Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/12 – Thursday (Blog #110)

Man, today was pretty exhausting. I woke up on time, luckily, and went out with my friends in the morning. We just went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and drinks, and then we went to school. Sadly, school started at 10, so we had three long classes again.

After school, we went over to one of my friend’s house to fix his computer. All we really did was take apart his tower, switch around some parts, and then it ran perfectly fine. We also reformatted, but we didn’t delete his old stuff, so he was fine with it. After we finished that, it was around 5 or 6, so we went out to eat.

We finished eating, and then my friend dropped me off at my house. Amazingly, the moment I got home, my brother was building one of his friends’ computers. I mean, what kind of coincidence is it that I build two computers in one day? Anyways, this tower was freaking amazing. It had 2 SSD’s, a GTX 560, ASUS motherboard, 1000 watts power supply, and it even has USB 3.0’s. There’s other stuff too, but I’m too tired to remember it.

I really love watching my brother build his towers though. I learned from him, of course, but he does it beautifully. He can literally charge 200 to 300 dollars and people are perfectly fine with it. This is because he doesn’t just connect the wires, but he positions them perfectly and uses zip-ties and everything. I try to wrap things just as well, but my patience and skill isn’t good enough.

Anyways, since my brother had to use my new case, I’m going to end up buying another one. It’s fine though, since my dogs peed all over it. Of course we washed it, but I’m not going to complain when I get a new case. Well, that’s really all for today. I couldn’t visit L at work since she didn’t have work today, since there was an accident at her work place while we were at school. I texted and talked to her a little bit, but not much.

I have to write an essay and then do some physics notes, so that’s what I’ll probably be doing tonight after I finish posting this blog. I’ll go to sleep or maybe play some games once I finish it though.



  1. Well good luck writing that essay. Your brother sounds pretty cool too. They were going to teach us how to build a computer in IT class but it never happened.

  2. Your borther's skills sounds awesome!

  3. >It had 2 SSD’s, a GTX 560, ASUS motherboard, 1000 watts power supply, and it even has USB 3.0’s.

    I envy (as Macbook user).