Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/29/12 – Tuesday (Blog #150)

Alright, today’s not that bad! I finished photoshopping last night, and it doesn’t look that bad. Luckily, it’ll pass off as an authentic paper, but if not then I don’t really care already. School was pretty easy. We didn’t do much.

There was an English final today, but it was too funny. We’re in an AP Literature class, and the test was meant for a regular class. The final was so easy, that they were literally giving the answers away. I finished so early, and actually almost fell asleep during the test. Afterwards, I fell asleep though.

Physics, our launcher failed miserably. We didn’t even do much besides shoot two or three times. Watching everybody else, it was almost a bit pathetic, but it didn’t matter. Right after school, we worked on it for about three hours or so. The new design is basically like a hybrid of the two designs we did before. The first design was pretty good, but we screwed up with the second design, and now the third design is crazy.

Right now, we’re all working on our AP Literature project. It’s basically the last huge assignment we have until the end of the year, which is pretty amazing. It’s been 12 years of my life in school, and in just a week, it’ll all be over. Anyways, I need to hurry and finish this up and then finish my project. I’m expecting an all nighter, just like last time we did the semester finals, but whatever. I just hope we can finish on time.



  1. That does sound like a pretty easy exam. At least the launcher worked once. It wasn't a total failure. Plus you didn't hit someone with it. It's kind of odd to realize that something that's been such a huge part of your life, school, will be over and done with soon.

  2. We didn't even have a final for 12th grade English. We just had to make some kind of portfolio.

  3. The papers are either easy, or you're just too smart.

  4. I wish I had more exams like that when I was in school/uni