Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/31/12 – Saturday (Blog #91)

Well, I visited L at work today. She seemed a little bit sick, so we only talked for a little bit. I didn’t get to hug her, sadly. After that, a couple of my friends came to her work to troll me, and we just talked for a little bit too. Then, after L got off, I said bye to her, and went with my friends to go out.

It was very interesting, actually. We went to a boba shop or tea place, not really sure what they’re called. Basically, it’s like a bar but for nonalcoholic drinks, mostly for teens and young adults. We got two brick toasts, which are basically a huge chunk of bread, with ice cream and caramel and chocolate drizzled over it. It’s pretty delicious.

We also played some cards and some Jenga while waiting for our meal, and my friends noticed a couple of girls on the table next to us. They were fobs. Fobs are just people that don’t really speak English well, mostly Chinese or Japanese or any other Asian language. Fob stands for Fresh Off the Boat, or something like that.

Well, they somehow convinced me to go talk to them, and play some cards with them. I managed to get all three of their numbers, and added them on Facebook, and then left with my friends. I’m actually pretty amazed that I even had the guts to talk to them, and ask for their numbers. I guess I was in a nonchalant mood due to L.

Anyways, that’s really all there is to talk about for today. I managed to hit level 85 on WoW, and I’ve just been gearing up and making money. Tomorrow’s April Fool’s day, but I don’t really have anything special or fun to do. Hope you all don’t get pranked too hard.



  1. oh man, I haven't played Jenga in forever

  2. Yeah you aren't allowed a girl now you've hit level 85. Sounds like you don't really care at all about L now.

  3. Now I know what Fob stands for, haven't played Jenga in forever either.

  4. Im thinking of some pranks for tomorrow. But really more preparing for next week >.<
    Nice post

  5. I've not played Jenga since I downloaded the app version of it

  6. dang dude how long you gonna keep posting these?

  7. Wow, 3 numbers is impressive. Ant that bar sounds awesome as well. I hope you don't get intervention status on WoW though... lol, have you seen that episode of intervention? Guy had the hottest gf and wouldn't let her in his room for days at a time because he was gaming. I think it's the same for MW1,2,&3 also. When I discovered MW2 I barely knew what season it was outside, let alone the day or hour.