Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/29/12 – Sunday (Blog #29)

Aw yeah! Almost one whole month of blogging! How exciting. I’ve failed updating on time a few times, but so far it’s been going pretty well. Anyways, thanks for all the awesome comments so far, everyone. I’ll definitely keep up this blogging thing as long as I can.

I woke up today pretty early compared to yesterday, I think around 10 AM or so. I played a bit of Diablo 2, and then went out to eat some Pho for lunch. After that, I pretty much just stayed home all day, playing Diablo 2 with my friends. We finished the entire Normal difficulty, and killed all the bosses in one day, so we’re pretty much tired and tuckered out.

I texted M a little bit today, but she was at her friend’s house so I didn’t want to text her. Also, I heard from a few of my other friends that she’s starting to crush on some other guy. That made me a little bit sad, but I guess it doesn’t matter much to me. If she likes another guy, then good for her, nothing I can do about it. I’ll still text her from time to time to see how she’s doing and all that though, but it depends. Of course, there is always the good side, and that maybe she likes me, but it’s very unlikely, maybe like 1%?

I think I made a personal little resolution for myself that if I couldn’t get M, then I’d give up on love for a while. It’s not really that sad to me, since there are plenty of other girls in this big world. It’s just that right now, I want her only. The resolution was that I’d stop chasing after girls for the remainder of my high school days, so it’s not that bad. It’s already the beginning of 2nd semester, and if she hooks up with another guy, then I’ll just stop chasing after her.

I don’t get the whole concept of love, for some reason. It’s probably just because I haven’t found the right girl. I’ve thought about finding a girl that makes me happy all the time, regardless of what I do, but I don’t think I’m happy with that. For me, it seems that the definition of love is finding someone that you want to make happy all the time. Instead of her making me happy, I want to make her happy, no matter what. If she’s unhappy and depressed or angry, I’d try and do my best to cheer her up and make her happy. When I find a girl like that, then I’ve fallen for her.
I guess that’s my little rant about love. Oh, and of course there’s the whole ‘family love’ type of thing, but I don’t really have love for my family. Yeah, my parents are the ones that have raised me, but I don’t think I love them more than my future wife or girlfriend or my brother. One of my goals in life of course is to support my family and make my parents proud, but it’s not because I love them. It’s really just about me making others happy, for some reason. Maybe I’m just weird, but it makes me satisfied as long as I know others are happy.

That’s enough for today; I’ll post my update tomorrow as usual. Thanks for reading!



  1. That is such a sweet sentiment. To want to make other people happy. It's almost impossible to do though and love is also about the bad times, the times when someone is depressed and allowing them to feel that way. Loving them through the difficult times is the key thing. M may not be the right girl for you, but the right one is out there-somewhere.

  2. I never understood that "family first, no matter what" sentiment, either.

  3. man i know it sounds lame and cliche but i was single for 5 years by choice and was loving being able to unashamedly flirt with nearly every woman i met like a dog lol but when i started doing this instead of trying to size up every chick as a potential next gf and love of my life a chick fell in love with me :) i think sometimes you just have to stop chasing and let someone fall in love with you, who knows you might fall in love with them too.
    TL;DR - Don't always try and impress someone, let someone impress you for once :D

  4. I`m really sorry to hear that about M.
    I think Zap McBlowfist gave you some good advice here.:)