Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/27/12 – Friday (Blog #27)

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Finally I can sleep! This is the second all nighter that we did already for the project. Finally, we finished. The presentation was really awesome I think, because almost everyone laughed and the teacher was talking about it in another class too. Out of all the other projects, I think we did the best. Instead of the usual presentations where everyone just talks and stands in front of the class. Anyways, thanks for all the awesome comments!

My day started okay, I went to school and basically just spent the first three periods practicing my skit for AP Lit. It was pretty intense though. It was really mostly improvisation and we messed up a few parts, but it was enough for people to laugh and enjoy it.

I took a nap after school, after helping out my friends during Interact again, and we finished making our invitations for some award ceremony. Apparently, M texted me while I was napping too. It’s really weird. She usually never texts me for the first time, so I guess the whole ‘Ignore her and she’ll miss it” or something like that really works. I’m a bit late again on this, but I think it’s going to be happening a lot more now, since me and my friends are getting more and more hyped up for SC2 and DotA 2 and Diablo 3, so I’m going to be gaming a lot more.

I have Monday off for school, so that means more gaming! –Insert evil laugh here.- I can’t wait to just sleep in one of these days though. That’s enough for today, I feel bad for failing to update these blogs up on time, so I’ll keep it as short of a delay as possible. Thanks again for all the support and follows, I’ll report again tomorrow!



  1. Enjoy your long weekend and have fun gaming!

  2. wow been a while since i've read a blog. well actually just a week but that's a long time. nice fresh update :)

  3. I told you that the ignoring her thing works.

  4. I can sense the anxiety that you had to put up with - I've been there. Enjoy your well earned, albeit short rest!

  5. Wish I had Monday off. No such luck for me.