Sunday, March 4, 2012

3/4/12 – Sunday (Blog #64)

School tomorrow, this sucks. I’m so glad I’ve got barely any homework, so I should be able to sleep earlier than usual. On the plus side, going to school means I can see L! The only homework I have today is physics, and then I have to write a thesis statement for my AP Literature Research Paper.

My day was pretty simple. I woke up today around 7 or 8. I know, it’s amazing that I actually wake up so early on a weekend. Yesterday, L texted me in the morning to wake me up, so I expected it to happen again today. Sadly, she didn’t today, so I went back to sleep. This time, I woke up around 10, the time when she said she was going to church.

Of course, I couldn’t expect her to text me, but I texted her to ask her and pretend to be mad. Amazingly, she replied and told me she was sorry. L woke up late and had to drive her family to breakfast and to church, so she couldn’t text at all, and she genuinely was sorry for not texting.

This completely blew my mind, because I thought she was just going to say something like it’s not her responsibility or anything, but she actually apologized. I couldn’t be mad of her, but I wasn’t in the first place, so I told her to just enjoy church and to text me back when she was done.

And, viola, she texted me back around 1 in the afternoon. Her church ended, and she texted me, like she said she was going to. I was out with my brother at the time, so I couldn’t devote my entire time texting her, but I sure as heck tried to respond as much as possible. Basically, the whole day, I spent my time texting her.

She fell asleep not that long ago texting me, so that’s actually why I started writing the blog. I’ll finish my physics homework and then just write random nonsense for my thesis. Anyways, that’s really just about my day. Sorry about it all being a girl, but the main designer for the game is at State Qualifying round for his speech and debate team, so we haven’t gotten any work done. Thanks for reading and following, I’ll post my update tomorrow.



  1. sounds like a pretty sweet day

  2. Sounds better than mine.

  3. It sounds like it's going pretty well with her.

  4. Yeah I was never fond of physics, the teacher was a douche.

  5. it seems that you don't appreciate school enough
    just wait, one day you'll wish you'd enjoyed it while you still could

  6. This is such a cute post. Makes me miss my own school days. You are in school, aren't you? :)

  7. School is really fun though!

  8. I wish I enjoyed school more than I do!