Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/3/12 – Saturday (Blog #63)

My day was pretty interesting, to say the least. Sadly, I didn’t update my game any, even though I did change the friction of the enemies. I’ll update it tomorrow though, since today was really just a relax day for me.

I woke up early, around 6 in the morning, because L texted me. She wakes up really early, I’m not sure why, but she just does. She had work from 10 until 3, so we basically texted from 6 to 10. While she was at work, I couldn’t text her, so I just played some Starcraft 2.

My parents went out to dim sum. To all you non Asian folks, dim sum is basically a breakfast meal with a lot of small bite size dishes. It’s really delicious, and you guys should all try it. They came home and brought me the leftovers, which was perfectly fine with me.

Around 2, I walked over to L’s work. She gets off around 3, and I lived about an hour’s walk away, but I got there a bit early. Of course, to have some fun, I bought something to drink from her place, and she just laughed and was so embarrassed the whole time. She was on work, so I couldn’t really talk to her. But, as I was drinking and relaxing, she would look over at me, and we just laughed and smiled at each other.

Sadly, she had to leave right after work because of her parents. She was bummed out, and said that she’ll definitely go out with me after her work soon. She only works Thursdays and Saturdays, so that means it’ll be within a week.

Afterwards, I left, and we just texted each other until we both got home. Then, we just talked all the way until now, near midnight. She wanted to go to bed, so she’s just texting to me from her phone while she’s in bed, but she’s probably going to fall asleep. She hasn’t texted back, so she probably did. L and I shared some secrets today, and it was a very interesting conversation. I guess she trusts me and I trust her now, so I’m wondering how our relationship will develop. We’re not even dating but it’s more of a friendship starting to grow.

That’s enough for tonight. I need to hurry and post my blog before it hits midnight so I manage to do one blog a day. Thanks for keeping up with me, guys, I’ll post my blog again as usual tomorrow.



  1. You do have her trust now, so don't lose it.

  2. was a nice day
    thanks for dim sum meaning
    Its good that you got the good friend who texted you early in the morning.

  3. That's alot of texting..haha...but yeah agreed with above, have her trust, so keep it.

  4. i hope you have an unlimited text plan

  5. Trust is a good thing to build. I rarely do so, because the smoke from burning bridges chokes me out.

  6. some of the best relationships I've had were more friendships than anything else

  7. Sounds like things are going pretty well with the girl.