Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/12 – Wednesday (Blog #67)

Hey everyone, tomorrow I’ll be at Knott’s the whole day, so I’ll probably be exhausted by the time I come home. School was literally just a blur today. I had no homework due for anything, and I only have some things due for Friday, so I’m just going to work out some more and get some good rest.

Physics, we had some demonstration about electroscopes. It was pretty cool. We could see electricity sparking through the air, and we measured how much voltage there was, and all that. We finally finished our house for architectural design, and now we’re just decorating everything. I also cut myself a little bit, but it’ll heal.

In AP Literature, we just talked about the sample research essays again, so that was boring. My C++ assignment is actually harder than I thought it would be. I tried to simply edit a large vector of characters, but numbers would end up taking up more than one position, so I tried to think of another way to do it. I’ll figure something out by Friday.

Stats and government, we really did nothing except for some worksheets, and we didn’t learn anything new. The day went by pretty fast, since I was just excited for my little date with L. I arrived 5 or 6 minutes earlier than she did, and we just made it in before the concert started. At first, it was a bit awkward, but we started talking a bit, and things got pretty casual.

We would just joke around and talk in between the acts. She’s actually really feisty and physical, so if she saw me dozing off or heard me cuss, she’d lightly punch me. It was pretty funny, actually. Then, if I saw her starting to sleep during the concert, I’d tickle her. She jumps up every time I touched her, and it was a good laugh.

After it ended, we just said bye to everyone, and she gave me a hug, and said thanks for inviting her. It was pretty fun, I have to admit, and I offered her a ride home, since she said she was cold and I didn’t want her waiting in the cold. While I was driving her, we had a little bit of private talking time, but it was just more jokes. I guess it’s pretty fast, and we’re not even dating, but it’d be awesome if we kissed.

That’s all for the blog for today, so thanks for keeping up. I’ll definitely post up my update tomorrow to see how Knott’s went. I’m going to upload this and then go start on my workout, since L fell asleep doing her homework, as usual.



  1. It sounds like things are going well between the two of you really. Next us is for you to ask her out where it's just going to be the two of you together.

  2. Hope it continues to go well and stats, I remember that class, fun time..right..haha

  3. sounds like things are going well with L

  4. physics is part of your world, good luck dude

  5. Hope you had a great time!

  6. good to hear the whole L thing is working of luck

  7. First dates are always fun.

  8. Everything here sounds like she's enjoying your company! I think you still have a chance! Next time you go out maybe go for a kiss!