Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/25/12 – Sunday (Blog #85)

Alright everyone, I got to post this! I'm currently stealing my friend's internet from his phone, and I brought my laptop, in case you guys are wondering. It was pretty fun day so far. I went to pick up my brother's laptop in the morning, and then I packed up my bag and brought it to my friends house.

There, we waited for a bit, and then we drove to Big Bear. It was my first time at my friend's cabin, but not my first time at Big Bear. Usually, I go during break for snowboarding, but I'm not sure about this time. My friend said we might go snowboarding tomorrow, but he's not sure.

Anyways, once we got to the cabin that my friend owns, we started shoveling snow out of the drive way for later. However, it was pointless, because less than a 3 hours later, it was covered in about a foot of snow. There's literally a blizzard going on outside as I write this, luckily the cabin has heaters.

Right now, we're just chilling, playing games on our laptops while waiting for the snow to die down. We played around earlier today, throwing snow balls at each other, and just having plain old fun. We also started a fire, and made some smores, which were delicious.

On other news, I didn't get to text L much today. She was at church, and after that, she was hanging around with her church friends for the whole day. She also said that she might be going to Big Bear tomorrow too, apparently, but then she said that her parents wouldn't let. Something about too much snow and dangerous... ha. Dangerous is my middle name.

Anyways, that's all for tonight. I'm not sure if I'm going to be home by tomorrow night, but if not, I'll just update from here too. Thanks for reading, and following and staying up to date and everything else. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Hopefully we get to snowboard!



  1. it must be fun
    let it snow let it snow
    you can give surprise to L by visiting church

  2. Sounds like it'll be fun. Much more fun then what I'll be doing. :P

  3. Well if she does make it up there, then be damn sure to ask her out.

  4. Snow? It's so hot right now in my city. :(

  5. Goodluck bro hey follow me back. here and

  6. Goodluck, Im really nervous for thrusyad

  7. Snow seems like an awful lot of fun, too bad I don't get any of that here.