Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/3/12 – Tuesday (Blog #94)

So, I’m having a party for my birthday on Saturday. Well, it’s not really a party. Just a little gather of my friends and it’s just going to be a barbecue. I’m not sure what people even do at parties, so it’s probably going to suck though.

My day was pretty boring. We did the same thing as usual; just learn stuff, new lessons, old lessons, homework, class work, etc. School has gotten so bland. Luckily, tomorrow’s a minimum day, so we end around 1 in the afternoon. Apparently my friends and I are going out afterwards, maybe to go eat or something, but I’m not sure where.

I’ve got to do some economic notes after I post my blog, and then that’s really all there is. I’ll play some WoW or SC2, and then just chill and talk to people, or listen to music. I’m talking to L for a bit, but there’s really not much to talk about. I’m seriously confused about her. We talk just find regularly in class or when we hang out for a bit, but through texts and AIM, she rarely responds.

Although that’s good I suppose. I prefer things to be more personal, instead of online. My past relationships got rocky because I was too busy to hang out with the girl, and it ended up with just us talking on AIM or texting, and it never went well because I prefer to talk to girls when I can see them, and all that.

That’s all the blogging for tonight, so thanks a lot for keeping up to date with my blog and reading it. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow. If you guys have any tips and ideas for my party, leave a comment below.



  1. Well you invite her to your party, and then you make your move on her there.

  2. Yeah, invite L to your party, this would be a good step!

  3. Sometimes I think your blog may get optioned by the CW Network and made into a youth television drama. You'll be set for life!

    Happy B'day.

  4. I haven't had a party in years so I can't help with ideas, sorry.

  5. Happy birthday or/and party ;)

  6. I could just do with a party...but yeah definitely ask L