Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30/12 – Friday (Blog #90)

Wow, 90 blogs already. That’s just about a quarter of the year done. I finally made my decision about going to college today, so I suppose that’s a pretty huge accomplishment. To all of you that live in California, then you should know about a college called Cal Poly Pomona. If not, it’s just a public school that’s in Southern California.

Friday is a pretty chill day normally, and today it was even better. I went to my friend’s house, and saw one of my old friends there. She just chilled with us, and we talked for a little bit. She’s still dating some guy from a year ago, so it’s not like I made a move on her or anything.

I left around noon and came back around 7 in the evening. I also got some money from working yesterday, so I bought some lunch and dinner, which was just a bunch of tacos from Taco Bell, since I was too lazy to walk anywhere farther away.

I didn’t text L at all, and we haven’t talked since Tuesday night. She’s got work tomorrow, so I don’t know if I should visit her or not. I really want to see her and say hi to her, but we haven’t talked at all, so I don’t know about that. If I don’t, then I won’t text her until Monday, when I see her at school. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

That’s really all there is for today. Tomorrow, I’m going to just stay home and relax. I’m not sure if I have any homework, but I have stuff to check. I have to sign a senior contract, and then get some money to pay for my AP test fees, and then tell my parents about graduation and all that junk. Thanks for following my blog, and I’ll post my usual update tomorrow.



  1. Well, good luck on college dude!

  2. Congrats to your 90th blog!

  3. Hey, I didn't know you were from California. Nice to see another SoCal blogger.

  4. Interesting to see that you're entering college while I've almost graduated.

  5. If you care about her then you'll go see her. If you don't, then you've managed to move on.

  6. Congratulations on everything and best of luck with school!!