Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 – Wednesday (Blog #144)

I only have 5 minutes until the new day! Hurry, I must blog for the death of me!

I came home today around 4, because I had to walk home. I forgot to get money for the bus. Well, actually, I had a ton of money, but no change. So I just walked, because I could. Then, I had to go over to my friend’s house to continue working on our launcher.

It took us all of the day to fix it, but we basically revamped our launcher. It’s got a rubber stopper now to stop it from leaking, which is really nice. It goes about 50-60 yards, but that was before we changed everything. Hopefully we didn’t make the launcher worse. We have this weekend to fix it, so I’m glad we have a four day weekend coming up due to Memorial Day.

Anyways, I’m pretty tired and hungry. I took my Statistics finals today, but only one part. It took literally 10 minutes, so I slept the rest of the day. Also, apparently S blocked me on AIM. Honestly, I don’t even know why, but I’m not going to bother with her anymore. I thought we had something in common, and we’d be able to be good friends, but I guess not.



  1. She blocked you? That's pretty messed up, she could at least give you a reason why. Perfect the launcher and fire it at her bedroom window.

  2. Now theres an S? I guess L is over... darn.

  3. I don't know why but when you said you had 5 minutes left, it made me think I had 5 minutes to read it so I was reading it in a hurry until I realized I was being retarded. That's kind of weird she blocked you for no reason.

  4. Pics of the launcher or it didn't happen. Just forget about S, in the next 10 or so days you won't really have any more feelings for her. Unless of course you see her again during your latent period then, well... You could always take Mark's advice lol (don't).