Friday, January 27, 2012

1/26/12 – Thursday (Blog #26)

Shoot. I’m so tired today. I had to go to my friend’s house after school today to work a bit on our project. We basically spent 3-4 hours talking about what our little presentation is going to be about, and how each part is going to go. Anyways, thanks for all the support and comments. I’m feeling pretty tired, so I might not be able to update the blog immediately, but I’ll try to the moment I wake up.

School was the same as usual. Sadly, M wasn’t there, since she’s really sick. I didn’t bother texting her, since yesterday she was sick and didn’t reply either, since she was sleeping. Anyways, my classes were boring, and really didn’t learn much. We’re starting to learn more concepts in Physics, and the same in Economics. It’s pretty fun in Economics, since it’s a bit about math.

After school, I actually had to help our Interact club do stuff quickly, since a few of my friends are top-officers in Interact. Interact, for those that don’t know, is basically the club where everyone volunteers to help around the community. We spent about an hour there, working on stuff, and then went over to our friend’s house for the project. There, we basically just had 3-4 hours of a thinking session, where we planned what to do. We still have to make a script for everything though, but that’ll probably take a long time.

I’m pretty tired, so that’s it for today, sorry! I also will go take a nap, so I’m not sure if I can upload this before the new day starts. Sorry if I don’t. It’s Friday tomorrow, so it’ll be awesome! I’ll upload my blog again tomorrow.



  1. Interact sounds like a worthwhile endeavor

  2. Glad to hear your giving M space. Do you talk to her in person much? or just through emails?

  3. fair play man least you do some volunteer work! lots of ppl dont, myself i do a few days at my local zoo but its only really so i can hang around and check out the Gibbon monkeys^_^

  4. Interact seems fun. If we had that I would do it but we dont. I did have to 200 hours community service though for a stupid project but it doesnt count. I slacked. Followed

  5. I hated Econ, but loved Physics. It's a good thing I paid attention in Econ though, as it helps understand how business works in this new global economy. And it's nice to see young people working to help their community.