Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1/10/12 – Tuesday (Blog #10)

Guess this is another ‘cutting it close!’ It’s about 11:20 PM right now. Today was a pretty exhausting day, so I’ll tell you guys why I’m late today. Luckily, posting up my blogs this late was my original plan, because I didn’t want to miss anything in my day at all, so I guess things work out after all. So, first with the comments: thanks everyone for so many comments! I think that’s an all-high new. @Anne, I’ll try and post blogs daily around 11 to 12 PM every day, so no worries there. @Barricuda, you know me well! Party hardy, my friend. @Weise, let’s find a way to contact each other, but I’ll be remaining anonymous still, so I’ll probably use a random email or SN for anything. @Jason and JacobMayhem, yeah, my C++ class is easy to me, but it’s pretty confusing to others apparently. If you love computers and programming, then it’s easy. To everyone talking about M, thanks for all your concerns. I’ll definitely keep up my chase, no matter how it ends, ha. Alright, that’s enough for comments, so I’ll tell you guys why today was so exhausting.

Woke up today and got to school right as the bell was ringing, so I walked into class with everyone already sitting down. Luckily, my physics teacher is nice and knows me, so he lets me off easy with tardiness. We talked about electrostatics and charges, so it was pretty cool. My CAD class was annoying, because all my work was gone due to reformats on everyone’s computer over break, so I had to try and finish 2-3 months of work in a day… which is well impossible. Then, I got a couple of my essays back in Literature, and I got B grades on all of them. It’s not really disappoint, since I’ve never even written so many essays in a week before, but I also got to see grades that were 9’s (We use AP Grading scale, so 9  is the best, and 1 is the worst), so I can hopefully improve.

In the C++ class, I didn’t even do any programming, and I was trying to finish my homework for my other class, Government, because I forgot to do it yesterday. My teacher doesn’t allow other homework, so I was pretty much alt-tabbing in between screens almost every 5-10 minutes so that she wouldn’t see anything. After that, I went to lunch, and just did my AP Stats homework, which took almost the whole lunch. I didn’t get to look for M, but I did send her a text. Sadly, no reply, so that bummed me out. I was planning to go eat lunch too, but only 15-20 minutes after lunch break started, the lunch lines closed or something. It was weird, because they’re usually open for at least half an hour. Well, I was pretty much starving the whole day thanks to that. In Stats, we had to go over finals, and since we’re AP, we have to go over extra material. We had to go over regression and random sampling, which we did at the beginning of the semester, but I forgot it all, so it was a good refresher course.

Lastly, I went to Government, and we got this 250 question study guide for finals. Even though we’re in AP, we still get the same finals as regular, which took a load off my back. We continued watching the movie. I actually remembered the name of the movie this time. It’s called “Indictment: The McMartin Trial.” We still didn’t finish it, so I guess we’ll watch it tomorrow also. School ended with that, but I’m part of NHS, National Honors Society, so I had to tutor another student for about two hours. I was still starving, and I didn’t have any time to buy any food, so I just sat there, helping my tutee doing her work and explaining concepts to her. Finally, after two hours and getting my slip signed, I could go buy food. Luckily, today’s Tuesday, and there was the 2 pieces of chicken at Popeyes for only $1. I bought it, and went home, and just devoured the chicken, it was so delicious.

Almost exactly after finishing eating, M texted me back. Even though I texted her almost 5-6 hours earlier, she replied now. Well, at least it’s better than ignoring me, and we texted a bit. It was nice being able to talk to her after the whole day, and it made me happy. I’m glad she doesn’t hate me after all, since we seemed to talk normally, but it was a bit as if she seemed annoyed with talking to me. I don’t even know why she seems annoyed, since I’m not even saying anything unusual. But anyways, that’s my whole day, since I still haven’t done my homework. I’ll probably do it after uploading this blog and checking countless other blogs of other people. Thanks again for reading, and the continued support. I’ll still pump out my blogs, one a day, so expect one tomorrow.



  1. Yeah I was wondering why you hadn't posted your update yet. School starts in Feb for me. Hope all goes well with school. Hope M texts back!

  2. Good luck with getting your CAD work back, doesn't seem very brilliant to format the computers without letting everyone save their stuff first.

  3. Nice to see the dedication, man.

  4. Hope this thingy with M. ends well

  5. Good luck with school and with M!

  6. man stressful day pal you need some relax time soon!! keep ya chin up!