Friday, March 16, 2012

3/16/12 – Friday (Blog #76)

Thank god it’s Friday! Finally, the weekend is here. I get to sleep late, sleep in, and do whatever I want. No more school, for two glorious days! Of course, I’m completely screwed for Sunday because of all my homework.

Also, along with my three projects, I have to go volunteering. If any of you live near the Los Angeles area, you should know about the LA Marathon. Runners run about 26.2 miles, and basically, volunteers have to be at water stations and first aid stations to help out runners.

Last year I went, and we were completely drenched in the rain. It sucked a lot, because it rained really hard. Almost all of us got sick. In fact, we couldn’t even move our fingers, and we almost huddle for warmth. That’s how crazy it was. And apparently, this Sunday, it’s going to rain again. Just great… it’s time for round two of that horrible freezing hell.

School was pretty easy, since there was no homework due except for some notes. At the end of the day, L asked for a hug. It was really surprising since she told me before that she didn’t like receiving hugs, only giving them. I asked her about it, and she said she only wants hugs from me, and I asked her why, and she basically avoided the question. I don’t know what this could mean, maybe she’s starting to like me, or maybe she just wants some fun. Either way, I’m getting a hug, so it doesn’t really matter.

That’s really all for today. I played some World of Warcraft today, getting my paladin to level 14. It’s really annoying because as I’m playing for a while, my friend will log on and kick me off. Of course, I probably kick him off sometimes too, without realizing, so I can’t complain. I was playing some game called “Dungeon Village” on the Android for the whole day, which was awesome. It’s by Kairosoft, in case any of you guys own iOS devices or androids. I’ll post my update tomorrow, so thanks for always keeping up to date and following my blog.



  1. Playing WoW isn't good for you man, let it be.

  2. Well here's hoping you survive the marathon and live to find out that L likes you.

  3. Getting sucked in to WOW I see. Yeah weekends are so much better than weekdays and having to work.

  4. Friday is the best day of hte week!

  5. She likes you dammit, go pry it out from her.

  6. Awesome she wanted a hug from you!! And she talks to you all night. Dude! I think she totally wants you! Go for it and ask her out! If you leave it too long it could screw things up!

    Good luck!