Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 – Wednesday (Blog #39)

Yeah, I’m sick. This totally sucks. I’ve been sleeping almost constantly after I got home from tutoring. School was simple today too, since I understood a lot of what was going on. However, I would be constantly sniffling and coughing, due to my flu. After school, I had to go tutor someone and I will have to tutor her again tomorrow.

After I got home, I almost fell asleep completely. I was tired due to a lack of sleep lately, so I suppose this much sleep today is actually a good thing. Being sick and tired is not a good feeling, but all the sleep I get really feels nice. I’m more energetic after waking up, so that’s definitely fine with me.

My friend also introduced me to some game on the Android, and I was playing it a lot, in between my naps. I only slept for a few hours each time, and would get up to watch some television or play some games before going back to sleep. It was really nice. It felt like a weekend, and because I don’t have much homework, I’ve been able to enjoy the laziness.

However, I’m going to have a lot of homework tomorrow, including an essay, and reading some book called Metamorphosis. My physics teacher told me that there’d be homework tomorrow too. Today, I’ve got to do chapter notes for AP Gov, and do standards for my Physics quizzes.

Usually, I’d be starting this a little bit later, and then doing all my homework after midnight, but I think I want to just finish everything early, and get as much sleep as possible. Usually I’m up all night playing games and talking to friends, but since I’m sick, I can’t do that. Once again, it sucks being sick. Of course, I could just take some medicine and get better, but I figure that it’ll be the same anyways.

That’s enough typing for today, since I’m not feeling so well. I’ll need to start on my homework immediately after this. Thanks so much for continuing to read and support. I’ll update my blog tomorrow.



  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you`ll get better in no time. By the way, Kafka wrote a grazyass book, so you are in for a treat, there. It`s little unusual but good.

  2. Get better dude! Good luck on finishing your homework and everything, you got this. I totally know what you mean. Tired + sick sucks double. Hope you feel better man