Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15/12 – Thursday (Blog #75)

My word document for this blog has gotten really big. It’s gotten to a total of 58 pages, and 35 thousand words. I’m wondering if I should separate my blogs into different files in case one gets corrupted or something. But, I realized that there really is no need, since all of my blogs are up online.

School was alright, but I was really annoyed today. As you all may know, I like a girl, who I call L on here. I told my close friends that I always hang out with. They joke around with me all the time about me and her, and its fine with me. However, someone I don’t really talk to or enjoy being with found out about me liking L. A few classes later, it seems that person told just about half the whole school.

I walked into my AP Literature class to find out that everyone in the class knew I liked L. People were asking me when, why, and everything about it. I didn’t really care so much about them asking but it’s just that the person was spreading things about me that I didn’t want others to know yet. If I wanted the school to know, then I would’ve told everyone personally. Plus, it seems the person said that we’re already dating. I had to tell everyone that we’re not dating, and we’re just friends.

Along with that, several people were telling me that I should stay away from L. They said that she was really flirty with everyone and is basically a man stealer. That was just really the limit. If I wasn’t in class, I’d have kicked everyone’s butts or something. I did the next best thing, by just changing the subject. I know L is flirty, but she has no motive behind it. She’s simply sweet and cares about other people.

Of course, it sounds like I’m just being oblivious and am too blinded by love. By no means am I blinded or oblivious. I know she flirts with other guys. I’ve seen her hugging and being close with other guys, but it really doesn’t bother me any. She does not currently like anyone, not even me, and I’m perfectly fine with it. I’ve never been a jealous person, and I never will be.

Tomorrow’s Friday, and Monday is going to be a hell day for me. I have to do three big things by Monday. First, I have to write my 5 page research paper for my AP Literature class. I don’t know how hard it’s going to be, but I already have a 2 and a half page outline, so that should be a little bit easier. Next, I have to do a sole proprietorship project for my economics class, where I have to interview a sole proprietor. I actually don’t know any, but I’m going to lie about it and use my dad. Lastly, I have to do test corrections for my Physics test. I actually don’t know how I did for it, but I thought I did average.

I’m just listening to music, but I have to do some outlines for my Econ class, so I’ll probably work on that after I update my blog. That’s really it, so thanks everyone for following and keeping up to date to me. Also, I’d just like to point out that I’ve recently passed 2,000 page views and 100 followers. Thank you all for being awesome people and reading my blog.



  1. You back up your blog like that? I think I trust the online copy enough, plus I probably have too many posts to go back and copy them all down now. As for the L situation, well you don't really know she doesn't like you. You can be flirty without being what they're implying she is though, so just remember that.

  2. Well you do post every day so I'm not surprised by how much you have.

    Also, grats on your milestones. :)

  3. Good luck on your research paper.

  4. problem is 90% do not know how to be flirty and thus when see some one sweet and doing it they just speak against her or him.
    Please be careful regarding reputation of girl as you like her.
    Be brave and try to tell her
    before someone

  5. Sucks when assholes tell others secrets! I hope they get there just deserts!

    As for being flirty, I'm glad you don't care! It just sounds like shes a fun girl. A girl being flirty isn't anything to be worried about! and I'm glad you know that!

    Good luck with her! I'm rooting for you!