Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/18/12 – Wednesday (Blog #18)

Finally done with tutoring, alright! I don’t have to tutor anymore for this semester, probably, which should be a few weeks, until the second semester starts. Thanks all for all the comments and support. All of you guys gave me some awesome ideas; I’ll definitely think about them and try to get M to trust me.

Today was really interesting. My Physics class was really just all about going over our homework and more stuff about electrostatics. We’re learning about circuits, such as capacitors, circuits, and inhibitors. There’s also stuff about induction and conduction, which is apparently really important. There was also supposed to be a lab activity in class, but we ran out of time, even though it was 2 hours of class.

After that, our school has our finals schedule to have 2 classes of finals a day for three days. Today was Physics and C++, which neither of them has finals. In C++, my friends and I managed to download SC2, MapleStory, League of Legends, and WC3 onto our computers. I was playing it the whole 2 hours, after finishing my current assignment. Me and my friends also LAN’ed a little bit on SC2. It was really fun, and it was really relaxing.

Once my classes were over, I had to go tutor with a friend again, for two hours. School gets out around 12:15, so I got home at 2:15, or around there, since it took time to walk home. I usually walk home, which takes me about half an hour to forty-five minutes. I live about 3 miles away from school. I don’t live in my school’s unified school district, so in legal standards, I’m not allowed to go to that school. However, I faked my address by using one of my friends, which allows me to attend the school. I like using the time it takes for me to walk to think about things, like M.

I managed to finish Deus Ex today, managing to finish without killing a single person or being spotted, except during boss fights. It was really frustrating, but I managed to do it. I also unlocked all four of the endings, which was pretty fun to watch. It talked about morality and what makes us human and all of that garbage.

For some reason, M didn’t reply to any of my texts today. I’m not sure why, since I didn’t see her sad or anything at all. Usually, she posts stuff online, such as on Facebook or Tumblr, but there was nothing today. I wanted to call and ask, but that seriously seems too creepy. I’ll just try and text her again tomorrow, and see what happens. I did see her in the morning before school started, but I was hanging out with my friends and she was with her friends, so I didn’t talk to her. I should really be more alpha and just suck it up and talk to her, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself.

That’s it for today. I also started to get a cold, and I’m sneezing a lot, so I’ve been having this stuffy nose, which sucks. Luckily I have finals, so I get to come home earlier and just relax. Also, I’ll post my blog again tomorrow, so no worries for that. Thanks for all the continued support.



  1. Good luck with the finals and you are welcome, mate!

  2. Nothing like lanning SC2. Great blog! :)

  3. Hopefully it isn't the flu that's incoming.

  4. I've told you before but I'll say it again: Constantly trying to talk to a woman will annoy her! You gotta let her miss you and wait for your to contact her! Its how you doninate them.

  5. I agree calls you always say txt's too which i guess is more than 1 ... if a chick messaged me every day 3 - 4 times with out me replying i'd get annoyed, hope you get better too.