Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/19/12 – Saturday (Blog #140)

Alright, I’m late on this again, sorry for that, guys. I’ve been at my friend’s house all day working on our launcher for physics.

It’s actually really nice. We bought about a hundred dollars worth of stuff at Home Depot, and then brought it to his garage to start building. It took us about 3 or 4 hours to buy the stuff we wanted, and then we spent pretty much all the way until midnight to build most of our launcher.

We’re still not done with it, but about 75% done. I’ll have to go over tomorrow around 3 in the afternoon to fix whatever’s left. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish on time. I have a lot of homework due next week and it would be nice if I didn’t just procrastinate as usual.

School’s over in about two weeks, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be able to just do whatever I want. I’ll probably just be gaming and sleeping all day long, but then I’ll have to start preparing for college and everything.

S went to the movies today to watch The Avengers, so I didn’t really text her. L talked to me a bit tonight, though, but she just went to sleep in literally 5-10 minutes afterwards. I talked to S too, but she was tired. I guess everyone’s still tired from yesterday’s prom or something. I am too, actually, because I’m probably going to go sleep right after this.


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  1. You should have gone to the movies with her. But good luck getting that launcher finished and be careful with what you fire using it.