Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 – Friday (Blog #69)

I don’t know why, but I’m extremely sore. I worked on my calves and legs on Wednesday, and went on the Physics Fun Day yesterday, but I wasn’t sore at all. For some reason, today at school, while I was walking up and down the stairs, my legs basically died out on me. They were really sore, and I couldn’t even walk, not to mention standing straight up.

Class was pretty easy. I actually have no homework this weekend, so that’s going to be a lot of chill time for me. I’ve been just sleeping at home since I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. I texted L a lot today, but she went with her girl friends to the mall to hang out and I was falling asleep so they weren’t constant texts.

I walked her to the library after school today since she had to go tutor, and she actually asked me for a hug. I was surprised as heck, since I’m usually the one that initiates or asks for it. We talked a lot and currently she’s just got some feelings for me, but I’m pretty sure they’re not strong enough that I’d risk asking her out to be in a relationship.

I’m fine with just being her close friend for now. Of course I’ll make moves, and make it obvious that I’m falling for her, but I’ll also show her that I can make her happy… or at least try to. I think she already knows that I like her, but I’ve never directly said it to her. I’m just waiting and trying to get her to like me more so that she’s more certain when I ask her out.

I’m playing some Diablo 2 right now with some friends, so I’ll just hurry and upload this to go back to them. My brother just asked me to reactivate my World of Warcraft account. I really think this is a bad idea… When I was really addicted to WoW, I constantly played it. I spent all day raiding and PvPing, and never did any school work. It also destroyed my social life. It was fun as heck, but I’m currently going after L, so gaming is just a bad distraction.

I’ll post my blog update tomorrow as usual, so thanks for reading and keeping up with me.



  1. Don't worry, WoW is shite these days, you aren't likely to get addicted.

  2. Don't activate your account again, WoW is so addicting!

  3. God hates a coward, you should try to score with that chick quick style. :-0

  4. Hey! It's good to see you're doing well. I wouldn't risk getting into WoW again. I know I wouldn't be saying any new information that you don't all ready know, but it really takes a toll on other people. I think it's not fair to other people, for WoW. My best friends were gone when they were addicted.

    Anyway, good to see things with L are still in the works! Keep it up, buddy! :D

  5. Sometimes muscle pain skips a day if you've really been pushing it.

  6. There's all that free stuff you get if you resubscribe to WoW, so heck why not.

  7. cool, are you trying to be a Diablo lol

  8. Don't do it! Send me the money instead, it'll be for a much better cause.