on a date, and since then, we’ve been going steady. We’ve been together for almost a year, and I’ve never been happier. 

I’ve also got a job now. I work at a website design company, and we do computer on the side. I’ve learned a lot, and it’s a really nice place. The pay sucks, but I learned a lot. I’m already good enough to teach other people. It’s a super small company, and it used to be only three people: my boss, the secretary, and myself. Now, we’ve hired four other people, two sales people, one programmer, and one marketing person. We’re even moving to another place. It’s amazing how we’re making so much money.

All in all, that’s just a super general summary of my past two years. I’ve changed a lot, both physically and mentally. I went to the gym almost every day during my first year of university. But the moment I came back home, I stopped going. I go to school every day, then work part time during my days off, and I also juggle my school clubs between all of that. And now that I’m on my summer break, I’ve been working full time, with only my weekends off. But my weekends are saved for my girlfriend, and we always go out and have fun. I think the best thing these two years is meeting her, though. Because since I’ve met her, my life has been getting better and better. I’ve already been thinking about how I should propose to her.

I most likely won’t post here for a while. If I do, it won’t be very regularly. So, I won’t feel hurt at all if you guys stop visiting or reading my blog. I’ve told you guys a lot of things in the past, and it’s been real helpful to me to understand myself. And reading back at it, it’s just really funny to see myself from that long ago. Anyways, this is getting way too long. I’ll see you guys soon. Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/29/12 – Tuesday (Blog #150)

Alright, today’s not that bad! I finished photoshopping last night, and it doesn’t look that bad. Luckily, it’ll pass off as an authentic paper, but if not then I don’t really care already. School was pretty easy. We didn’t do much.

There was an English final today, but it was too funny. We’re in an AP Literature class, and the test was meant for a regular class. The final was so easy, that they were literally giving the answers away. I finished so early, and actually almost fell asleep during the test. Afterwards, I fell asleep though.

Physics, our launcher failed miserably. We didn’t even do much besides shoot two or three times. Watching everybody else, it was almost a bit pathetic, but it didn’t matter. Right after school, we worked on it for about three hours or so. The new design is basically like a hybrid of the two designs we did before. The first design was pretty good, but we screwed up with the second design, and now the third design is crazy.

Right now, we’re all working on our AP Literature project. It’s basically the last huge assignment we have until the end of the year, which is pretty amazing. It’s been 12 years of my life in school, and in just a week, it’ll all be over. Anyways, I need to hurry and finish this up and then finish my project. I’m expecting an all nighter, just like last time we did the semester finals, but whatever. I just hope we can finish on time.


Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28/12 – Monday (Blog #149)

Happy Memorial Day! Or, well, too late now I suppose, since I’m uploading it near midnight of Monday. My four day weekend is over, I’m so sad. I didn’t do anything productive at all, which totally sucks. I would’ve liked to actually have done some work, but then I only have one more week until senior check out.

I don’t know what to expect. I’ve been in public schooling for about 12 years, and now it’s going to end in a week. It was just as if yesterday that I was still in elementary school, still taking nap times and having recess.

College is going to be awesome though, or at least I hope. I’m going to be spending this summer doing everything I can before I go to college, which probably means skydiving, EDC, MLG, and anything else I can think of. I’m just photoshopping some stuff right now, and then I’m going to go chill with my friends online, and then probably sleep…


5/27/12 – Sunday (Blog #148)

Oh man, I only have about 5 minutes to type this up! I’m currently playing a league of legend game with my friends, so that’s why I’m cutting it so close. We’ve been doing so bad lately, I don’t even know why. I might be getting worse, but it’s weird. Not to sound cocky or confident, but I’m not that bad of a MOBA game player.

I started playing DotA on warcraft 3, and then LoL, and then DotA 2. I’ve got a bunch of experience, and I play with some pretty hardcore players. Lately, I think we’ve just been losing because we got some new team members and they’re really bad. They don’t listen to the rest of us, and just basically feed for the other team.

Oh, and I think my time’s out, so I gotta hurry and upload this. Thanks a lot for reading and following my blog, whoever’s left. I’ll have to start checking other people’s blogs soon. School’s over in a week!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

5/26/12 – Saturday (Blog #147)

Today was pretty chill. I woke up around two in the afternoon since I stayed up pretty late. I actually got about twelve hours of sleep, I think. It’s good, because I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. Actually, I don’t even know how my sleeping schedule works. One week, I barely get 12 hours of sleep a week, and then next week I sleep for 12 hours a day.

I went out to eat with my dad today. We went to some Japanese/Italian restaurant, which is pretty weird, since I didn’t know that western and Asian food goes together. After that, I went to go work with my dad. It really wasn’t much work; there was something wrong with the water heater.

But, that lasted me all the way until 7 or 8, and then we got home. My parents weren’t really in the mood to cook, so we ordered some takeout. I got some pineapple fried rice, which is really delicious. It’s got cashews, shrimp, raisins, and random stuff on there.

Other than that, I’ve just been playing some games on the computer with my friends. I was planning on going bowling tomorrow with them, but I don’t know if I feel like it anymore. My senior check out for school is this Friday, and I honestly don’t even know what to do anymore, oh well.


Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25/12 – Friday (Blog #146)

Lazy days, once again, are the best! I don’t even know what I did today. I woke up around 11 in the morning after going to sleep at like 6… It was weird. I woke up because one of my friends called me, and I looked at my phone. I could’ve sworn it said 1 in the afternoon, so I was really shocked. I got up, and was about to get lunch and everything, after playing a game with my friends.

But then, I get on the computer, and half way through my game, I look at the clock and it’s only 11. I was so surprised. But, still, I didn’t even get to eat lunch, so I just made myself some random noodles to eat. I would’ve gone out to eat some pho or just get some take out, but I was feeling really lazy.

After I ate, I just took a nap, which lasted about 4-5 hours. After that nap, I woke up to eat some dinner, and then now I’m on the computer again, just chilling. I’m talking to S again, I don’t even know why, and I’m listening to some music while I do nothing. Only 3 more days of my four day weekend, but I don’t even know what to do in that time…


5/24/12 – Thursday (Blog #145)

Alright, only one more week of school left. I’m so tired of school already, there’s like nothing left to do. We have finals, but that’s pretty much it. We finished our stats finals today, so all there is left is government/economics, and then English.

I’m just playing some starcraft 2 right now, so I’m late on my update, sorry! We pretty much own stuff up though. I’m going to go to play some League of Legends too, so I’m going to be having this whole night as a gaming night. Tomorrow’s my day off in a long time, so I’m really lazy. Four day weekends are the best.

Anyways, thanks for following my blog. It’s literally just three people that are commenting, so thank you guys a lot!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 – Wednesday (Blog #144)

I only have 5 minutes until the new day! Hurry, I must blog for the death of me!

I came home today around 4, because I had to walk home. I forgot to get money for the bus. Well, actually, I had a ton of money, but no change. So I just walked, because I could. Then, I had to go over to my friend’s house to continue working on our launcher.

It took us all of the day to fix it, but we basically revamped our launcher. It’s got a rubber stopper now to stop it from leaking, which is really nice. It goes about 50-60 yards, but that was before we changed everything. Hopefully we didn’t make the launcher worse. We have this weekend to fix it, so I’m glad we have a four day weekend coming up due to Memorial Day.

Anyways, I’m pretty tired and hungry. I took my Statistics finals today, but only one part. It took literally 10 minutes, so I slept the rest of the day. Also, apparently S blocked me on AIM. Honestly, I don’t even know why, but I’m not going to bother with her anymore. I thought we had something in common, and we’d be able to be good friends, but I guess not.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/22/12 – Tuesday (Blog #143)

I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I’m very tired. It took me all the way until morning to finish all of my assignments, and I actually still didn’t finish. Luckily I was only missing one small section for my economics project. Everything else was done.

The reason why I didn’t do the economics thing was because it was a lot of work, and I was running out of time. If I had more time, I probably would’ve done it, but I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to finish my entire project. I chose the stuff that took the most amount of time and gave the least amount of points, and just decided to skip it.

I had to spend an hour or so afterschool to pretend to tutor, so that took a while. I was supposed to go over to my friend’s house afterwards and fix up our launcher, but he never got home on time so I didn’t go over. Then, I took a nap at home. I would’ve been happily taking a nap the whole evening, but then my friends called me to wake me up for a game.

Anyways, that’s all for tonight again. Sorry that it’s so short. I’ll play a few games of LoL and then go sleep. I need some rest, or else I’m going to die or something…