Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/21/12 – Saturday (Blog #21)

Lazy weekends are awesome, ha. I can’t wait to just sleep in the whole day tomorrow. I’ll talk about music a bit today; since I said I would yesterday. Thanks for all the comments, and I didn’t know so many people went rock climbing too. And @Anne, I’ll try and take some pictures on my cell phone, but I get so absorbed in the whole atmosphere and I really don’t think about other things, ha.

I woke up and watched some morning cartoons. I always look forward to watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. It reminds me of when I was a bit younger, especially during middle school or elementary, and I would always wake up early to watch cartoons. After that, I just stayed inside the whole day and played Starcraft 2. I’ve gotten rusty lately, so I wanted to start playing again. I also spent a good time of the day looking for a new manga site. The old one that I used to read my manga was shut down, due to a wide-range IP ban from my ISP, so I looked around for a new one.

That’s pretty much my whole day, so this should give me a bit of more writing room for my music rant! If you’re not interested at all about music, then you can stop reading. It’s just about me and my tastes in music anyways.

When I was young, around elementary school years, my brother introduced me to something called rap. My favorite artist was Eminem, and my favorite song was “Business”. I listened to rap almost 24/7, all the way up until the end of my middle school years. Listening to rap music didn’t turn me into a gangster or anything like that. It also never badly influenced me. I just loved listening to the feelings and thoughts that the artists poured into the songs.

Then, a few of my friends introduced me to trance, during middle school. I didn’t listen to it much at first, since I was still listening to rap a lot. But, none of my friends were into rap, so I had to listen to other music, because I didn’t want to seem out of place. I liked trance instead of the usual hip hop because of the beats. I was in Orchestra for a long time, and I just liked the beats of music and the music. Trance was really mind blowing to me because I always thought songs had to have lyrics to make sense.

During high school, my music was most dominantly trance and other type of techno music, such as dubstep, house, etc. My favorite artists were Tiesto, Groove Coverage, Basshunter, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, and AN21. I really fell in love with songs that were pure music and had no lyrics at all. I noticed this a while back, and thought about a few reasons.

I began programming and coding during my late middle school years, which is probably why I didn’t listen to rap anymore. The lyrics of the songs got me singing along, which really confuses things inside my head while I’m trying to program. The music of the trance music also gave me a never-ending supply of excitement and always kept me up. It just made me feel good inside, I’m still not sure why.

Even now, my favorite type of music to listen to is trance. However, instead of pure music, I’ve begun to like trance with singers. It’s a different type of lyrics than rap, because rap music really talked about their lives. For trance lyrics, it’s really just about keeping the music going and getting the people into the rhythm.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t listen to other types of music, such as hip hop, pop, rock, heavy metal, and other things. But most of it is because there are particular songs that have very good beats and rhythm and it just puts me in the same mood as trance does. My friends sometimes question me and ask why I don’t know the lyrics of popular songs, like Lady Gaga or Bruno Mars, or whatever’s popular, and I just simply tell them that I don’t listen to them. It’s not like I’ve never heard of the songs before, but I don’t know the lyrics because those aren’t what I listen to. I listen to the beats of the songs, not the words. Maybe I’m just weird though, since no one else seems to do that.

That’s enough writing for today. My day was pretty short, so I hope the little rant about music made things interesting for you all! And if you guys’ don’t care about the music rant, then sorry. I’ll think about what to post about tomorrow. I still have a lot of homework to do, but I have Monday off. Oh yeah, and it’s Chinese New Year soon, so I get money, so that means I can go out more!



  1. Interestng post like always, mate.

  2. So, what manga are you reading? When I'm doing mundane tasks and need music to get me pumped I listen to Lil' Wyane. Sounds crazy I know, but it works.

  3. I don't mind the occasional trance here and there but as long as something has piano in it, I'll probably like it.

  4. Good read as usual. Quite a fan of Manga

  5. Huh, interesting. I like rap and techno/trance/EDM plenty, but I think you and I have different opinions on what 'pure' music is. Not that that's a bad thing, different strokes for different folks!

    I'll be sure to read more of your music blogging, since music's kinda my deal too.

  6. I grew up on video game OSTs, and from there branched into just about every genre (except rap, since rap wasn't really represented in video games).

  7. yea, i generally can't study or write with music that has lyrics. I pretty much have to go with classical or jazz. just background noise really