Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/14/12 – Saturday (Blog #105)

I love lazy Saturdays so much. After I finished posting up my blog earlier today in the morning, I seriously just played a little bit of World of Warcraft and then went back to sleep. I woke up again around eleven in the afternoon, and then I went out to buy some food.

After that, I played World of Warcraft all the way until eight or nine in the evening. I was just doing achievement runs of old heroics and dungeons with people so we could get the mounts for the achievements. Besides that, though, I really did nothing on the game.

I texted L for a little bit, but she had work so we didn’t text much. Even after work, I tried to text her but she was busy or something. I would’ve visited her at work but for some reason I just couldn’t motivated myself to go.

There was some carnival or festival near my area from 5 until 11 in the evening, and I was planning to go, but decided against it after some people told me about how crowded it was. There were about 15 vendors, 2 hour lines, and the streets were packed with people and you had to literally walk shoulder to shoulder with people. Usually, that’d be okay, but I would be going by myself or only with one or two people. The only person that I would’ve been willing to go with was L, but she didn’t reply.

Actually, I think she went to sleep really early. She’s been pretty stressful this whole week because of the project for Economics being due, so I guess now she’s just relaxing and getting some beauty sleep.  Or… checking again on my AIM, she’s actually not asleep after all! Time to message her, hah.

Anyways, thanks a lot for following my blog. It’s been pretty slow lately, but I’ll find something to spice it up after a while. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.



  1. Well having to walk shoulder to shoulder with L wouldn't have been so bad. Old achievement runs can be fun but it can also be hard to get people to do them.

  2. Motivate yourself and meet L!

  3. Hehe everyone loves lazy Saturdays ;)

  4. walking with L
    shoulder to shoulder
    will be fun and great feeling for you

  5. I pretty much slept all day on Saturday. It was awesome.