Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/12 – Tuesday (Blog #31)

Alright! One month will be finally over starting tomorrow! How awesome. I’ve written about 18,000 words so far on this word document, and about 27 pages, so that’s not that bad for a month. It’s about 1 page of writing a day, but there are those small days, so that’s why it’s shorter than 31 pages. Thanks for all the awesome comments and support from everyone.

Today was interesting, I suppose. I think I really will give up on M, since it seems to be going nowhere. She has a Tumblr page, and sometimes I check on it, and it said something about Valentine’s Day and Sadie’s Dance, which is coming up soon. Since we haven’t talked at all lately for about a week already, I can assume it’s not about me, so she’s found another guy. Good for her, though.

There were some foreign students from China that came to visit our school today. They barely knew any English, but they shadowed our ASB members around the day at school. I saw a few in all of my classes, but the funniest was in AP Literature, because we had to do an essay. We all joked about how they’re just going to sit there and do nothing for the whole hour while we write out essays.

After school, I was walking home, and I had a weird rant inside my own mind. There’s this whole concept of respect that I seem to prefer. For example, I respect several people in my life, like my father, brother, teachers, and all those types. That’s just for people, though. I also respect everyone’s own opinions and their beliefs. If someone believes one way, it’s totally up to them. But, when they say one thing and do another, I completely lose respect for that person. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t get why no one has respect in our society anymore.

I’ve grown up in an Asian family, so my whole life I’ve respected my elders, so it’s a natural thing for me. But, I’ve seen the way my friends act towards their parents, and there’s almost no respect at all. I know some students that are completely disrespectful to their teachers, too. And then there’s the whole ‘chivalry’ thing. But, that’s more towards manners. I always hold the door open for people, regardless of whether or not they’re female, and I always help people when I see them in trouble. I guess I’m just a really helpful person, but it’s just easier for me to help them then to watch them go through embarrassment and shame when they need the help. I don’t expect anything in return; it just makes things easier for me, for some reason.

One time, I was walking home, and I saw a girl sitting near the school entrance, and she asked me for a dollar for bus money. I was planning on taking the bus for myself, so I only had a dollar, but I ended up giving it to her anyways. I didn’t ask her for a name, a number, or even to pay me back, and I just gave it to her. She just said thanks, and waited at a bus stop, and I began to walk home. I still haven’t seen that girl again yet, but I don’t really expect to.

I suppose that should be enough for today, since I still have a lot of homework that I have to do. I’ve got a lot of homework today, including an essay and a note of chapters for Economics. I would’ve done them earlier, but I’ve been lazy and playing Tetris while reading manga. I’ll post my update again tomorrow, on the first day of February!



  1. It`s not an easy topic to discuss, mate. Some people maybe just aren`t used to respecting others because their parents maybe weren´t that respectable. The evironment we grow up forms our personalities a lot.
    Great post, though. Like always. Don`t worry about M. She may still come around.

  2. It always pays to be nice and that story really made me smile im sure karma will reward you in some other way mon frere ^^