Saturday, May 12, 2012

5/12/12 – Saturday (Blog #133)

College is freaking awesome. Well, at least the campus is. My friend came over in the morning, around 10, but I wasn’t awake yet. Luckily, my parents were home, and they woke me up. I quickly got dressed, and we went to college!

The test started at 11:30, so we had extra time. We went to buy some food to eat, and then we go to campus around 11. Sadly, we got lost and it took us 30 minutes to even get to the test area. Honestly, the test was so easy. My friends and I finished with about 40 minutes left to spare, out of a total 90. We couldn’t leave early, so we just sat there and did nothing.

I looked around, and people actually had trouble. It’s weird. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian, but math is just simple to me. I haven’t taken real math since a year ago, because all I’ve done is Statistics this whole year. Last year, I did Pre-Calculus and basic Trigonometry, and the test today was on that. I’m pretty amazed that I could remember stuff from a year ago, but I’m even more amazed that people couldn’t do these questions.

After we finished the test, it was just two of my friends and I left, so we decided to look around campus. We visited the dorms where we were going to stay. They looked pretty small, but I think we could make it work somehow. After that, we went to check out all the other places. The recreational room was awesome: there was billiards, arcades, movies, and everything. There’s even a food court.

Once we finished touring the campus unofficially, we went back to our high school. There was a car wash going on for our school, so we decided to go and help out. It was pretty much over by the time we got there though, but it was still cool to see everyone there. After we cleaned up, I went home, and basically took a 5 hour nap.

I played some DotA 2, ate dinner, and now I’m just watching some TV. I’ll probably play another match later, and then go sleep. Tomorrow, I don’t have much homework, luckily. I’ll have AP testing for the first three days of the week though, so I might actually study. Anyways, thanks for following my blog and commenting and all that. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow!



  1. lol, you and your... good-at-math-ness... But yeah, I don't know if I'd call college freaking awesome. At least it's better than high school...

  2. The campus does sound pretty sweet. Dorms are surprisingly roomy when you really get down to it.

  3. Good luck for your AP testing!