Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/13/12 – Tuesday (Blog #73)

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already tired of school. Well, maybe not tired, but I really don’t even want to go to school anymore. Senioritis has hit me pretty hard. I still pay attention in class and do all my homework and ace my tests, but I get really bored.

I went out with my friends in the morning to go to Roscoe’s Fried Chicken and Waffles. It cost us about $12 each, for 2 waffles and 2 pieces of fried chicken and some gravy. For $12 dollars, it really wasn’t as amazing as everyone made it out to be. The only good thing was that it made me full, but that’s because of waffles. I don’t really know much about nutrition, but I’d rather get full on meat instead of waffles so I can bulk up on protein.

We went to Starbucks after, and I got a Vanilla Bean for L. We got to school around 11:15, which was just on time for school starting. L Had to go to a business competition for her ROP class, so she could only stay for a little while.

She came to school in a suit, with her graphs and charts and all the things she needs for her presentation, and she looked really mature and beautiful. I gave her the drink, and she tried to hug me but was carrying too much stuff, so I said it was fine and helped carry her stuff to her class.

I texted her the whole day until school was out, since she was able to text without fear of teachers finding out. Apparently that’s why she didn’t text me that one day, because teachers were near her and she doesn’t want them to take her phone or to get in trouble.

I also started WoW again. I’m quite disappointed though, because my level 80 warlock was hacked, and I lost all of my items on my character. Luckily, I checked my bank, and all my old items were still there. However, I had no gold, and I really missed out on a lot of things. I made a new Blood Elf Paladin, named ‘Omnihammer.’ I’m going to play through all the levels, from 1 through 85, and build myself up. It took me so long to understand everything about my warlock, and everything changed and it was all gone to waste. So, I’m going to relearn everything about the game through a paladin’s point of view.

That’s pretty much it, since I’m cutting it close to midnight. I’ll post my usual update tomorrow, so thanks everyone for following and keeping up with my blog.



  1. Well I'm glad you got an explanation and also everyone looks better in a suit. Maybe you should have told her she looks mature and beautiful. As for WoW, good luck. But I guess starting something new is better than trying to relearn something else.

  2. Sucks you got hacked, and yeah school tends to get tiresome indeed.

  3. And Paladin's changed a lot more than warlock.

  4. Getting hacked is never fun.

  5. Glad to know thats why she didn't text you!

    Waffles and fried chicken? what?