Friday, March 23, 2012

3/23/12 – Friday (Blog #83)

Finally, it’s Friday! No more school for one more week! I’m going to be sleeping so much this next week. Right now I’m just playing SC2 with my friends. I’m going to expect every night to basically be like this, hah. My day went pretty much like nothing.

School was basically nothing, too. We had to go to a senior assembly for our third and fourth period classes, to get our senior contracts and for a senior panorama picture. The senior contracts talked about how we’re not allowed to do any senior pranks, or ditch school anymore. There was also information about prom and grad night and all that. Apparently we’re going to Disneyland, so that’ll be fun.

We had to do some practice AP test for government, so that was pretty intense. I self graded the test after I finished and found that I did better than average, but it was still a C.

It’s really short for today, sorry guys. I’m a few minutes away from the deadline, and I’m still playing. As usual, I’ll post my update tomorrow. Thanks for following! Hooray for spring break!



  1. Good luck asking L out tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, I wish you good luck too!

  3. no prank or senior skip day? that's no fun

  4. Ah well, you need to tell us all about it and make up for this short post. Enjoy your break!

  5. Haha, asking a girl out in Disneyland is always a safe bet.

  6. So when where you allowed to pull pranks and ditch class?