Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10/12 – Tuesday (Blog #101)

Alright, finally home but I want to crash and just go sleep, so I’m not sure what I’m going to rant about for today’s blog. School was alright. I woke up and go to school in time. I had to bring a Styrofoam box for my friend, so I brought it with me to school, and I gave it to him in the morning.

I also had to pay for AP test fees. I have 4 tests, which would be $86 each test. Luckily, I have free/reduced lunch, so I only have to pay $5 for each test. That’s literally from $344 to $20, seriously a huge save. About school, I also think I’m deciding on Cal Poly Pomona. Hopefully no one that reads this goes there, because that would totally ruin my anonymity on this site.

I completely bombed my physics test. There were questions on there that we had no idea about and no one studied for it, which sucked. I also started up building models for Architectural Design on the computer again. It was crazy, because we only got 2D floor plans and we had to make 3D houses on the computer on that.

We just continued writing about poems and analyzing them for Literature. Poetry is pretty interesting, to say the least. They’re supposed to be open to interpretation and have many ways to look at them, but schools and tests don’t mix well with open answers. It’s such a huge contradiction, which is why I hate learning poetry at school. I’d do perfectly fine with just analyzing them, but when I actually get graded on something that’s meant to be opinion based, I hate it.

I’m still finishing up tutorials on how to use SDL for C++. I think I’m on 12 or something like that out of 40. I hope I can finish soon, because I have to turn in a final project by the end of the school year, which is just two months away. Statistics, we just learned some new stuff, and that’s all. In government, we just watched some video about credit card debt.

I guess I’ll rant a little bit about society. It’s really irritating to see teenagers seriously being so irresponsible. Parents need to learn how to discipline and teach their children proper behavior. My parents brought me up right, and I know perfectly how valuable money is, and why wasting it is stupid. Parents just hand heed their children money and they spend it as if money grows on trees.

I went to L’s house today after school. We just worked on our project for a long time. After 6 or so, we finished most of it already, so we just basically chilled and talked. She cooked some really delicious grilled cheese and ham sandwiches with tomato soup to dip it in. L is seriously a great cook, and it’s making me fall for her all over again. Anyways, I got home around 9, and then I just wanted to knock out. Sadly, I haven’t been able to, and just chilled and talked with friends and L.

That’s enough blogging for today, since apparently I typed up a lot. I have some take-home timed writing essay to do after this. My teacher actually expects people to use the honor system and be truthful about doing in 45 minutes. I suppose I’ll do that. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.



  1. I like reading this. You got yourself a new follower.

  2. In my school, in history tests at least (where almost everything was open to interpratation) and in English tests, you were able to get a good score when it was opinion based. Your opinion didn't matter, only your ability to back it up was. If you believed in it enough they gave you a high mark. My sister is about 30 and still squanders her money like that. L is wife material, propose already.

  3. Interesting news, I love your blog entries!