Friday, May 25, 2012

5/24/12 – Thursday (Blog #145)

Alright, only one more week of school left. I’m so tired of school already, there’s like nothing left to do. We have finals, but that’s pretty much it. We finished our stats finals today, so all there is left is government/economics, and then English.

I’m just playing some starcraft 2 right now, so I’m late on my update, sorry! We pretty much own stuff up though. I’m going to go to play some League of Legends too, so I’m going to be having this whole night as a gaming night. Tomorrow’s my day off in a long time, so I’m really lazy. Four day weekends are the best.

Anyways, thanks for following my blog. It’s literally just three people that are commenting, so thank you guys a lot!



  1. Well good luck with the rest of the tests. You're almost there.