Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/11/12 - Wednesday (Blog #11)

 Alright guys, here we are again. Important, I spent a good hour making three images and uploaded them online. They’re tips on the blogs. I’ll post the link after my whole post, so be sure to check them out, and use them if you want. So, with the comments, thanks, yet again, for all the support! Everyone’s telling me good luck with M, and I want to tell you all that I think things got a lot better! I’ll explain below. @Zap McBlowfist, yeah my days are stressful now, but it makes things more interesting to read, I suppose. @InfinitePlans, my teacher’s an idiot, nothing I can do about it.

My day started off well, I wasn’t late to school this time, so I managed to talk with some friends a bit before class started. I don’t think I saw M today either, but I’m not sure if she hangs out near my group anymore. You know how it is in high school. People are in clicks and groups, and if you don’t hang out with the cool crowd, then you’re unpopular. I personally don’t care, as long as I have fun. I’m not the most popular kid, but people know me.

My classes were pretty interesting too. We still haven’t done much real work, since it’s almost finals. Most of the classes either go over some new material, so it’s just lectures, or we do nothing but review. After school, I had to tutor again, so it was pretty interesting. It’s so weird. My tutee doesn’t know simple algebra. She can’t do division, exponents, and negatives. I try my best, but she’s so confused sometimes I can’t help but laugh.

Enough about school, I’ve got other things to talk about. You guys should all know, it’s M. I texted her today, and instead of the usual and stale reply, she actually replied in the same fashion as we first texted. She used emoticons, laughed, and all that. I was pretty happy. We’ve been texting steadily for almost the whole day. I don’t even care about homework anymore. As long as I get to talk to her, it makes me happy. I’m pretty sure I’m just building myself up for a harder fall, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve been hurt before, but that’s another story for another day, and I don’t care if I get hurt again.

I realized today just why I love M. She’s cute in almost every way, not just looks. She’s also mysterious, as I can almost never figure out what she’s thinking, even though we text. I can figure out people fairly easily, but she’s different, in a good way. I don’t know if she feels the same way about me, but I sure as heck can hope. I don’t care if I get friend zoned, I’ll either get out of it, or just deal with it. I hope she does though, but I’ll never know unless I ask. I’ll work up the courage later.

That’s it for today. It’s short, because I still need to finish up my homework for tomorrow. Also, I’m texting her, and I tend to push everything aside for these blogs, so I want to hurry up and finish it so I can give my full undivided attention to her. So, sorry for neglecting you guys! I’ll post again tomorrow, obviously. Oh yeah, and maybe when I’ve got around 50 or so blogs, I’ll put my blog up on my Facebook or something. What do you guys think?

Here’s the links to the images I talked about above -,v8PYp,WDeMx



  1. get half friendzoned and then you make things straight. loosely my advice haha. Gonna stay updated with this interesting story :)

  2. love how informative your blog is. <3

  3. If you dont want to be freind zoned and you think you're close enough, you should give off hints that your at least interested in her as more than friends. It'll be make or break, but at least you gave it a shot.

    oh and thanks for the protips /b/ro

  4. Good luck with the girl! (and don't be to nervous boys have been asking out girls for decades! Its a very safe thing!)

  5. Good read, keep up the good word, and good luck!

  6. Work up the courage now and ask her immediately! If she's half as great as you make her up to be, what makes you think someone else isn't slowly working up the courage to ask her out too?

    Don't hesitate!

  7. Good luck with the lady. ;)

  8. gotta watch out for that friend zone it always sneaks up on you. You'll be think well I can wait a little longer to make my move, but then you're already in to deep, and when you do ask its "oh but I love you like a brother". Good luck man!

  9. Here is to never ending up in the friend zone! Hope it doesn't happen to you man, good luck!

  10. Dude, what are you waiting for?
    You're already in love (read: infatuated), and don't care about being hurt.

    What do you have to lose?!

    Go get her, Sport!

  11. Re: M. Don't let this chance pass you by.

  12. Do you get paid to tutor or do you just do it out of the kindness of your heart?

  13. I'm not going to lie. I've seen a few personal blogs, but none of them keep my interest like yours does. Good one! :)

    Go get M! :D Adda'boy!

    And about your facebook, I'm not 100% sure. Sometimes linking your lives is weird, being here can give you another alias. Adding your FB friends to it might ruin some of the magic that we have?

    I'm not sure, it's always up to you!