Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13/12 – Friday (Blog #13)

Is this the beginning of my ‘I don’t want to do this anymore?’ Maybe, but it’s probably just because I slept the whole day. Today was pretty uneventful, so there probably won’t be much. I’ll just get straight to it. It’s not really anything about it being Friday the 13th or anything like that. To most of the comments that say she’s into me, maybe after today you’ll think otherwise. Thanks for all the comments and support.

All of the classes today were cut short, since we had a winter rally after our 4th period, right before lunch. We didn’t even do anything in most of my classes, and we just had a free day basically, talking and chilling with all our friends.

During the rally, we just watched our class representatives compete, and I can’t believe my year, senior, lost. We lost in the first round too. It must’ve been disappointing to everyone. I wonder if everyone actually cares about school stuff so much that they would think badly of the person that was competing and made us lose. Technically, they didn’t ‘make’ us lose, I suppose, but they made the class look bad, even though seniors are supposedly the ‘bad-ass’ students of the school.

Anyways, during lunch I had to tutor again, and I tutored again after school. Well, when I went to the library during lunch, the moment I walked in and walked over to the tables, I saw M in the library. She was with her friend, and looking for some books, probably for her English class. We made eye contact, and I was going to go say hi, but she just continued talking with her friend and looked for a book. I was pretty tired, so I couldn’t think about what just happened, so I went to the tables and just sat there, half-asleep and waiting for my tutee. She came, and I tutored her for her horrible algebra again.

I don’t know why M just ignored me, so I figured I’d text her later and ask. Well, lunch ended, and I just slept through my other classes. After school, I went to tutoring, and sent M a text just saying hi. For some reason, she didn’t reply. It’s weird. After yesterday, when she hit me with her binder, she hasn’t talked to me in real life or through texts. If she wanted to confuse me, then she’s done a thorough job, because I don’t know what to think. Well, that’s why I pretty much fell straight to sleep after coming home from tutoring. I didn’t even wake up to eat dinner, and ate it after I woke up 20-30 minutes before writing this.

That’s pretty much it for my day. Sorry if it’s very uneventful and boring, but I just fell asleep the whole day. I’ll write more tomorrow, for sure, since it’s a Saturday. Thank you all for the support. If I don’t write a post tomorrow, then, my apologies! I probably will, but who knows.



  1. M. sure is tough to understand

  2. Interacting with the opposite sex can be a strange and confusing thing, no matter how long you've done it.

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  4. i'd hate to put ur hopes up but there are 2 things:

    1) be pessimistic and say its over
    2) be optimistic and say "she's in doubt and not talking to me means she's developed feelings".

    pessimistic might be the wrong word...i meant.. realistic? but realistic could mean either way.

    ok to cut this short i'd say just be neutral. sometimes we fall hard and it hurts but question is..."is she worth holding on to?" which leads to another question: is she worth the risk of getting hurt when things don't go right?

    Good luck man :)

  5. I don't think you should read too much into that one interaction, if that's something that she'll continue doing then I'd start to wonder.

  6. you need to stop chasing if she aint replying dont send more txt's just step back and let her do some chasing for attention.

  7. Mate, you should really take it cool and maybe wait for her to send a text saying hi. Good luck, anyway!:)

  8. The senior class has a personal responsibility to not care about rallies, I think. In any case, as mentioned above you should probably just put this off for a bit; if she does approach you, then by all means make another effort, but go a bit further and be more direct.

  9. I've read sing your first blog, and loved every single one. Keep it up!

  10. Maybe she just wants you to take the initiative and ask her to a movie or something, in person.