Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 – Monday (Blog #30)

Technically, after tomorrow, it’ll be one month of blogging complete! How exciting, ha. Today was pretty relaxing. I slept around 4 AM, playing some games on my phone, and just thinking about things, and then I fell asleep, and my parents woke me up around 6 AM. Of course, I was really annoyed, because I didn’t have school today and they just disrupted my sleep. I really enjoy my sleep, so when people wake me up for useless reasons it really annoys me. Then, for some random reason, my brother woke me up around noon also, asking me to go walk the dogs. I probably would’ve slept for even longer, but no one seems to want to let me sleep around here lately.

I walked my dogs and then got some lunch, and then just went home and relaxed a bit. I played some Diablo 2 with some of my friends, and we started on the Nightmare difficulty. A few hours earlier, we defeated the Act 1 boss in the Nightmare difficulty, and then we all decided to stop for the night and do homework. I probably should’ve done my homework too, but I was really procrastinating a lot, so I just kept on playing games.

During the day, I found out about this interesting musical instrument, called a hang drum. It’s really unique; basically a UFO looking instrument that only 2 people in the world produce and they create only a few hundred a year. You guys should try looking them up on YouTube, they sound really beautiful. It all started with some street performer video that everyone was sharing on Facebook, and I just kept looking for talented street artists.

Anyways, I also started to play some Tetris games online. I used to play Tetris almost all the time when I was a kid, with my giant block GameBoy in black and white. I would spend hours on that game, and then watch the giant rocket blast off when I finished clearing all the lines. I looked online and found out that Tetris had their own website, and then there were so many new types of modes to play. I tried all of them, and it’s actually harder than it seems. Playing with others is intense, since they can make more lines show up on your screen, and mess around with it using items.

Of course, I still win most of them, since I’ve played since I was a kid, so it’s still fun to crush them easily. Alright, it’s almost midnight, so I’ll quickly just end this and post it up online. Thanks again for reading so far. I have school tomorrow, so I’ll have to hurry and finish my homework and then play some games and then go sleep before school starts tomorrow.



  1. Tetris is probably the game I still spend most time on, since I got it on my phone I play it whenever I get the chance.

  2. Tetris is cool, mate. Classic game.

  3. I second the notion of enjoying sleep. I had to get up early today for my first class at 8am. I literally opened my eyes and reached for my phone to check how much more time I had before the alarm would go off, and it went off in my hand.

    Yeah, tetris is a pretty cool game
    I like your blogs and I followed you! Omnislash is a sweet move on Juggernaut. I am also into Dota and will probably blog about it a lot, feel free to check me out, thank you :) I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stories about Dota.

  4. heh, the most replayable game of all time, tetris

  5. sounds fun dude .., thats mon over and done with ^^

  6. I love Diablo 2, I'm glad to hear there's people who still play it :)