Friday, March 30, 2012

3/29/12 – Thursday (Blog #89)

Wow… I’m actually late on this. I can’t believe it. I went to take a nap yesterday around nine or ten in the evening, and I woke up Friday morning around 8 in the morning. I’m sorry for being late guys! My day was really exhausting yesterday, and I suppose the whole week was just bad.

I went to work, around 9 in the morning, which really is just hard manual labor. We inspected some apartment, and wrote down the list of what we had to do, and what we had to buy. Then, we headed over to some appliance store and hardware store to buy our supplies and tools, and then headed back.

We worked until it started getting dark, since we can’t do anything once the sun sets. I got cuts and glue and paint all over, but it was pretty fun. I learned how to do work a lot of the machines, and how to properly do things.

Tomorrow, or I suppose Today, I’m going to my friends house to watch some movies with a group of my friends, and I’m not really sure when I’m going. It’ll be fun though, because the last time I went, I ended up sleeping over at his house and going with him to the gym.

I’m not even in the mood to type this blog right now, because I had a pretty realistic dream. It was about L, sadly, and I was really happy to be with her, and we were just strolling in the park and walking around in the mall. When I woke up, it was like the world just came crashing down. It sucks to be in love, sadly. Maybe after a few weeks, if nothing happens between L and I, I’ll just move on, like I did with M a couple months ago.

Thanks for keeping up to date with my blog, and sorry for being late! I’ll post my update tonight, I swear.



  1. Yeah, I know this feeling when you're in love and you're dreaming you were with her, but don't worry man. Everything will be better soon!

  2. Sounds like your really smitten dude. If nothing happens then you make it happen.

  3. That was the longest nap ever. LOL
    I hate when that happens to me.

  4. Relationships only complicate life in my opinion. Keep doin what you do bro.

  5. Good luck and cool blog. Followed!!/MemeDoctor