Monday, March 19, 2012

3/19/12 – Monday (Blog #79)

Monday, the worst day of the week, is finally over with. Last night was completely dreadful. It took me until 3 in the morning to finish all of my homework. L stayed up with me until 2 since she had to do her research paper too.

All in all, I guess I did pretty alright with my homework. For one nights of work, it was definitely good quality. Besides that, I woke up around 6 in the morning. I didn’t really sleep much, so I was tired the whole day. L was also tired, so we didn’t text much during school.

Apparently, one of her friends surprised her with some food. She got coffee, some bread, and chocolates. I was really neutral about it, and didn’t care at all, until I found out that a guy gave it to her. I asked around, and found out that the guy was someone from another high school.

The guy asked a mutual friend to give L the gifts in the morning, and literally right as school started a few people texted me telling me about it. If I wasn’t tired, I would’ve gotten really annoyed or would’ve started asking her a lot of questions. But, by the end of the day, when I saw her in sixth period, I saw that she didn’t even touch the gifts.

The coffee was still full because there was still a strong smell of it when I walked into the class. She gave away almost all of the chocolates that she got because people would all ask her for it. She didn’t even eat any of them. I guess whatever the guy planned backfired, since she didn’t like the gift, or so it seems.

After class, I walked with her a bit, and we talked. She seemed a bit sad, so I gave her a hug, and she got pretty happy about it. During lunch, a friend gave me some candy, so I gave L some since she seemed to need it more than me. I don’t really know why I expected her to eat it or take it if she wouldn’t even touch the other guy’s stuff. Amazingly, she texted me ten minutes or so after school ended that she really liked the candy and thanked me. I was surprised, to say the least.

Once I got home, I basically fell straight to sleep. I was so dead tired that I didn’t want to do anything. L knew I was tired, too, so she was joking around about not replying to my texts so I would fall asleep. Sadly, it worked, and I napped for about three hours. L also was tired, but she didn’t like to nap, so she just did homework and waited for me. I felt pretty bad, but I was too tired.

I’ve got to do some homework for my Physics class. We have a formula quiz tomorrow, and I have to do write up my test corrections. I looked at the answers earlier today, and I bombed it so hard. I got 5 out of 13 on the multiple choices, and I think I got zero points on the free response. It’s weird, I usually get physics in class, and I thought I did well on the test. Guess not.

That’s all for tonight, and it’s literally one or two minutes before midnight. I’ll be posting this up as soon as possible. Thanks for following and keeping up with my blog. I’ll post again tomorrow.



  1. Whoa! Just made the deadline!!

    Glad to see stuff is going well with you and L! If she rejects his food but excepts yours it sounds like she's sending a clear message! She wants you and not him! Good luck!

  2. Aye, good luck with the lass. Plus you getting jealous like that is a sign you want her. I think if you insist on waiting some more, don't wait too long.

  3. One of those days aye... Keep it up bro!

  4. If she reads your blog then I guess she's now aware of everything.

  5. All my best work in school/college was delivered at the last minute.
    Jealousy can be a healthy sign and as Mark says, don't wait too long, fortune favours the brave.

  6. Oh come on, she likes you, ask her out already!