Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 – Thursday (Blog #54)

Tomorrow’s Friday! Finally, the week’s almost over! First, I suppose I’ll answer some of the comments that people left. My budget for my new computer is pretty much at $0.00 USD right now, since I’ve got no money. I already know what parts I’m going to order, and it might change depending on what else comes out, but the only reason why I’m not building myself a new computer is because I’m too lazy to get a job and make some money.

I also don’t know whether or not I should bother, since I’m going to be in college soon. I’d really love to just get a gaming laptop, since technology is getting better every year, so that I can take notes and play games in class. Of course, I know without a doubt that I’ll be rebuilding my desktop. I’ll be taking my desktop with me to my dorms, most likely, so that would be my alternative in case I don’t have a laptop.

I have some physics homework, and that’s pretty much all I have for tonight, so I’m not sure what I’ll do tonight after I finish posting this. I’ve been understanding physics lately, and it’s getting really interesting. I got two projects today, so that’ll be a pain. I have to do a research paper for my AP Literature class, and then a stock market game for my Econ/AP Government class. The stock market game is a group project, and luckily I’ve got 3 girls on my team. Only one of them is pretty cute, though. One of them is normal, but the third girl just turns me off, I don’t know why.

Since I’ve been reading quite a few programming blogs, I feel like talking about coding a bit. I’m currently working on some assignment in C++ where I have to read a file and change the HTML tags, such as <BR>, <P>, and <HR>, and create an output in correct format. It’s been going okay, especially since I managed to figure out how to use string::npos. For the non-code savvy people, npos is basically a number inside the string class that is returned by a lot of the string functions when the character is not found inside a string.

I guess, now that I’m rereading the previous paragraph, it really doesn’t make sense. So, here’s to simplify things. Now, I’ve only been programming for two years, so sorry if they’re crappy explanations. In Java or C++, the three important things to know are variables, methods, and classes. Variables are used to hold data, such as integers (int), sentences or words (string), or a single character (char). Methods or functions are chunks of coding that does certain things. Classes are just separate files that already have functions or methods written, so you don’t have to rewrite them.

Yeah… rereading that, it sucks too. Sorry! And I took a lot longer than I thought trying to word that as simple as I could, so that’ll be enough blogging for tonight. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, everyone. I’ll post my update tomorrow!



  1. No money over here either mate, ah I did html on a course once on a whim, cant really remember much of it now though =) Maybe you'll do better than me since you seem interested in it though.

  2. I'm glad your learning coding! That's awesome dude. I was also wondering if you needed Dota 2, because I have an extra copy and would be willing to hook you up if you need it (see my most recent post)

  3. Get both computers, problem solved. :P

  4. Love C++, but Java not that much. Most of the games I've worked on were either in C++ or C#, so yeah I might be a little biased.

  5. I stick with laptops myself. Don't really have the room for a desktop though I guess.

  6. Yeah the no money thing is grand right?'s a cat to do..hahaha

  7. Will you be talking about your friend with benefits more? I live vicariously through other people.

  8. yes technology is changing very fast