Monday, May 28, 2012

5/27/12 – Sunday (Blog #148)

Oh man, I only have about 5 minutes to type this up! I’m currently playing a league of legend game with my friends, so that’s why I’m cutting it so close. We’ve been doing so bad lately, I don’t even know why. I might be getting worse, but it’s weird. Not to sound cocky or confident, but I’m not that bad of a MOBA game player.

I started playing DotA on warcraft 3, and then LoL, and then DotA 2. I’ve got a bunch of experience, and I play with some pretty hardcore players. Lately, I think we’ve just been losing because we got some new team members and they’re really bad. They don’t listen to the rest of us, and just basically feed for the other team.

Oh, and I think my time’s out, so I gotta hurry and upload this. Thanks a lot for reading and following my blog, whoever’s left. I’ll have to start checking other people’s blogs soon. School’s over in a week!


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  1. Well this is the main reason I won't play games like that, I'll fail miserably. I'd have the sense to listen to people who know how to play though.