Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/12 – Thursday (Blog #33)

Tomorrow’s Friday! I can finally just relax again, and I probably won’t have any homework until Sunday. Today was pretty normal, and nothing interesting happened until after school. There was this awards ceremony for my Interact club, and it lasted all the way until 5. But the ceremony didn’t start for about half an hour after school ended, so my friend and I went to buy some boba drinks, and we bought some for our friends too.

At the ceremony, we just clapped for everyone that got awards, and we all pretty much got awards, so it was boring. Then, I just went home and played some games with my friends. I took a nap too, so that was relaxing. For some reason, I texted M, just saying hi, but she didn’t reply. I suppose it’s time to end my little chase, and just move on. Just hope she realizes that I’ll still be there to talk to her or anything like that, but she probably won’t.

I don’t think I even did a proper job of chasing her, or ‘professing my love’ to her, since it was just really me texting her, and her replying randomly. Sure, we talked here and there, but it wasn’t anything deep or personal, and she never wanted to hang out with me, so I guess it was going nowhere anyways. Luckily, I really don’t care much for my own feelings, and I’m fine with moving on. I’ll most likely get bored of being with my friends only, and try and find another girl, so I wonder how long that could take.

Like I said last time, I just want a girl that’s got problems and somehow fix her problems and make her happy, even for a bit. I was thinking of just posting something up on FaceBook, and say “Does anyone feel like talking about their problems?” or something like that. I was doing that to some forums a few days ago, and helped a few people, but that’s just anonymously, and no one knew me, so it was easy.

Of course, I can just do things the normal way, and go out and find new girls, but school takes up too much of my time to do that, and I don’t have a car to go to places, so that’s too annoying. Surprisingly, I’m taking this ‘give up on M’ thing easier than I thought it would. Oh yeah, and I’ve got to do some role play thing online with one of my friends, so that’ll be interesting to see how that goes. That’s enough of writing for today, so I’ll post my blog up tomorrow as usual. Thanks for reading.



  1. Man, so many things happen in a girl's head in the count of 1 hour that you wouldn't believe. She might be happy as marshmallows and pancakes in the evening and then act, like you've just killed her dog, the next. You can't even explain that crap - it's magnets, I tell ya! They're completely irrational and they think of that as a matter of pride, that they can go through life being bonkers half the time and they're pretty enough so other people would put up with it.

  2. i think the problem here is you want a broken girl that you can fix and her become devoted to you for that reason...When you're already a smashing chap and you actually need to find a chick that falls for you and not for a reason...Hang with friends and whatnot and let a girl fall for the natural you and chase you instead of you on the hunt all the time. Girls do actually let you know pretty well if they're are interested, although Dave is right.. and its especially true when they're teenagers.. girls a batshit insane most of the time...

  3. Goood read as usual mate. Keep struggling through!