Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/12 – Saturday (Blog #77)

Oh man, I almost forgot about the blog! Sorry about that. I’ve been talking with L just until now, when she had to go to bed. The day was pretty boring, because she had to go to work. But first, I’ll start off about my day.

I woke up around 9 in the morning, pretty early, because L goes to work around 10 in the morning, so I wanted to talk to her before she left. We talked for a bit, and then she went to work. I was going to surprise her by visiting her there, but it was raining the whole day. I didn’t have a car to drive, so I had to walk. But, because the rain didn’t stop until 3:10 pm or so, I only had twenty minutes to walk about 3 miles. Even if I ran, I would’ve barely made it there disregarding traffic or anything, so it took me about forty minutes to get there

Sadly, she already left. I texted her to stay a bit after work, but she couldn’t because her dad was already waiting for her. Apparently her dad got mad and made her leave, even though she wanted to stay. She’s been feeling down lately, and I just wanted to visit her and try to make her happy, but I couldn’t even see her, which bummed me out.

I also had to walk back, which took another forty minutes. Of course, I was really annoyed and sad that I didn’t get to see her. But, I tried my best to keep her from noticing when I talked to her. She somehow found out about me being annoyed later tonight anyways.

She’s been depressed because of how she didn’t make it into her dream college and that she got waitlisted in a few of her favorite colleges. Of course, I got rejected from a college or two, but I really don’t care much about it, so it doesn’t affect me. I can’t really relate either, since she’s a really smart girl but she’s just a bad test taker, so she doesn’t get the best grades. On the other hand, I’m the most lazy and unorganized student and yet I manage to pass all of my classes with flying colors.

Anyways, that’s all for tonight since I have to update before it turns to the new day. I’ve got to go to the LA marathon tomorrow, which is around 5 in the morning. It’s raining even right now, so I’m going to be freezing my butt off. I’ll try and update my blog tomorrow, so thanks for following, everyone.



  1. Let's hope she doesn't find your blog and start reading that.

    That would be an interesting experience.

    1. That is never a good

  2. I was the same way in High School, almost no effort yet great grades.

  3. Just don't make it seem like her fault she wasn't there.

  4. Hope everything goes well!

  5. wait, are you running in the marathon?

  6. how you study at home is important
    it happens what we wish dont get it makes us sad.

  7. Getting in to top colleges is never easy!

  8. That'll just make her think you're mad at her.

  9. Sorry to hear that you missed her!