Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28/12 – Saturday (Blog #28)

Yes! I manage to make my friends play Diablo 2 with me! Ha, it’s so fun. We’ve just spent the last 5-6 hours playing it, and we still haven’t finished Act 1 yet. I loved Diablo 2, and it was the first game I’ve ever played on the computer. It was seriously an awesome game, and it still is. Anyways, thanks for all the comments and support!

I woke up today around 2 PM, which was really shocking. I never sleep past the morning time, or lunch, but I think it’s because of the all nighter that I took on Thursday night. The fatigue and exhaustion must’ve built up and I just slept. It was weird, because I woke up earlier in the day or morning, around 8 or 9, but I was so tired I just kept sleeping. I’m glad I slept through all the way though, because I was really energetic afterwards. I love sleep, it’s definitely awesome.

After that, I played some Diablo 2, and one of my friends just suddenly goes ‘Oh hey, I downloaded D2 today, help me level!’, and then suddenly all of my other friends got it and downloaded it and played with us. Most of them went off for the night though, so now it’s just me and another friend, and I’m going back to leveling with him after this blog update.

I didn’t talk to M today, which sort of disappointed me, but I don’t want to try and message her now, since it’s almost midnight and I don’t know if she went to sleep yet. It’d be awesome if she’d reply. But, I’ll just try tomorrow morning maybe, since I feel like messaging her all the time is pretty bad.

I should really start blogging earlier, because I always feel like I’m rushing through all of these all the time, and I almost never even update on time lately, but oh well. That’s enough for today, sadly, since I don’t want to keep my friend waiting. I’ll post again tomorrow, so thanks for following!



  1. D2.. i wanted to install it again but I'll just wait for D3. Torchlight is only a temporary "replacement"

  2. Must resist installing it. Easily thrown away many hours ;)

  3. A lot of D2 now :P Never really liked it.

  4. diablo 2 is the shit
    its awesome having played for so long now i can get whatever i want :b

  5. Love d2 man cant wait for d3.

    Best thing to do with M .. play it cool mon frere!!!