Monday, January 23, 2012

1/23/12 – Monday (Blog #23)

What an exciting day. Nah, not really, but I don’t know how to start off these things sometimes. Thanks for all the Happy New Year wishes; it’s definitely awesome getting to celebrate to New Years in one year. It’s like a two-in-one pack!

I woke up pretty early since I had to go to temple with my family. If you’ve never gone to temple before, the whole experience is really weird. The one I went to was pretty nearby and I saw a few friends there. Anyways, first I’ll describe the process. At the beginning, there’s usually someone handing out incense to burn. It’s a pretty long stick, because it has to last through a lot of praying. Then, you just go to each ‘station’ or area, and pray. There are different types of areas though.  There’s one where it’s just a giant statue area, and each wall/face of the statue has different words, such as Happiness, Prosperity, Luck, and Health. You take turns praying at each wall, and then move on. There’s also another one, where there’s a picture of different deities and different zodiac animals, and you pray to your own animal and deities.

Originally, I’m not even religious or anything like that. I never have been. I always go along because it’s my family’s religion. But, there’s no harm in praying with your family, because it’s just things like hoping for good health, good wealth, and good luck. Just because you don’t believe in religion doesn’t mean you have to completely distrust it. Now, I’m not trying to convert anyone, especially since I’m atheist. There was this one saying I heard somewhere: “Everyone’s entitled to their own religion, but when you start shoving it down my throat, I’ll kick your butt,” or something like that. Actually, I think it was nothing like that, since the version I remember was really vulgar.

Anyways, enough about religion! I spent the whole day doing homework with friends. We have a project due tomorrow, and we barely just started. It’s a group of 4 slackers and procrastinators, so I wasn’t really surprised, but it’s fun. That’s all for today, so thanks for reading! I’ll post up my blog as usual tomorrow.



  1. Not religious myself either, but I think doing some of those things can bee good anyway.

  2. you can only object from an informed point of view :) i also did church but decided it wasnt for me.

  3. " It’s a group of 4 slackers and procrastinators" Seems legit. Haha hope that goes well for you.

  4. Sometimes standing around and thinking is great! I understand where your coming from!

  5. Yeah not religious either, but like you said everyone is entitled to their own belief.