Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/8/12 – Thursday (Blog #68)

I’m so sore and tired from today. My body still aches from working out Monday and yesterday, and having to walk at the amusement park all day didn’t help. Apparently, Physics Fun Day is a real day. It takes place at Knott’s Berry Farm, and basically a bunch of schools go to it with their little rulers and inclinometer and stopwatches and everything.

Of course, my friends and I, being the cool kids that we are, we didn’t bother. There are answers online, too, so we’re probably just going to copy those. I just looked online earlier, and apparently it’s missing a few answers and questions, but that’ll be fine, I hope.

We went on basically every ride. I spent about $20 on food and drinks, and then another $20 on trying to win a stuffed toy for L. It took $16 dollars, and then I spent another $15 on a little pink bracelet. L likes to wear a lot of bracelets, so I decided to get one for her.

We got home around 5, and L gets off work at 6 in the afternoon, so I quickly just walked over to her work. I gave her the stuffed toy and the bracelet was around the toy’s arm. She was really embarrassed, and she was so cute. She gave me a quick hug, and since she was still at work, she had to hurry and get back to work.

I just ordered a quick drink, and then my friends came to basically mess with me. They ordered drinks, and we just joked around. L turned so red when we started talking about her. About 10 minutes later, when we were going to leave, I said bye to her, and we hugged. Then, of course, my friends all made the ‘aw’ sound and basically embarrassed both of us.

I’ve got a lot of homework to do, actually, but I spent the whole day texting and talking to L. She’s actually still up and she had some argument with her parents, so I’ve been trying to keep her happy and to get her to feel better. I’ll end it here, since I should start on my homework soon. Thanks for following, I’ll post my update tomorrow!



  1. I'm happy for you dude, I haven't been reading your blog recently but I just caught myself up to this one. Couple of things:

    Your game is really cool, I think it's great that you and your friends actually made that! I played it for a little while, it was fun!
    You and that girl sound really cute, and I'm happy for you.
    And finally I gotta say I love your background on your blog xD I'm just really tired now because I woke up at 8am and it's almost 2 am at night.

    Keep the good blogs coming!

  2. That is actually pretty sweet how you did that.

  3. Nothing like friends who are always trying to mess with you.

  4. you should definitely pay attention to your homework
    and you wouldn't be sore if you worked out more often