Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/12 – Sunday (Blog #106)

It was another lazy day today. I love the weekends so much. Sadly, Sundays are worse than Saturdays because it means I have to spend a long night doing homework. In fact, I’m supposed to be doing homework right now, but I didn’t want to be late so I took a quick break to type up my blog.

I’ve got to do a ton of literary terms for poetry for my Literature class, and then I have to do some economic consumer survey for my economics project later. Luckily, those are the only things I have for tonight. Tomorrow, I have to get my test back from physics to do corrections.

This week is going to be CST testing, or California Standardized Testing or something like that. Luckily, as a senior, I don’t have to take the tests. They go for about two weeks, lasting from Tuesday through Thursday, and then Tuesday and Wednesday of the next week. It’s really just some easy tests that everyone has to take for school. It’s sort of like STAR testing, but only for California.

Anyways, there’s really not much to talk about today. I was just playing World of Warcraft and running achievements again. Oh, actually, there is something to talk about. A few hours before typing this, L and I got into this pretty interesting conversation about Christianity. Now, I’m seriously the most unreligious person on the face of this Earth, but L is very religious. She’s a youth leader for her church, actually.

A few hours of talking and me asking questions and it ended up with her lending me her Bible for me to read. Of course, we both know that I’m not going to convert, but I just want to read it so I can actually understand everything. In fact, several items on my bucket list include reading the Bible, the Tanahk, and the Quran.  For those of you that don’t know, they’re basically the Christian Bible, the Hebrew Bible, and the Islam Bible. After reading all of those, I’m going to study a bit about Roman and Greek mythology. I really like the idea of religion and God or Gods, so that’s why I’m planning to read them.

Besides that, there’s nothing, so thanks a lot for following my blog. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow. Also, I just noticed, but apparently I always start one of my paragraphs with, “Anyways,” and I’ve always talked about updating my blog the next day… Weird, I suppose it’s just one of my habits.



  1. Interesting news, looking forward to your next post.

  2. Well I'm glad you two found something you can talk about. I wouldn't be that surprised if you ended up all converted. Maybe you not being religious is stopping her from wanting something with you actually.

  3. >Literature class

  4. Good luck reading the bible! Some say the best way to make someone an Athiest is to get them to read the bible!

    Also if you ever start going out with her will you ever show her your blog? and your long struggle to get her?