Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19/12 – Thursday (Blog #19)

One more day of finals and it’ll finally be the weekend! Can’t wait for the week to end, I’ve been pretty tired of it. Today was my CAD and AP Stats class, so I didn’t have any finals except my Stats. It was really easy, except for one of the Free Response questions. I thought I did pretty well on it all though. To all the comments, thanks for the continued support! I actually am sick now, sadly. And I see what you guys mean when I might be too annoying if I just keep sending her texts, so I’ll stop for a while. I sent her just one text today, saying hi and asking what’s up, but she didn’t reply. Maybe I’ll try again in a week or so, when she forgets about how annoying I was, ha.

I pretty much did nothing today. I came home and played some Deus Ex again, this time going all shooter, instead of doing the stealth play. Also, I cleaned up my computer today. I deleted a lot of my icons on the desktop, uninstalled useless programs, and cleaned up useless stuff I never used. I also downloaded two programs, called RainMeter and RocketDock. These two programs basically make the desktop look very awesome, with smooth interface and everything. RocketDock lets me put icons on there, and I can just hide the icons on my regular desktop. RainMeter allows me to put things like the weather, my email, news feeds, and CPU status on a sidebar. Basically, my desktop now looks very awesome. It makes things look a lot smoother. I’ll continue messing around with things and customize more things on them after this blog.

My real finals are tomorrow. I have to do AP Lit and AP Gov finals. Luckily, due to budget cuts or something, all AP finals are regular finals, so it’s probably just all multiple choice answers. For AP Lit, there’s really nothing to study, so I can’t do that. However, for AP Gov, I actually have a study guide due tomorrow. I still haven’t done it, so I better hurry and finish it! Luckily, thanks for Facebook, everyone puts the answers online, so it’s easy to just copy, but I also want to study from it.

That’s it for today; I’m trying to keep it short. Tomorrow will definitely be a fun day. TGIF, am I right? Or at least, tomorrow will be Friday. Once again, leave a comment if you want, and thanks for all the support. I’ll post up my usual update tomorrow.



  1. Sorry to hear that you are sick, mate. Hope you`ll recover fast.

  2. I love doing PC cleans, feels great to have a faster machine.

    Rainmeter is awesome too, I gotta re-download it at some point...

  3. Sounds like a good plan with the girl! Good luck!

  4. Hope you did well on AP Lit! :D I remember those days, Passed Stats and Music Theory. Lit took me by surprise.

    I used RainMeter for a little while, had an Iron Man look.