Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2/12 – Monday (Blog #93)

First day of school after spring break was today, and it was totally boring. I woke up around the same time as usual, and actually didn’t text L, like I usually do. I’m not sure what to do right now, regarding her. She seems to be less talkative, to me at least, and she barely replies to my texts and messages. I’m still interested with her, but it just seems like she really has no mutual feelings.

I have some physics homework to do after I finish this blog, and then I’ll probably go to sleep or play a game, depending on the time. School was boring, but we got straight into learning, which was pretty annoying. We actually learned about magnets in physics, which was pretty interesting, but then we had homework for it, which I’m going to have no clue on how to do.

For my Architectural Design class, I just made some more floor plans on the computer, but I ended up falling asleep half way through the class due to it being so boring. We went over some poetry for my Literature class. Speaking of poetry, I saw some interesting movie trailer on the TV earlier. It’s called The Raven, or something like that, and it was about Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry, and a murderer that based the murders by his poems. I’m very interested in watching that movie.

I started to learn something called SDL, or Simple Direct media Layer, or something like that, for my C++ class. My friend and I are going to cooperate on this crazy game, apparently, for our final project. Last year, in Java, I made a chess board game, which was pretty awesome.

In Statistics, we learned about chi, pronounced ‘kai’. It’s apparently for more than 2 types of choices in a distribution sample, or something like that. It’s pretty confusing actually, since I still don’t understand the concept fully. In Economics, we watched some movie called Roger and Me. It’s about GM motors in Flint, Michigan, and how they closed down plants or something like that. We’re still not done with the movie, so we’ll probably finish tomorrow.

That’s really all there is. Sorry that it’s pretty boring. I’m actually confused today thanks for L, since she’s not directly ignoring me, but she’s just not replying as much as I’d like her to. I guess I’m expecting too much, maybe it’s time for me to move on already. Maybe, maybe not, I’m just hoping it’ll be fun until end of the school year, and then I can finally get rid of all my high school relationship troubles.



  1. I could use a break right now. Luckily, Easter weekend is coming.

  2. Dude no one understands magnets. No one. As for L, just ask her what's wrong.

  3. SDL sounds interesting, good luck by learning this!

  4. SDL library? Are you programming for Linux?

  5. Have a conversation with'll all be fine