Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16/12 – Monday (Blog #16)

Hip hip hooray for another lazy day. It’s definitely really chill today. I was supposed to have done my homework, but I still didn’t start, so I don’t know what I’ll do about it. Maybe I’ll start on it later. Anyways, thanks again for all the comments. I’ll definitely start to check out other people’s blogs this week, since I’ve been lazy this weekend.

I started off the day by going to lunch at some Pho restaurant, which was really delicious. Then, I walked my dogs and only one of my dogs did their business for some reason. Oh, and half way through our walk, someone else’s dog came near my dogs, without a leash, and started interacting with my dogs. The owner came and quickly grabbed the dog before it started fighting with my dogs, and apologized. I think my dogs would’ve been able to fight off the other dogs though, ha.

I played Deus Ex – Human Revolution the whole day again. It was really cool. Apparently the enemy is actually some Pharmaceutical company in China, and I tried to play to get the achievements, which means I have to finish the game without anyone dying at all by my hands or indirectly involved by me. It’s really hard, having to sneak through every single level without being noticed or killing anyone. Luckily, my trusty stun gun and I are making it through the levels.

I have school tomorrow, and then tutoring, but after that, are my finals. My finals are probably going to be easy, and I have short days on those days, so I’ll probably go out with my friends. Maybe I can finally get M to go out with me, not really of a date, but to hang out. I managed to text her a bit today, but she really hasn’t responded much. She seemed pretty down, so I tried to cheer her up, but she just wouldn’t open up to me. I guess she doesn’t really see me as more than an acquaintance or friend. But, whatever, I’ll keep trying.

That’s it for today. It’s short, since I didn’t do much. I’m going to go play some games, do my homework, and then sleep. Thanks for following. I’ll post another one tomorrow, as always.



  1. On the topic of M: at least you're not friendzoned :P

    I gotta try this Pho I see on tv and read about all the time. Too bad i dont know of any viets where i'm at.

  2. Agree with jay, Great blog by the way! Following

  3. Reading your blog I miss my highschool years ;]

  4. Really need to try out Deus Ex, sounds like a very good game.

  5. Blah.. Deux Eh.. never liked it

  6. I feel like punching M she needs to stop being such a derp and drop the act and give some feelings back, good luck chap!

  7. That game sounds difficult. gl