Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/12 – Wednesday (Blog #116)

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Or, well, I suppose Thursday, since I’m posting this up near midnight of my time zone. School started today around 10:30, so I woke up pretty early and just ate some breakfast. After that, I chilled and talked with my friends online. I studied, or at least tried to, for physics since I had a quiz today.

I got to school, and was about 5 minutes early, so I talked with my friends. I saw L in the morning, and she was holding all these drinks and food for her friends. Of course, she didn’t give me any. It’s weird that she doesn’t consider me as a close friend or something like that, and yet treats me as one. In fact, today after I got home, I took a quick nap. Usually, I would have to text L or message her, but today she actually messaged me while I was sleeping.

It was completely out of the ordinary, so I called her out on it and asked her why the sudden urge to message me. She simply said she missed talking to me. I was so confused, because I talk to her every day. I suppose that she missed the type of interesting topics that we would talk about before, but I don’t know anymore.

Anyways, tomorrow’s a regular school day, and I have no homework due tomorrow, so I’m just going to play some Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft until I fall asleep later. L is still on, but she didn’t reply to anything, so I’m not sure what she’s doing. I’ve got some homework due Friday and Monday, but I’m too lazy to start. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks for following.



  1. It is kind of odd that she brought things in for other people but not for you, and then said she missed talking to you. Seems you aren't quite done with her yet.

  2. Having no homework until the next school day is awesome!

  3. simply you have been hungry xD

  4. No homework is best homework.