Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12 – Monday (Blog #37)

Now that one month of blogging is over, it’s time for that 6 month mark, and then the one year mark! I also just realized that it’s 2 months until my birthday. I’ll finally be turning 18, heck yeah. Sucks that I still can’t do much until 21, like gamble, and whatever else there is, but it’ll be fun. My brother told me that he’s going to have a party for me, with booze, hookers, and everything.

Well, back to talking about my day, as usual. I barely slept for three hours before going to school. I managed to finish all of my homework though, so there’s nothing wrong with that. Then, when I went school, I saw M. Sadly, I think I already lost all interest towards her. She seems to be happy, and found some other guy, so she’ll be fine.

Not that I’m moving on already so fast, but there was some girl on Facebook whose parents are divorcing. I figured she was feeling pretty sad, so I just messaged her, and talked to her to try and cheer her up. Amazingly, it worked. But, since I don’t really know her in real life or even talk to her much, we just talked for a while and nothing else.

I’m not feeling lonely or anything like that. In fact, that void that I had from M and other girls seems to have been just filled by some new found philosophy I found. The philosopher is named Alan Watts. I listened to his speeches about Nothingness, the universe, and just about everything. He talks about how the state of nothingness is the purest state of all, and how amazing it is. It’s really interesting. Philosophy always has interested me, but I stopped because I thought they were all the same. However, Watts was completely different, and everything was simple enough to understand without much deep thinking.

I also helped my friend Photoshop some pictures for him for Interact club. It was just stuff about advertising and banners and all that stuff, so it took a while. Photoshopping isn’t really hard, it’s just all about what you think looks good, so I think anyone can do it. The same goes for coding. I’m not sure, but when I look at codes, it’s just all about the logical reasoning behind everything. All you need to learn is certain words that replace the logical thinking words in your mind, and everything makes sense.

That’s enough for today, sorry that it’s pretty short. I’m sort of annoyed because I just realized how annoying other people can be, especially when one is nice to them. It really ticks me off when people also think there’s a secret motive behind just being nice. Anyways, thanks for reading so far. I’ll be sure to post my update tomorrow as usual.



  1. I don't like gambling at all, don't think losing money is something to look forward to ;) I like bargains at the local stores and neat little things like take 4 books pay for 3 at the bookstore. Although I feel for u not being able to legally drink till you're 21. It's a little bit more lax over here in Europe.

  2. Photoshop my arch nemesis... Hope you have a kick ass birthday! Err. in two months.